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Who and why Zinerit prescribed during pregnancy?


Can I use Zinerit during pregnancy? Why do pregnant women need Zinerit? Contraindications, overdose and side effects for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a period of a woman's life, when herThe body experiences increased loads. At this time, the hormonal background changes significantly, which can lead to such a delicate problem as acne. One of the most popular means is Zinerit - a combined drug that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and comedogenic effects.

This drug effectively fights with comedones and acne of varying severity.

Can I use Zinerit during pregnancy?

Who and why Zinerit prescribed during pregnancy?The agent has one form of release - powder, fromWhich prepare a lotion for external use. In a cardboard box there are two vials, in one of which directly the powder itself, and in the second - the liquid, which it is bred. Powder is a mixture of zinc acetate and erythromycin. A liquid is a mixture of ethyl alcohol and diisopropyl sebacate.

The active substances in the finished solution are zinc and erythromycin. Alcohol and sebacate are only auxiliary components.

Scientific experiments have confirmed that the drug Zinerit can be used in the recommended during pregnancy and lactation, as it is safe for the fetus and the baby.

Why use Zenerit at the onset of pregnancy?

The agent has antimicrobial,Anti-inflammatory and comedolytic effect. The antimicrobial effect is provided by the antibiotic erythromycin, which kills microbes living on the skin surface and causing acne (a streptococcus ave).

Anti-inflammatory effect has zinc: It favorably affects the membranes of skin cells, strengthening their strength and resistance to negative effects. Zinc also has an antiseptic effect, destroying harmful microbes that can provoke inflammation on the skin. The comedinolytic effect is the dissolution and removal of comedones. The same effect is provided by zinc, which reduces sebum production.

Who and why Zinerit prescribed during pregnancy?If you use this tool, it is essentialReduce comedones (accumulation of sebum), respectively, new acne and acne can not form. The fact is that the latter arise in the case when bacteria enter the skin fat from the surface of the skin and begin to actively multiply in it, provoking inflammation and suppuration.

The drug Zinerite acts immediately on two causes of the formation of acne - excess sebum and its accumulation in the pores; Pathogenic microorganisms localized on the skin.

Complex effect of this agentAllows to cure acne and prevent its appearance in the future. The use of lotion can significantly reduce the number of comedones and inflammations on the face.

Can Zineritis be used for acne during pregnancy?

The drug can be used from various types of acne, but it will be most effective from the following types of rashes:

  • Comedonal inflammatory acne in an easy degree - on the face there are always several inflammatory acne. When the last pass, new ones appear on other parts of the face;
  • Comedonal inflammations of an average degree - many inflamed acne, closed and open comedones;
  • Acne is a lot of ulcers, black spots, white subcutaneous comedones, nodules.

Use Zineritom can be with any acneSeverity of rashes. With a mild inflammation, the drug can be the only drug, but with more severe lesions it is combined with others, such as local retinoids and Basiron AC.

Who and why Zinerit prescribed during pregnancy?With light comedonal acne Zinerit from acne is applied from 4 to 6 weeks. The average degree of severity requires a combination of the drug with agents containing benzoyl peroxide ("Eklaran »), Or topical retinoids (Pr. Tretinoin, Adapalen). In this situation, an ointment with topical retinoids or benzoyl peroxide is used in the morning, and Zinerit in the evening.

Treatment lasts no less than 1.5 months. With severe skin lesions, the internal use of antibiotics and the external use of topical retinoids or benzoyl peroxide remedies are required.

Indications for use are just one thing - acne on the face. Lotion is not used to treat acne, acne on other parts of the body, for example, back, buttocks.

Can Zinerit be used in high doses during pregnancy?

The prepared solution is stored at a temperature of 15-25 ° C for a maximum of 5 weeks. Shelf life of the undiluted preparation is 2 years.

Before applying the product, the skin needs to be cleaned ofPollution, dust, make-up. The best way to do this is washing with cleansing gels. The lotion is applied only to clean skin. The vial should be opened and turned by the applicator downward, then, putting the latter to the skin, lightly press.

This method is carefully processed by the whole face orAlso separate inflammatory elements. During treatment of the face with Zinerite, avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, because this can lead to irritation or the appearance of a burn.

Doctors-dermatologists recommend applying the substanceOn the whole face, not on individual acne. The fact is that you need to reduce the production of sebum and destroy bacteria on the entire surface of the skin, and not only in their individual areas. Treatment of the entire surface of the face will prevent the appearance of blackheads in the future. Point application of lotion, of course, will have a result, but acne will appear on skin areas that have not been treated.

Who and why Zinerit prescribed during pregnancy?As a rule, Zinerite is applied to the face twice a day, optimally - in the morning and in the evening. The first time it is done before applying makeup, and the second - after evening washing.

It is worth noting that after applying the drugThere is a feeling of oily film on the skin, besides, it becomes a yellowish shade. But after the drying agent, the unpleasant sensation, along with the yellowness disappears. To wash out a solution it is not necessary.

If the face becomes drier, it is necessary to use a moisturizer, which is applied immediately after the drying of Zinerit. The solution is not washed off, the cream can Put on top of it.

The duration of application of this remedy varies considerably and can reach 3 months. The first positive results become noticeable about 10 days after the start of the course of treatment.

special instructions

If the finished lotion has not been used for 5 weeks, it becomes unsuitable for use. It should be thrown away.
If you use this tool for a long time, thenBacteria living on the skin can develop resistance to erythromycin. Then Zinerite will cease to have an effect even with daily application, rashes will appear again.

Who and why Zinerit prescribed during pregnancy?If resistance to erythromycin is developed,Switch to funds containing other antibiotics, for example, midekamycin, roxithromycin, josamycin, spiramycin, lincomycin, azithromycin or clindamycin.

As for the overdose, it is impossible, because the drug is applied only externally. From the surface of the skin to the total blood flow are very low doses of antibiotic.

In this case, the drug does not interact with other agents that are applied externally, so it is used with other substances to treat acne.

However, during pregnancy, you should consult a doctor. The latter will select the optimal dose and duration of treatment.


  • Hypersensitivity / allergy to any substance that is part of Zineritis;
  • Individual intolerance to any antibiotic group of macrolides (azithromycin ave, lincomycin, others, listed above).

Side effects

Among the side effects are the following phenomena:

  • Slight burning sensation;
  • Feeling tingling or tingling;
  • Irritation;
  • Redness;
  • Dryness;
  • Increase the fat content of the skin.

The listed reactions can occur only inPlaces treated with lotion. Negative reactions in the vast majority of cases of appearance are very weakly expressed and pass after some time.

These phenomena do not require specific treatment or discontinuation of the drug even if they appear regularly. Calm your pregnancy and well-being!

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