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Can pregnant cream and whether it is useful for them?


Can pregnant ice cream? It is possible, but only to the extent and quality, useful. It must be remembered that the product may cause a cold sore throat

All nine months of development the babyIt is with the mother a single unit, and all that she eats, thinks and does reflects on his condition. Of course, every mother wants for their child only the best and try to protect him from all dangers, including low-quality and hazardous foods. Q: Can pregnant ice cream, many worried mothers. And really, what products it should include: helpful or harmful?

The benefits of breast sweets

Can pregnant cream and whether it is useful for them?It is in an interesting position, womanTry to eat more dairy products. It is understandable, because every expectant mother wants to feed your baby breast, which means you need to try to do everything possible to establish a good milk supply.

In addition, the calcium contained in milkproducts that are extremely essential for the development of bones and the skeleton of the child. Therefore, if we consider the issue from this point of view, pregnant women eating ice cream is possible and even necessary.

It is no secret that this is a sweet treatwonderful antidepressant that enhances mood and coping with insomnia, and this is the future mother is essential. This dairy product has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calms and relieves stress. In using it on a hot summer afternoon, you experience things present, nor with the incomparable pleasure. In addition to milk, ice-cream are included in the other nutrients - vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that can improve the digestive tract.

Harm cold treats

Can pregnant cream and whether it is useful for them?Ice cream during pregnancy can bring abenefit and harm, and, paradoxically, he is again a part of this delicacy. The thing is that manufacturers now add this product a large number of ingredients, which do not call useful. We are talking about all kinds of emulsifiers, colorants, preservatives, flavor enhancer, etc.

It turns out that the expectant mother, buying ice cream, plans to benefit yourself and your child, but in fact "Stuffs" themselves also harmful chemicals. Yes, today's reality is these are bona fide manufacturers and supplying the shops really useful and quality products, very little.

Therefore, eat ice cream only aftera careful study of the labels on the product. There is no chemistry it should not be, but only the usual and familiar to all ingredients. Remember that fat should be milky and not vegetable, whole milk, and not dry. Why even pregnant women can not eat ice cream? For expectant mothers need to watch your weight, do not overeat, and ice cream - sweet and calorie product, and those who already gained too much, is to bypass his party. This is especially true for those women who suffer from gestational diabetes.

Can pregnant cream and whether it is useful for them?In addition, women who have angina appears out of the blue, it can be easy to get sick, consuming even a small piece of sweet treats.

Season opens purulent tonsillitis is in the hot season, when steamed at high temperature throat gets frozen state to treat ice.

The body is difficult to resist such a temperature difference, and it responds by inflammation.

Any disease is dangerous during gestationchild, especially in the early stages. Therefore, if you value the health of your baby, better oneself and choose the ice cream milkshake or yogurt.

When can I have a cold treat?

Can pregnant cream and whether it is useful for them?If you really I want sweet ice cream during pregnancy, you should notto deny themselves this pleasure, you just need to take all possible security measures. That is to buy only quality products in the whole package and with the normal shelf life. There was not frozen, but slightly melted state and do not rush, savor it in the mouth.

And even better - to cook it yourself. So you will be sure that the product contains only all the most useful and high quality. If you want, you can add any fruit and berries, which many times will increase his favor.

Now you know why pregnant women should not eat a favorite treat of all. But knowing all the pitfalls, you can protect yourself from them and choose a really useful product.

Eat everything in moderation and then waiting for the baby will just be a pleasure for you. Be healthy!

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