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Flatulence - bad pregnancy satellite


Why there is bloating in pregnancy, and how can I get rid of this unpleasant condition

Bloating during pregnancy - a verya widespread phenomenon, and few people shy away from. This is one of the pregnant satellites that often accompanies the process of carrying a child. With what is associated with the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, and how to avoid it, we tell in our today's article.

About flatulence in detail

Flatulence - bad pregnancy satelliteBloating in medical terms is calledflatulence and represents nothing more than a cluster of excessive gas in the gastro-intestinal tract, which causes a sensation of heaviness, accompanied by hiccups, sudden belching or is characterized by bouts of cramping in nature.

The normative content of gas in the stomach andgut healthy person corresponds to 900 cubic meters. cm, and it is necessary to maintain the natural environment in the intestine. Exit gases from the body occurs at a frequency up to 15 times per day.

Bloating as a signpregnancy is characteristic for the early periods, and can be observed in the later stages. This symptom is rather unpleasant character and brings great discomfort expectant mothers.

In addition, flatulence can cause more serious gastrointestinal diseases, interfere with the normal course of pregnancy or lead to premature birth.

Why puchit stomach

Bloating in pregnant women may be caused by a variety of reasons why one set can not be the main factor today.

Doctors define some of the most common reasons:

  • Bloating can be caused due to wearing tight clothes, which greatly restrict movement;
  • Experiencing severe stress or constant nervous tension;
  • The possible impact of environmental factors, so it may be unsuitable climate or water in certain areas;
  • Incorrect preparation of the diet, as well as limited water consumption.

In addition, the number of significant causes of bloating are:

  • Congenital lack of certain food enzymes required for digestion;
  • The increase in the uterus during the third trimester of pregnancy;
  • The predominance of progesterone in the body, which has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the intestine and reduces its motility. This flatulence results in the early stages of pregnancy.


Flatulence - bad pregnancy satelliteThe main features, which speaks of starting flatulence are:

  • Tearing and heaviness in the stomach area;
  • Frequent formation of gases, which is accompanied by a discharge of their noisy;
  • Have cramping in nature of pain;
  • Hiccups;
  • Frequent belching;
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth;
  • Decreased appetite.

In addition, there may be a sensation of painlower abdomen, which take place immediately after the release of gases. Headaches and muscle pain as a symptom of bloating also fairly common. Pregnant women may even experience a burning sensation in the heart, observed increase in blood pressure and suffer from a sleep disorder.

What threatens?

Pay attention to bloating duringpregnancy is necessary, as this condition can cause the disorder of the internal organs, cause a feeling of general weakness, be the cause of insomnia, and severe headache. This has a negative impact both on the state of the expectant mother, and is bad for the baby.

Since the bursting of the wall of the bowel gas,may increase uterine tone and as a consequence - the beginning of premature labor. Anorexia in pregnant does not allow a child to get all the necessary nutrients that may affect its full development.

How to treat?

If flatulence occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, you can try to deal with the problem through diet and supplementation gentle action that prescribed by the physician.

In order not to take drugs at oncewhen the first symptoms, you can try for 15 minutes rubbing the tummy clockwise circular motion. In some cases, this is enough to calm the raging bowels.

Flatulence - bad pregnancy satellite Doctors among treatments during pregnancy bloating identify several key:

  • If flatulence occurs because of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then doctors recommend to try sparing diet, which is aimed at the normalization of the internal organs;
  • If a woman has increased progesterone, increase physical activity and move more. A good solution is a group for pregnant women dancing and yoga, or swimming in the pool;
  • To treat flatulence may be using special herbal. For example, chamomile is an excellent option for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

Observing this phenomenon, you should definitelyconsult with the gynecologist who will quickly solve the problem of flatulence and relieve of discomfort. Do not try to treat yourself as the cause gassing exactly can only be a specialist.

Listen carefully to your feelingsbody follow the status of the child and follow the doctor's recommendation. Then the waiting time of appearance of the baby born to be happy and will not leave a trace of negative health effects. Good luck and prosperity!

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