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Candles "Polizhinaks": Can be used during pregnancy


If you're a future mom and the doctor prescribed candles "Prolizhinaks", you should know more information about this tool. Therefore, read the article, there a lot of useful information

When planning and gestation baby womanHe is trying to protect themselves from negative emotions, experiences and, of course, infections. But not always possible to avoid unpleasant diseases. And it's not that the expectant mother does not care about himself, just during pregnancy the immune system is weakened, and all the "filth" stick faster. Often, women have vaginal infection such as candidiasis or thrush.

Candles "Polizhinaks": Can be used during pregnancyIgnore the illness is impossible, as the woman may experience a number of unpleasant symptoms, and health of the unborn child is at risk.

If pregnancy occurs in yeast, the pipsqueak forced "wade" through the birth canal, which are infected with the fungus. And this is very bad, the baby can become infected. Therefore, reproductive tract infections during pregnancy must be addressed. Recently, gynecologists recommend their patients candles "Polizhinaks".

This preparation will talk further.

"Polizhinaks" Pregnancy: Instructions for use of candles

"Polizhinaks" It refers to an antibacterial antifungaldrugs combined type. Release form of the drug - a candle, which is prescribed every day before going to bed to enter the vagina, to get rid of a particular disease.

In pregnant women, mostly from vaginalailments common thrush, from which, as mentioned earlier, you need to get rid of. The drug is used for the renovation of the genital organs before birth, as well as before surgery.

Candles "Polizhinaks": Can be used during pregnancy"Polizhinaks" not only it helps to cope with the disease butand removes the unpleasant symptoms: itching, inflammation, etc., which is accompanied by thrush. It is worth noting that the use of candles has beneficial effects on the condition of the tissue, as the drug improves circulation.

As the instruction manual, may sparkused for prevention of disease (6 days term use) and for the treatment (day 12). The drug must be entered into the vagina as deeply as possible. To prodelyvat procedure was more convenient, you should stay on the bed belly up.

According to the instructions, the allergic reactionthe use of the drug is extremely rare. But forums future moms say more. Many ladies have noted that after the use of candles have emerged itching, unpleasant burning sensation and irritation. If you have a local allergic to the drug, immediately contact your doctor, so he took another medicine, for example, "Terzhinan". These candles have a wide range of activities and better deal effectively with certain types of infections. However, say better in pregnancy "Polizhinaks" or "Terzhinan" difficult, since different drugs, the spectrum of action, too, and the female body reacts to individual candles.

So use some candles during pregnancy is allowed only on prescription. Any self during gestation baby can end in tears, not worth the risk.

Before you assign any drug, the doctor has to send pregnant at the smear. And only based on its findings, make recommendations for medical treatment.

Use of the drug during pregnancy

Candles "Polizhinaks": Can be used during pregnancyWomen are not in the normal state of the candle cause some serious damage, the list of side effects is small, and they occur less frequently. But during pregnancy candles "Polizhinaks" can cause a number of negative actions, so even though prescribed by a doctor, but with extreme caution, when do otherwise is simply impossible.

At 1 trimester "Polizhinaks" contraindicated for use, the drug can cause undesirable effects.

In the later stages, when it trimester 2 and 3, the drug is used only on prescription, watching a pregnant woman

It is worth noting that candles "Polizhinaks" We have not been a sufficient number of laboratorystudies. So say with confidence that the drug is safe for the fetus and the mother's health, you can not. You can use it only in the case when the doctor is sure that the benefits for the health of pregnant greater than the harm that may be caused crumbs.

Unfortunately, the drug is not as good and safe for the baby, as we would like. The candles are present polymyxin B and neomycin, which do not want the crumbs.

Candles "Polizhinaks": Can be used during pregnancyIn spite of the above points, doctors prescribe suppositories to treat yeast infection, as
They believe that the infection can cause crumbs much more harm than the drug.

I would like to reassure the little pregnant women, which the doctor wrote out the medicine. If you believe the reviews that leave future moms on the Internet, "Polizhinaks"Prescribed by a doctor in 20, 30, 37nedel pregnancy, well helped deal with thrush and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.

No adverse effects on the fetus have not noticed the woman.


It was said a lot, but to organize information, should summarize:

  • Candles "Polizhinaks": Can be used during pregnancyShe denied taking the drug in the first trimester of gestation crumbs;
  • Pregnancy and its planning "Polizhinaks" It can be used, but only after consultation with a specialist;
  • Candle in pregnant often cause allergic reactions, but all individually;
  • information that "Polizhinaks"Made out of pregnancy at 37 weeks, 40 and in another term, caused harm to the fetus, no.

So if you gynecologist prescribes this medication, you should take advantage of it.

In case of allergies or fear of some side effects, ask them to recommend another medication.

Now, there are many tools that help pregnant women overcome the infection in the vagina. Take care of yourself and your baby, easy pregnancy and childbirth!

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