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Bearberry in pregnancy: to drink or not to drink?


Herbs are familiar to many people for their healing properties. One very popular plant is bearberry. But whether it can be used during pregnancy - let's deal!

The period of gestation of the child for each womanvery exciting and trembling. Future Mom begins to carefully monitor their diet, spend more time in the air and less exposed to stress. And if in such a difficult period, a woman falls ill, it is trying to treat the plants, rather than medical drugs.

Only now many women forget is that not allMedicinal herbs are safe during pregnancy. So let's talk about whether it is possible to drink during pregnancy, bearberry, and how much it is safe for the mother and her fetus.

Bearberry: what kind of grass?

Bearberry in pregnancy: to drink or not to drink?Bearberry is called "bear ears", And are used as an excellent weeda diuretic. Staff can recommend reception bearberry with kidney inflammation, cystitis and diseases of the genitourinary system. This plant has a good anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

Most future mothers during gestationcrumbs faced with such unpleasant sore as cystitis. Most often this disease is a protective response of the body, due to which there is no rejection of the crumbs.

Therefore cystitis considered in this periodphysiological phenomenon. But as he delivers a number of inconveniences, it is necessary to treat it. That's starting to pregnant women to drink bearberry to win without anesthetic of drugs. It is important to use the plant in combination with other herbs to reduce the concentration of "bear ears".

After all, not everyone knows, but bearberry in pregnancynot so harmless. The fact that this herb has a very strong effect on the uterus, raising her and calling for cuts. All this can cause miscarriage.

Therefore, to treat bearberry during gestation baby can only be a last resort. This plant is used in its pure form to be very careful.

And further. In no case do not self during pregnancy. Only qualified, watching over your "interesting situation", can designate the desired dosage of a drug.

Same thing with bearberry, the dose is dischargedeach patient individually, so if you take as much as your girlfriend is drinking, the consequences could be dire. Do not risk their health and lives of the future remains.

How to use the plant?

Apply a decoction of the leaves of bearberry atPregnancy can be no more than 10 days. Moreover, if a woman has chronic kidney disease, it is necessary to use medicinal marijuana with extreme caution. This simultaneous reception plants and other diuretics invalid.

To the period of pregnancy a woman could get rid of cystitis, it is necessary to prepare a tincture of "Bear ears".

This will require:

  • Bearberry in pregnancy: to drink or not to drink?Bearberry leaves - 2 tsp .;.
  • Water (hot water) - 200 ml.

medicinal plant leaves must be filledboiling water and let stand for an hour. Then infusion of strain and drink three times a day for 200 ml. Before the adoption of the drink is recommended to warm up a bit. Incidentally, the use of such a drink during pregnancy bearberry save from edema.

Another embodiment of the decoction "bear ears"Which is more suited to the futuremums as medicinal herb used in the collection, and the number of additives can reduce the concentration of the plant (which is very good for pregnant women), as follows:

  • "Uva Ursi"Gryzhnik and 20 g;
  • 5 of celandine and parsley

All of these herbs should be mixed with each other, carefully grind and pour a glass of boiled water, at least 1 hour. Then strain and drink 60 ml three times a day.

About contraindications

No matter how wonderful and useful was no grassbearberry, it has its contraindications. So before you start taking this plant, make sure that you do not have such problems as acute renal failure and glomerulonephritis.

Bearberry in pregnancy: to drink or not to drink?In addition, to use "bear ears " it is impossible for children under 12 years. And if you carefully read the instruction, then it is written that the bearberry is contraindicated in pregnancy, for that matter, and through breastfeeding.

In addition to those who will use infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs need to know that it sometimes causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting.

Summing up, it should be said that the bearberry - useful and good grass, it helps with edema, insomnia, heartburn, and many of the problems faced by women during childbearing.

But to use it without consulting your doctorpregnant women are strictly prohibited. Take care of your women's health and the future baby, not self-medicate, and everything will be fine. Happy pregnancy and easy delivery!

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