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Why do pregnant women need to eat apples?


What is the use of apples in pregnancy? How to eat these fruits? What color apples are most useful for expectant mothers? Apple juice - drink or not drink?

It's no secret that during pregnancyWomen change their eating habits. There may be an acute need for certain products, for example, sour, sharp, etc. One of the most useful products that a future mother should use is apples of different colors and varieties.

Why do pregnant women need to eat apples?Immediately the question arises - than exactly Useful apples for pregnant women And is it always possible to use them?

Doctors will confirm that this product is notOnly it is possible, but also it is necessary. After all, these fruits will bring invaluable benefits to the body. If a pregnant woman wants something, then she feels that there is a need for this product. But it is better to give preference not to canned, but to natural fruits, which contain many useful vitamins and microelements.

The benefits of different varieties of apples during pregnancy

Apples are an affordable and widespread product that fully satisfies the body's need for plant foods. These fruits contain two fruit acids: lemon and apple.

As is known, organic acids haveProperty to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In the period of gestation of the baby it is quite important, since at this time pathologies of the vascular system often arise. They also contain phosphorus, manganese, sulfur, magnesium, iron, potassium, pectin and tannins, vitamins (A, B3, B1, PP, C), which have a beneficial effect on the skin and improve the digestive tract.

They, however, like many other fruits,Contain a lot of fiber, with which you can get rid of constipation, and stimulate intestinal peristalsis. Their main advantage is pectins, which have the ability to remove toxins from the body.

What else is so useful "apple" vitamins?

  • Vitamin A is able to stabilize the metabolism,And also takes an active part in the formation of bone tissue. It is necessary for normal cell division and can slow down the aging process of the body. The use of apples during infection will help to overcome it faster, since vitamin A helps maintain immunity;
  • Vitamin B1 does not accumulate in the body, so it should be taken regularly;
  • Deficiency of B12 leads to nervous disorders;
  • PP and B3 dilate blood vessels, which will get rid of headaches.

Raw fruits stimulate active productionGastric juice, so they are recommended to eat before other foods, about 20 minutes before eating. A baked one is used to prevent constipation.

In addition, baked fruit is not onlyTasty, but also a dietary product. Seeds are also valuable, because they contain a lot of iodine. Only 7 pieces a day and you can provide yourself with a daily rate of this substance.

In addition, there are many of their varieties, so that every woman can easily choose fruit to taste at any time of the year. It should be noted that a number of studies have been carried out in this area.

According to their results, scientists have proved that children of thoseMoms who used apples during pregnancy, are less likely to suffer from allergies and bronchial asthma. Such beneficial influence is explained by antioxidants, which are also present in large quantities in fruits.

In order to obtain a stable protective effect,It is enough to eat just one fruit a day. Doctors say that a balanced diet of the mother plays a big role for the health of the baby's future, therefore in the winter season these fruits are simply irreplaceable.

In the cold season, the choice of fruit is very limited, andThose that are sold in supermarkets are not entirely natural, so the usual home-made fruits can fill the shortage of fiber, vitamins and pectins.

How correctly to use apples to a woman during pregnancy

As mentioned above, these fruits are very useful, butTo abuse them, as well as any other food, it is not necessary. In everything, it is necessary to observe the measure. During the period of bearing the baby, one should listen first of all to your body and its reaction. Concentrate your diet on only one product is not allowed. Optimum - there are up to 4 fruits of medium size per day.

Why do pregnant women need to eat apples?The food of the expectant mother must be balancedAnd varied. In addition to apples, you need to consume other fruits according to season, for example, berries, lemons, pears, etc. It is worth mentioning that there are better ones for 20-30 minutes before the main meal, but not for a full stomach.

Fruits are very quickly digested in the stomach, but lingers in the intestines. If you eat the fruit after dinner, then he "Stall"In the first, where he will act on a variety of enzymes, he will start to wander and lose all his useful properties.

Women should not forget that apples during pregnancy stimulate appetite, so you need to watch yourself not to overeat, because excess weight does not contribute to this condition.

Which fruits are the most useful?

Fruits can be green, yellow and red. The most useful are green apples, which during pregnancy will bring more benefit. They contain more vitamins than others, but less sugar. In green there is a lot of iron, so they are recommended to be consumed daily.

Such fruits will not cause an allergic reaction withThe side of the body. Many useful substances are concentrated in the skin, so it is better not to scrape it off. But with such a disease as colitis cleansing is mandatory, because the peel is dense enough and will be difficult to digest, and this can cause bloating and colic.

The easiest to digest and assimilate summerSort, but with the winter so easy to cope with not every intestine. But if a woman has any problems with the digestive tract, she can consume baked fruit. In this dish, there will be no more vitamin C, but useful micronutrients and vitamins will remain.

The benefits of apple juice for a future mother

Can I eat apples already pregnant?Understandable, but what about apple juice? It is also allowed to drink, but it is better to give preference to a freshly squeezed one, because the maximum amount of nutrients is stored in it. After half an hour their level is significantly reduced, so it is better to squeeze the juice yourself and immediately drink it.

Drinks of industrial preparation can be consumed, but no benefit from them. Despite the fact that the packages write "100% natural juice", It is made from concentrate. This contradiction does not bother consumers, but during pregnancy, women should be more careful about their health and food that they use, because factories can not confirm the quality of raw materials and compliance with production technologies.

Why do pregnant women need to eat apples?In addition, in the finished juices containPreservatives. A freshly squeezed drink can not retain its useful properties for several months. That is, shop juices have artificial additives in their composition. That's why it's recommended to drink own-made juice and freshly squeezed.

Such a drink will be useful not only to the mother, butAnd the future baby. It is absorbed very quickly, but in large quantities can cause discomfort with increased acidity of the stomach. For cooking use both green, and fruits of other colors.

It is best to drink twice a day, for example, in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep. Such a dose will be enough to provide the body with natural vitamins.

The juice contains a very small number of calories,Which will certainly contribute to the motor activity of the fetus, the development of its cardiovascular and muscular systems. A future mother should definitely include apples or their juice in her daily diet.

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