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Dispels myths: bathroom pregnancy


Pregnancy is often surrounded by rumors and myths. Among them - harm from taking a bath during pregnancy and a ban on the use of activated carbon. Is this true - read below!

The period of bearing of the child is very delicatetime. At this point, a woman is especially careful about her health, because now she is responsible not only for herself, but also for the new life she carries under her heart.

In addition to proper nutrition, exercise and hygiene, everyone cares whether it is possible to take a pregnant bath, and also use activated charcoal to treat digestive disorders.

Bath during pregnancy

Dispels myths: bathroom pregnancyThis question should be answered immediately - take a bath during pregnancy, however, you need to adhere to certain recommendations.

There are myths that a bath for a woman in a situation is unsafe. There are several reasons for this.

First, there is a probability of infection fromWater in the female genital tract (from the vagina to the cervix, and then into the cavity of the uterus and, accordingly, into the fetus). However, following the safety rules, this probability can be avoided.

Secondly, too hot water canProvoke uterine contractions and as a result spontaneous miscarriage. Thirdly, careless behavior in the bathroom alone with itself can lead to a fall on the slippery floor.

There are many fears, many myths, but how are things at workReally? In the period of expectation of the child much in your body is changing. Your stomach grows, you gain weight, often feel tired and broken after a hard day. And you, of course, require relaxation, which can give a bath. So why deny yourself such a pleasure?

A nice bath can relieve tension accumulated during the day, give relief to the strained back, give relaxation to the calf mice and generally improve the state of health and mood.

Tips for pregnant women how to take a bath:

  • Water should have an average temperature, not too muchHot, but not cold, about 36-37 degrees Celsius. Buy yourself a water thermometer and do not be lazy to measure the temperature before taking a bath. If you do not have a thermometer, then check the temperature with your palm or your elbow. These zones are particularly sensitive, which will allow you to accurately determine the desired temperature;
  • Refuse this procedure, if you have spotting, complications of the course of pregnancy, or the doctor, for objective reasons, categorically forbids you to do so;
  • Choose the time when next to you canBe a close person who will help you to dive into the water, and then help rise, get out of the bathroom and wipe yourself off. Do not close the bathroom door on the latch, keep it open;
  • On the floor of the bathroom lay a rubber mat or bedding to prevent slipping when you start and get out;
  • Avoid using hygiene products,Containing dyes, since pregnant women are more prone to infections of the genital tract and irritation of the mucous membranes. Choose for the bathing procedure the permissible aromatic oils and salts without dyes. Women in the position are allowed to use essential oils such as orange, bergamot, lemon, tea tree. Unless, of course, you do not have an individual intolerance to these ethers. Also, do not use cosmetic products with a strong aroma, if at this time you suffer from toxicosis;
  • The water in the bathroom must be clean. If you wash with soap, then after this you should not sit in this water. It is necessary to immediately stop bathing after washing;
  • Take a bath no more than 10-15 minutes, so as not to overdry the skin and avoid other negative consequences;
  • If the water is clean, it will be best if youAfter bathing, start releasing water and sit. This will allow your body to slowly cool down and prevent a sharp drop in blood pressure that occurs if the body cools too quickly. This is to ensure that you do not suddenly feel dizzy;
  • To make your relaxation maximum, turn on the appropriate music and light a few candles.

Observing all these simple measures, you will ensure your safety and will certainly feel the relief that they have been waiting for.

Pregnancy and activated charcoal

Dispels myths: bathroom pregnancyEveryone has visited noisy at least once in his lifeCompanies, birthdays, holidays, on which they could drink a lot or eat something superfluous. The next day you could feel a feeling of heaviness in your stomach, problems with digestion and a headache.

To help in such cases comes just a means, time-tested - activated charcoal. This substance is able to remove all toxins and toxins from the body, it is safe and affordable.

Let's consider whether it is possible for pregnant women to take activated charcoal.

Activated carbon is nothing more than ordinaryStone or charcoal, which is purified and compressed into tablets. Due to the porous structure, coal has a large specific area of ​​adsorption (absorption).

Medicine has noticed this property of coal when itVery effectively removed the pollution from the water catalytic way (by suction). That is why doctors prescribe this drug without fear of all women who have difficulty in digestion while carrying the child.

Affecting only the mother's body, the drugRemoves from it harmful toxins, acids and alkalis. After all, during pregnancy, the expectant mother often eats as her body is not used to. A complete change in the diet takes time to adapt her body.

That's why women, especially in the first trimester, often have diarrhea, vomiting, gastrointestinal disorders. Just in order to alleviate this condition, the doctor also prescribes the reception of activated carbon.

Dosage is taken from the calculation of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight and it takes coal for an hour or two hours after eating.

Dispels myths: bathroom pregnancyThis drug does not injure mucous membranes and perfectly "working"With the intestine. But there is a downside. Along with harmful substances, coal is able to remove from the body and all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and useful salts, which favorably affect the microflora of the digestive tract.

But every mother understands that for a successfulPregnancy and construction of the baby's body, a lack of nutrients can lead to the development of pathologies. Still need to know that these pills "Hold together»Chair. This is important if you suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids.

Accordingly, if you have an urgent need, you should still take this quite harmless drug without prescribing a doctor and the right dosage chosen for you.

If you have questions about the correctness of taking any medication or the rationality of certain actions - consult a specialist and believe less "Courtyard mythology»! Light birth to you!

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