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Little uterus: how to become pregnant and bear a child?


Causes of a small uterus. Diseases accompanied by a small uterus. Can I get pregnant with a small uterus. Small uterus during pregnancy

A woman learns that she has a small uterus, likeRule, after a gynecological examination or ultrasound. Some first encounter such a diagnosis only during pregnancy. Sometimes the size of the uterus is slightly less than the norm, but in a number of cases they can also put quite a concrete conclusion: hypoplasia, aplasia, infantilism. The doctor may frighten the patient, saying that she is unlikely to be able to conceive and endure a child.

However, many women with this pathologySafely give birth to children. An important role in this is played by adequate hormonal treatment. Such a conclusion can mean both a subjective assessment and a pathology that leads to miscarriage.

Causes leading to the formation of a small uterus

Little uterus: how to become pregnant and bear a child?The norm of the size of this organ in gynecology: Length 7-8 cm, width 4-5 cm, thickness of the myometrium 2-3 cm, neck length 2.5 cm. These are the average parameters that doctors take for the standard. However, the woman also has a normally functioning organ of other sizes.

It can be small, medium or large, butWithout pathologies in structure and work. Small sizes are often found in thin and miniature women. This is due to the type of physique, set, physiology.

How to get pregnant with a pathologically small uterus, if the body is not able to perform its main function - to bear a child?

If the comprehensive examination has indeed confirmed a serious disorder that impedes pregnancy, then often the following diagnoses are made:

  • Hypoplasia is an inadequate development in size. The condition is accompanied by underdevelopment of other sexual organs, hormonal imbalance;
  • Aplasia - the size of an organ in an adult woman is the same as that of a newborn girl (not more than 3 cm);
  • Infantilism - the size does not exceed 5.5 cm.

In addition to the pathologically small organ,There are other symptoms of irregularity: an irregular menstrual cycle or a complete absence of menstrual cycles, if they are present, they are quite painful, there is a weak sexual desire, difficulty in conceiving or carrying a child.

Violation in the formation of the reproductive systemOccurs either in the prenatal period, or during puberty. If a woman underwent an infectious disease during pregnancy, had a hormonal imbalance, suffered from a deficiency of vitamins or underwent other unfavorable factors, it means that the fetus may have developmental disorders, including abnormalities of the reproductive system.

In the adolescent pathology can occur in the backgroundDisease (infectious-viral, genitourinary system), insufficient or poor-quality nutrition, vitamin deficiency, physical exhaustion, hard work or stress.

If the small size of the organ is notPhysiological feature of the body, this condition is accompanied by other disorders that in the complex make the bearing of the child impossible. If hormonal imbalance, pathology of the tubes or neck structure are present simultaneously, then pregnancy becomes problematic.

The diagnosis of "Small uterus": Is it possible for a woman to conceive successfully?

If along with pathology otherViolations of the reproductive system, then the planning of the child must be prepared in a special way. Often such training does not involve radical measures.

Little uterus: how to become pregnant and bear a child?To increase blood circulation, to promote the growth of uterine epithelium, can prescribe gynecological massage and a number of physiotherapy procedures. But most often hormone therapy is used.

It is worth noting that this measure is very effective and many can become pregnant already in the first and the next cycle after the abolition of oral contraceptives.

Hormonal drugs in combination with otherMeasures contribute to the increase in the size of the genital organ. But, for example, with hypoplasia, a comprehensive examination is needed, since the disease is often accompanied by other ailments, which are a contraindication to taking hormonal drugs.

It is possible to conceive a child even after vitamin therapy. It is worth just to drink a course of a complex of vitamins and minerals, to balance the diet, to correct the regime of the day.

What to do if a small uterus is diagnosed

As already mentioned, the development of this bodyHormones affect. In addition, the increase can occur with regular sexual activity. The main cause of hypoplasia is hormonal imbalance, which means that treatment will be associated with the correction of the hormonal background. Treatment of a small uterus with this method, as a rule, takes quite a long time.

Various physiotherapy proceduresAre aimed at improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Eliminate the violation can be by electric shock. Gynecological massage is also shown, which consists in active stimulation of the reproductive organs. Treatment of a small-sized uterus can not do without a complex of vitamins and minerals.

As for folk methods,Popular is the recipe with clay. It can be purchased at a pharmacy. Clay is bred with water to the condition of the cream and applied a thick layer on the lower part of the abdomen. Then a piece of food film or cellophane is superimposed on top.

This peculiar compress is kept for about 2 hours,And then rinse with running water. Procedures must be done daily, each time using fresh clay. Traditional methods of treatment complement the basic therapy prescribed by a doctor.

Little uterus during pregnancy: what does it mean

Little uterus: how to become pregnant and bear a child?After diagnosis is necessary to undergo ultrasound,To confirm it. It is worth noting that the small uterus and pregnancy are often completely compatible states. In addition, many ladies learn about this phenomenon already in the period of gestation.

As a rule, as the period increases,Growth of the uterus with the fetus. This is promoted by hormones actively produced by the female body at this time. However, it is possible that additional hormonal preparations will need to be taken additionally.

The main reasons causing difficulties forBearing, this is a deficiency of hormones, a thin loose myometrium, a short neck and other disorders of the reproductive system. The consequences of such conditions include: miscarriage, premature birth, mild labor, inconvenient opening of the cervix. However, modern methods of managing pregnancy significantly reduce the negative risks.

After giving birth, the body will take the same size, and mayHappen and such that pathology will disappear without a trace. In addition, sometimes other disorders of the development of the sexual system, for example, the bending of the tubes, are eliminated.

The real difficulties arise with a very smallAnd poor developed uterus. And with aplasia, pregnancy naturally becomes almost impossible. But even in such situations, reproductive technologies are very effective in helping a woman become a mother.

Uterus in women is less than the gestational age

About successful bearing is judged on severalParameters: the number of amniotic fluid, the size of the fetus, its presentation, the number of fruits, etc. The height of the bottom (this parameter is taken into account in pregnancy) can vary considerably from case to case, for example, in large women with a wide basin, this figure is less Norms, and in women with narrow - more.

This is observed under the following conditions:

  • Little uterus: how to become pregnant and bear a child? Intrauterine growth retardation;
  • Malodode;
  • The time limit is set incorrectly;
  • Oblique or transverse presentation of the baby in the womb;
  • Anatomical features of the mother's body (wide basin).

If a small uterus is diagnosed during pregnancy, do not panic. To find out the features, ultrasound is performed. If necessary, cardiotocography and dopplerometry are prescribed.

The mismatch of the height of the bottom within 3-4 cm is not considered a deviation from the norm, in particular, if a significant increase is noticeable with the previous measurements.

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