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Solarium in pregnancy: harm or benefit?


If you are expecting a child, but still want to have a beautiful skin tone and are thinking of visiting the solarium, then this article is for you. Should I go for the procedure and whether it will harm the health of crumbs - read!

The period of gestation of the child for mostthe fair sex - a very special time. During pregnancy women refuse from such bad habits like smoking and alcohol, begin to monitor their health and diet, surround themselves with favorite crumbs and future care and attention. But it is worth saying that many women are in an interesting position not only want to give birth to a healthy baby, but also to remain attractive to their man.

This raises a lot of questions about modern beauty procedures. Very often ladies interested in the question, is it possible to visit a solarium pregnant? Let's try to sort out the problem.

About tanning procedure

Solarium in pregnancy: harm or benefit?Girls who frequent tanning bed, is likely to know that Sun special lamps that simulate sunlight it uses.

However, in the solarium not presented the entire spectrum of UV rays, there is no type of rays in causing burns.

Therefore, to "Fry" your body, visiting the solarium, you should really try even those in the natural sun burns quickly.

Probably about the beneficial effects of sunlighton the body of people known to all since high school. Under the influence of UV rays occurs production of vitamin D, its formation responsible for skin. Generally, the epidermis to perform many useful tasks, for example, protects against sunburn by using special production of a substance called melanin. It gives our skin tan shade and protects against harmful effects of sunlight.

Visiting a solarium during pregnancy, the skinlamps are installed therein. Under their influence, it produces vitamin D, which, of course, polezen.On helps the body absorb many substances, such as phosphorus and calcium. Therefore, if we consider the solarium at this point, the procedure is very useful for future mums, especially those who are nurturing their crumbs in the winter, when there is a lack of sunlight.

But every coin has two sides and it is not necessaryforget that visiting the solarium during pregnancy in women may experience side effects. The fact that the skin of women who bears a child becomes very sensitive and in contact with it a large amount of solar radiation on the epidermis may appear dark spots. It is because of the risk of the formation of strong pigmentation to be a long time in the sun or in a tanning bed is not recommended.

Solarium in pregnancy: harm or benefit?In addition, ultraviolet rays can trigger intense work of the endocrine glands and the adrenal glands, which negatively affect the hormonal background expectant mother.

This reinforced the work of the whole organism mozhetnegativno affect women during pregnancy and even lead to its termination.

If you want to early pregnancy visit a solarium, you should consult with your doctor.

However, most gynecologists have a negative attitude to the solarium, but in any case, go sunbathing do not need without the permission of a specialist.

It is said that if in the early stageschildbearing doctors do not recommend women to ultraviolet irradiation, in the second half of the period may be allowed to visit a solarium. This is due to the fact that in the autumn-winter period, there is a lack of sunlight, and being under special lamps can help strengthen the immune system of the future mother, which will allow her body to resist colds and infections.

If the gestation period of a woman is not the crumbslack of vitamin D, then it may be some problems with the teeth, bones, appear back pain and other troubles. But even knowing that in the later stages of pregnancy by artificial tanning under the sun is not so bad, it is not necessary to abuse the procedure.

If you are in an interesting position, andWe decided to visit the solarium, take the direction of the procedure with your doctor and go get useful dose of sun in physiotherapy. But visiting the beauty parlor at any beauty salon, you can not be a hundred percent sure that the dose of UV-rays, obtained by you to be safe.

Good to know

If the gynecologist, watching the course of your pregnancy, permitted to visit a solarium, remember a few rules:

  • Solarium in pregnancy: harm or benefit?The procedure starts with a minimum of time and keep in mind that more than 20 minutes can not be irradiated;
  • Do not forget that in addition to the ban on the gynecologistprocedure can impose a therapist. So before you go sunbathing, find out whether you have general contraindications such as high blood pressure, thyroid problems and other ailments;
  • Before the procedure, do not use deodorants, perfumesand other cosmetics. Smells can trigger allergies, and sunburn can get ugly, as some cosmetic products have a photosensitizing effect. That is where they are applied, the tan is darker;
  • Wear goggles to protect the retina from damage;
  • Cover your intimate zone and chest from UV rays. The skin there is most sensitive.

As you can see, visit a solarium woman waitingthe child possible, but only after doctor's permission. Do not treat lightly tanning procedure, yet you wear a heart crumbs and are responsible for his life. Therefore, in order not to harm the health of unborn baby and their own, ask for advice from a gynecologist about the advisability solarium.

Take care of yourself and your baby! Happy motherhood!

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