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Bran in pregnancy: indications, contraindications, drug rules


Bran during pregnancy is very beneficial. They contain fiber, vitamins, useful items. Regular consumption of bran normalizes the body's

When the woman is in the position it withgreat care about their health and think about what she eats. Nutritionists say that in the diet have to be fiber - is the foundation of good nutrition. To make the step to a healthy diet, it is important to understand whether the fiber is useful, as it affects the body. And whether it is possible to use bran in pregnancy?

Understanding bran

Bran in pregnancy: indications, contraindications, drug rulesBran - is a simple product, which is obtained by processing grain. They contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Although this product is a high-calorie, it is not "Postponed" in the form of extra padding at the waist and hips. Particularly useful are oat bran and other pregnancy.

When a doctor confirms the pregnancy of a woman, he recommends it to use this product daily. The initial term of an expectant mother can be constipation, bloating, flatulence.

To treat these illnesses dangerous drugs, as they may adversely affect the fetus.

Therefore, other means need to pick up,which will purify the body. During pregnancy, you need to take 30-40 grams of fiber. It is in this amount it will be useful for the future mother and the developing fetus. In whatever form it was not a fiber, milled or in the form of flakes, its calorie hardly absorbed by the body.

The major difference between fiber and pure bran is that the latter contains vitamins and useful elements. Roughly milled grains act as a kind of "brush"Which removes all debris from the body.

Use bran

They are rich in vitamin B, withoutwhich can not exist normally nervous system. Vitamins E and A make skin young and vision - sharp. Macro- and micronutrients improve the blood, normalizes blood sugar levels, removes harmful cholesterol. But the greatest value - fiber.

Bran - the orderly body. They are mixed in the gut with other food and absorb excess moisture, heavy metals, toxins. Fiber cleanses the body of harmful substances.

There are a number of key reasons why is useful to use daily during pregnancy bran:

  • Bran in pregnancy: indications, contraindications, drug ruleseffective cleansing of the bowel;
  • prevention of constipation, hemorrhoids;
  • removal of decay products;
  • protection of dysbiosis;
  • prevention of pancreatitis and cholecystitis;
  • a prolonged feeling of satiety;
  • prevention of atherosclerosis.

It is important to remember that the product absorbs a lot of liquid, so during the day you need to drink a lot.

Is there any harm?

If a pregnant woman has a gastrointestinal disease, it must receive bran agree with the doctor. It is also important to use them, or will not use.

Not granulated product is necessary to fill with boiling water for half an hour, and then to take in food. Any kind of water you need to drink - only then will the desired effect.

Indications during pregnancy

Bran in pregnancy: indications, contraindications, drug rulesAll women in the position in which noabnormalities or diagnoses, this product is shown. It is especially useful for pregnant women suffering from constipation. In pregnancy, wheat bran and other normalize bowel function - fiber delicately solves this problem.

The product perfectly nourishes and prevents overeating. It is necessary to drink water - then they swell in the stomach and quickly removed, without having to turn to fat.

During pregnancy it is particularly valuable quality - the woman does not gain weight, which prevents the fetus to develop normally.

How to use?

The range of this product is very high. They are oat, rice, rye, barley, wheat and others. A pregnant woman has the opportunity to choose the ones that were most popular, or alternate, that they do not "Pall".

Bran in pregnancy: indications, contraindications, drug rulesThe product may be in the form of rods orgranular. The smaller of the particles, the more effective they will act less and irritate. If too large bran particles, can be milled in a coffee grinder.

How to cook the bran? It is necessary to fill with boiling water so that the water covers them completely.

They swell gradually, so it is better to wait half an hour. They can be eaten between main meals.

Bran in the form of sticks washed down with kefir, yogurt, soup, tea - every woman can choose the option that it more to their liking.

If you do not like the taste of pure bran, theirIt can be added to porridge, soup or pour yogurt. They are often added to baked goods - bread maker multivarka and open opportunities for the realization of culinary talents.

It is believed that most oatmealare useful because they can be added to any food - they do not give a specific flavor. That they are better absorbed, they can pre-grind. But more than the daily dose is not necessary, as there may be unpleasant consequences. Two or three tablespoons of bran per day would be sufficient.

We wish you good pregnancy, childbirth and the lung health of you and your child!

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