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Colds during pregnancy


Colds during pregnancy is unexpected and quite dangerous event. How to treat this disease without consequences for health of mother and baby, you will learn from this article

Cold can anyone, no one everIt is not immune to the fact that at some point the virus penetrates into the body. Including vulnerable to colds and expectant mothers. Given that in the first nine months, as it may start to believe will take place exactly two seasons, during which time viral infections can not once met a woman expecting a child. Colds during pregnancy is quite common.

And in this case, it is necessary to consider not onlyhow can cure future mother, but as not to harm the unborn child and to nullify the consequences. That is why it is so important to engage in the prevention of colds during pregnancy.

Colds during pregnancyOf course, in times of rampant virus must beto limit their stay in places where people ignore the crowded events in and out during possible outbreaks only when absolutely necessary - this is the best prevention of disease. But sometimes it is not possible to follow this rule, and every precaution not give guarantees.

Many disturbing women, while in the "interesting" position, wondering "how to treat a cold during pregnancy?".

So, the first thing after the onset of the disease need to take it a rule to follow all instructions of your doctor.

Now the woman is responsible for two people and all sorts of excuses not to go to the expense. At this point, women tend to feel weakness, they are tired and irritable, even from such a condition.

Organism loaded twice normal andeffect of the virus only reinforces negative symptoms and fears for the child is not allowed to relax. Treatment of colds during pregnancy, as it is banal, begins with the care of the expectant mother to the hospital.

We can not tolerate cold on the feet, certainlyI need to lie down and wait for improvement. We must set aside all urgent domestic affairs, while communicating with the doctor immediately to find out what medicines have no side effects, some of them are allowed, including pregnant women.

The immediate effect will not be on any medication,but the damage to potent drugs can cause. It is best at this time to resort to proven popular ways: sleep more, drink more, to give the body a rest and wait until the temperature will begin to take place, and a runny nose.

It is not necessary to resort to antibiotics, especially since they do not act on the virus and do not treat acute respiratory infections. Antibiotics should only apply in exceptional cases.

Before their use, you should always carefully examine the summary and find out whether they are recommended for pregnant women. Do not abuse the general chemicals.

It is very desirable in a cold during pregnancythe first trimester and up to twelve weeks. At this point in the body is the formation of the baby organs, so that the side effect of this process does not need such intervention can only do harm.

Drinking and rinsing

It has already been said about the desired bed rest upon the occurrence of the first signs of the disease.

Good cold medicine during pregnancy may serve as drinking plenty of fluids, it can be:

  • Colds during pregnancyTea;
  • Infusions and decoctions;
  • Milk.

All of this is sure to be warm and canbe varied. So, the tea can be a raspberry, lemon, extracts of the leaves of raspberry and currant, and all you can drink more title with the addition of honey. The food at the time of the disease should not be high-calorie, so as not to strain your digestive system so dietary food is welcome.

Also in moments of illness effective onions and garlic,sliced ​​and spread out around the room, they can also help protect against viruses and other family members. Lemon is useful as a source of vitamins and as a means to combat the sore throat.

In addition to lemon, to treat throat rinse can be used various broths and solutions from a solution of sea salt, and a decoction of sage, chamomile, eucalyptus and oak bark.

A good tool to have in the treatment of rinsesolution with addition of one spoonful of salt and soda droplets and iodine. Also effective and water solution propolis tincture. Gargle need as often as possible, at least once an hour, then the effect will be maximal.

If it came to no harm in coughing drinking teaor milk, add the already mentioned raspberry and honey. Pharmacies offer fees from coughing and chest of herbs charges, but here again you need to carefully watch that there is no contraindication for pregnant women.


Colds during pregnancyA suitable means of how to cure a cold when unexpected pregnancy will be inhaled with natural essential oil, which there are many.

This oil of thyme, chamomile, eucalyptus, cedar, rosemary, which help fight with a cough.

How to carry out the procedure known to all, with a special inhaler to breathe steam with the necessary oil, or in the absence of an inhaler to make it yourself, using pots and watering cans improvised.

In the end, and you can cover a towelbreathe over a saucepan of boiling water and healing vapors. The disadvantage of the latter method may be an intolerance of smells sick SARS, because many moms acute sense of smell.


Runny nose or rhinitis treated and drops in the nose andfolk remedies, the only disadvantage with drops is the fact that for a long time to use them harmful. Drops of dried mucous and are not recommended for pregnant women.

Very good popular alternative thatalso recognizes and medicine, wash the nose is warm solution of sea salt. A few times a day The performed procedure is not harmful, but it clears the nose and makes it possible for some time to breathe freely.

These sliced ​​onion and garlic alsohelp get rid of the common cold, because of their volatile allocated a beneficial effect on the body. Well, honey tortilla, which is applied to the maxillary sinus, and is made of flour and honey.

Temperature and headache

Almost always, in patients with acute respiratory diseases observed temperature and headache.

Colds during pregnancy

If conventional means are contraindicated for womenin position, it will be a very effective way to wrap the body of wet sheets, or individual parts, such as the forehead and hand. Usually it is used when other means are ineffective, and the temperature rises to a critical level.

Headache relieves a simple sheet of whitecabbage put on his forehead, and fatigue and weakness that accompanies a headache, and the temperature should disappear with the same abundant drinking warm tea with raspberries.


Usually better tolerated by people diseasehardened, and this is also true for pregnant women. If the body is accustomed to changes in temperature, such an organism hardier and less susceptible to viruses, it will be easier to cope with the disease if this happens. Classes for hardening of pregnancy is not an obstacle, but it is not recommended to start at the time of her.

With a cold vitamin occupies a special placediet. In this case, it must be carefully selected taking into account all the complex features of an organism. Just buy vitamin C and it is not recommended to use or even harmful.

If you want to support the body, it should bedrink natural, fresh juices, which contain the vitamins needed by the body. To be sure, it is a real juice, it is recommended to buy a juicer and make it their own.

A juice, which are sold in stores, do not have the properties that are needed by the body. It is also very useful vegetables - carrots, cabbage, beets, which are rich in natural vitamins.

It should be noted that many women expecting a child is contraindicated, such as hover legs, or to use a list of medicinal plants, which also can not be accepted.

Future moms have to put it a rulemeticulously examine all aspects, read annotations and only after, when the conviction is safe, to make a decision on the application of funds.

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