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Can you knit pregnant women?


Some people believe that pregnant in any case can not knit, it can supposedly be completed undesirable consequences for the child. Is it true?

The decree - this is a time when the ever-activea woman, in fact, it becomes boring. If we leave aside the mandatory monthly trips to the antenatal clinic and standard household chores, it is a time to sit on the couch before the birth or leisurely explore the range of children's stores. In the past, it's worth noting, quite an impressive set prices, which suggests an excellent idea to do needlework, especially knitting.

But on the way to the realization of such a noble andpractical solutions are archaic superstition, announces the numerous relatives and close friends. Because of their belief in the being said, the future mother begin to have doubts as to whether it is possible at all to knit pregnant women, or needles and skeins of yarn is better to postpone away?

Why not knit?

Can you knit pregnant women?The people stuck firmly believed that knittingspoke symbolizes the entanglement umbilical cord during delivery. Such an assertion is devoid of any scientific or medical foundation. It appeared at a time when the birth took midwife, having nothing to do with modern obstetricians and gynecologists.

They could not give any other reasonsthe emergence of nodes on the umbilical cord or choking child from entanglement, moreover, that his mother had knitted him a dowry. Again, the women of that time did not have where to take warm clothes for newborns, except srukodelnichat their own strength. It turns out this myself vicious circle, explaining the incompetence of midwives.

A more plausible version of whycan not be pregnant to knit, is as follows: before expectant mothers had to weave a dowry for their children, while in small and poorly ventilated hut illuminated by adopting an uncomfortable posture, and many hours in a row. All this affected their well-being, and on the development of the fetus.

An interesting fact is that the knit and crochet weave - two of the most favorite hobbies and accessible to women in an interesting position.

Can you knit pregnant women?In order to prepare yourself warmfuture baby dowry, enough to buy needles and yarn right color. Well, you can learn vyvyazyvayut patterns according to the instructions in the appropriate journals or video tutorials on the Internet. By the way, mother and grandmother - great teachers of this skill, of course, if they are not followers of archaic traditions and superstitions.

Having the right skills, in your spare time, you canweave a lot of useful and beautiful things: booties, suits to extract, walking clothes, blankets and cute booties, socks. For it is important to use only natural cotton or linen threads that will be comfortable to wear, and will not irritate the delicate skin of the child.

Knitting Rules for pregnant women

Having dealt with the fact whether it is possible for pregnant women knit and crochet, it's time to move on to how to do it right.

Yes, pregnant women need to remember the following:

  • Can you knit pregnant women?Tat must be in good light;
  • You can not work in a poorly ventilated room;
  • It is important to take a comfortable position, but it needs to be replaced periodically;
  • Under his feet it is recommended to put a small pillow, with taking into account that they are raised. Why? It's simple: so will avoid swelling, heaviness in the limbs and blood stagnation in the pelvis.

Knit need to first fatigue afterthe onset of which is necessary to go into the fresh air, or switch to another activity. No need to take your new hobby as an obligation to fully put the future baby. Braid your pleasure, do not rush, and do not be afraid of anything.

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