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Poor results smear during pregnancy: the risk of infection?


Staphylococcus aureus in a smear in pregnancy. Cytomegalovirus during childbearing. Why do I need a smear on a chlamydia? What does the leptotriks smear? Streptococcus in pregnant

An analysis of a smear in pregnancy is taken as the minimumthree times: when registering, in the 30th week and 36-37. A study to determine the quantitative and qualitative composition of the vaginal environment. If a bad stroke, you need to take during pregnancy often analysis.

The indication for the study may be burning, itching in the area of ​​the external genitalia, the change in color, odor and texture of vaginal discharge.

Staphylococcus aureus, detected in a smear in pregnancy

This type of bacteria related to opportunistic. It is activated under the influence of adverse factors. When it is detected treatment is required to protect the expectant mother and the fetus.

During the period of gestation is the danger of 4 species of Staphylococcus (a total of 27):

  • Poor results smear during pregnancy: the risk of infection?Golden. May cause purulent inflammatory diseases in various organs and tissues;
  • Epidermal. He lives in the mucous membranes and skin. Is the cause of sepsis, conjunctivitis, endocarditis, purulent infections of the urinary tract and wounds;
  • Saprophytic. It provokes acute cystitis and urethritis. Complications of the disease - an inflammation of the bladder and kidneys;
  • Hemolytic. It becomes the cause of a sore throat and tonsillitis.

Staph can complicate pregnancy and birth process. It is important to pay attention to the following conditions, which are often symptoms of staph activation:

  • skin lesions (boil, eczema, folliculitis, dermatitis, blepharitis, acne);
  • digestive disorders;
  • scratchy and sore throat;
  • suffocating, heavy cough and runny nose;
  • cramps and pain when urinating.

The most dangerous is Staphylococcus aureus. Other types of bacteria rarely cause complications and respond well to treatment. With the progression of the infection and the absence of therapy may develop pneumonia, peritonitis, meningitis, severe purulent processes, skin complications.

When gestation treatment of these diseasespossible risk to the child, but there is. Golden appearance not only affects fetal membranes, but also the fruit itself. Live on the skin, it can cause purulent lesion of mammary glands.

Danger of toxins and for newborn babies as it causes painful blisters on the skin. With the penetration of the blood possible sepsis, inflammation of the inner heart membranes.

Treatment must include antibiotics, bacteriophages, immune modulators, and so on. To avoid fetal infection, staphylococcal toxoid immunization can be assigned.

Cytomegalovirus in a smear: what he is dangerous in pregnancy

This type of virus provokesserious disease - cytomegalovirus. If the body is healthy, the infectious agent does not manifest itself, the woman is the only carrier. In this case, the blood smear and revealed antibodies to herpes.

The child will not suffer if during gestationreactivation of the virus is not going to happen. Provoke latter can bad habits, chronic diseases, prolonged treatment, therapy, weakens the immune system.

Symptoms are similar to the activation of the manifestations of SARS,it lasts much longer - about 6 weeks. This period is dangerous for the growing fetus. Most CMV is the cause of birth defects. These children often develop intractable diseases.

The greatest danger he is in the firsttrimester. Activation of the last weeks, as a rule, is not accompanied by serious consequences. Treatment of acute forms of infection and primary infection requires reception of immunomodulators and antiviral drugs.

Smear the presence of chlamydia in pregnancy

Poor results smear during pregnancy: the risk of infection?These organisms are opportunistic. When their breeding arise moderate abdominal pain pulling character, slight vaginal discharge. Progression of infection is associated with more severe symptoms.

Aggravation during gestation canprovoke a miscarriage in early pregnancy, premature discharge of amniotic fluid and childbirth. During the last high risk of infection of the fetus. A newborn baby may develop conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, and even pneumonia.

Identify chlamydia can reveal blood testantibody. At low concentrations there is a chronic carrier state, and the high level talks about the acute course. The diagnosis "chlamydia" is placed just after the stroke, and blood tests for antibodies. If both studies confirm the findings, shows the course of therapy. Treatment involves antibiotics.

What does the leptotriks detected in a smear in pregnancy

Often these bacteria occur upon infectionChlamydia and Trichomonas. In addition, they are present in patients with HIV infection, and those whose immune system is depressed. To confirm the diagnosis, and appointed bakposev PCR study.

Symptoms of injury: grayish spots on the palate, tongue, tonsils, such as vaginal discharge, spots on the vaginal mucosa. Leptotriks require treatment, because it can cause miscarriage and the development of bacterial complications in the fetus. Therapy includes one of the following drugs: tetracycline, clindamycin, chloramphenicol, metronidazole.

Not recommended treatment with antibacterial preparations ftorhinalalonovogo series. If detected a mixed infection, prescribed antibiotics broad spectrum of action.

Streptococcus during pregnancy, detected in a smear

This type of infection can cause harmexpectant mother, but the probability is high that it will affect the child. If you find during gestation prescribe antibiotics, the reception of which is known, is also associated with certain risks.

Smear on streptococcus is recommended to take atfor registration and 35-37 week. it is recommended to carry out further analysis is to clarify the diagnosis, which will provide more precise information. As in other cases, antibacterial treatment prescribed.

You should not refuse such treatment, asStreptococcus is able to penetrate the placenta and harm the fetus. The forecast in the absence of treatment is very poor - miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth.

If intrauterine infection has been avoided,a high probability of infection during childbirth itself. Very often children after suffering meningitis. Patients streptococcus children often die or are maimed for life. High risk of developmental delays, blindness, mental retardation and other serious pathologies.

Why take a smear on an infection?

The analysis reveals a pathological processbirth canal (cervix, vagina, vulva), which is dangerous for the child. The vaginal flora affects the skin and intestines microbiocenosis baby. A number of diseases is fraught with intrauterine infection.

When pathogenic flora in the vagina canrestoring degraded women in the postpartum period, and even provoke infectious complications. It is important to quickly identify and eliminate any disease. It is recommended to go through all the necessary studies are still at the planning stage, then the risks are minimized.

Assessing the quality and quantity of bacteria, determine the degree of purity in the smear. There are four forms of the latter:

  • Poor results smear during pregnancy: the risk of infection?A healthy microflora. It is characterized by a large number of lactic acid bacteria, mucous environment - sour, there are individual epithelial cells and leukocytes;
  • A small amount of Gram-negative bacteria, but the medium is acidic;
  • The flora is almost completely bacterial, very little lactic acid bacteria, many epithelial cells, the medium is weakly acid or alkaline;
  • Lactobacilli are absent completely, a large number of white blood cells, are activators of inflammation.

After treatment smear rentagain to ensure a positive change. Control tests allow to verify the normalization of microflora and the absence of pathogenic bacteria.

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