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And should it be morning sickness during pregnancy?


Toxicosis suffers most young mothers inpregnancy. Every second complains of the appearance of edema, cramps, vomiting, already in the first weeks of pregnancy. Doctors soothe the girls, because the signs of toxicosis in early pregnancy and during the first half are the norm.

However, they are seriously warn and prepare the patient to avoid it at a later date.

What is morning sickness?

Toxemia - a peculiar tricks of nature,it is the body's ability to protect the child. The body of each pregnant woman develops inadequate emetic reaction to those foods that can harm the health of your baby: alcoholic beverages, tobacco smoke, caffeine. Some refuse even from those products that may contain bacteria, which is difficult to fight the immune system of your body: meat and dairy products, eggs, poultry and seafood.

On the important question, often asked to mummiesforums: "Should there be morning sickness" can now be answered. It was learned that predispose pregnant women toxicosis - an inherited phenomenon, caused by hormones. If toxicosis attacks are very frequent, it means that the blood contains increased amounts of the hormone of pregnancy - horiogonadotropina (hCG). The highest concentration of this hormone in the majority of young mothers observed at 8-12 weeks after conception.

The causes of toxemia

Definitely will indicate the reasons for not, because it is a highly individual process. But drawing conclusions from multiple studies, the following hypothesis of occurrence of toxicity:

  1. During pregnancy, women drasticallyhormonal changes, and it makes it difficult for the child to important organs and systems in the body. They need time to get used to the changes, and throughout this period the state of health of women is deteriorating.
  2. The immune attack. Genetic set of embryonic cells varies with the mother. Therefore, a woman's immune system treats it as a foreign body and tries to tear it by producing antibodies.
  3. Neuro-reflex activity of the brain duringPregnancy is activated and the most "unspoiled" part of the brain awake. Begin work subcortical structures, which contain the greatest number of protective reflexes, vehemently reacting to all the "alien." That is, it is the best "guard" for pregnant women.
  4. Inflammatory processes in genital area, a variety of chronic diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver failure.

  5. The psychological factor is valid, when womenperceive pregnancy as a stressful situation that provokes the body to malfunction. In this case, feeling unwell, the woman is upset, the circle is closed, which leads to a more serious disorder of the body.

Will you toxemia or not - it is difficult to answer,but it can be assumed. If your mother suffered from toxemia, you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, liver, or you are suffering from chronic diseases, you are often exposed to stress and nervous overload, then most likely you will experience the symptoms of toxicity.

Signs of toxicity:

  • Not many people know that morning sickness is manifested not only in the form of nausea. Other signs of toxicity are also such reaction of an organism:

  • Decreased appetite or aversion to food.
  • Increased salivation. Sometimes paroxysmal or continuous (rare).
  • Vomit or hid as a reaction to the sharp smell.
  • Morning or persistent during the whole day vomiting.
  • "Perversion" appetite. This means that the pregnant woman may want to order something to the position she had not eaten. And this is no fad pregnant, because in 95% of cases, this behavior indicates the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia.
  • Low pressure. In this case no rails, there should be guided only by pressure that was considered normal prior to pregnancy.

Varieties of toxicity in pregnant women - be aware!

Early toxicosis. It manifested in the early stages and can last for the first 10-12 weeks. In varying degrees, but clearly manifested in 82% of women in the state.

Late toxicosis in pregnancy called preeclampsia. It appears after 12-14 weeks, which could lead to serious consequences, and even become a threat to the health of mother and baby.

Early toxicosis

Signs of early toxicity is recommended to takefor granted and experience as easy as possible. If absolutely no strength and patience, then doctors can prescribe mild homeopathic remedies, that is of vegetable origin. They facilitate the woman's condition, reduce toxicity, thus, it is not harmful to your baby. But most often the drug acts as a young mother takes him once stops - signs of toxicity appear again.

No signs of toxicity should not be already after 16weeks, during which time the woman is normal, the body gradually gets used to and takes a foreign body, her hormones will stabilize. By this time the young mother already protects your body by yourself and saves the child.


The appearance of preeclampsia at this stage a negativeIt affects on the body of a young mother and the more fledgling baby. All laws pregnancy state that the later weeks of pregnancy should proceed normally, and in any case should not be allowed toxicosis. Occasionally allowed an inadequate reaction of the organism is not certain foods, but this should not happen all the time. In this case, it is a complication - preeclampsia.

The characteristic features of late toxicosis include:

  • the emergence of strong edema;
  • elevated protein in the urine;
  • non-normalized weight gain (more than 400 g weekly);
  • high blood pressure.

The more symptoms, the worseexpectant mother feels. It is important to think suddenly in time and prevent the appearance of a trait to avoid possible unpleasant consequences. Do not stop to visit a gynecologist and then an initial stage of preeclampsia will not be able to develop further.

  1. To cure preeclampsia, women prescribeddrugs that lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, kidney function. But you can at all avoid it! It turns out that its main cause is the wrong way of life.
  2. Do not eat too much salt, because it can lead to a violation of the kidneys.
  3. To deny a pregnant woman can be, especially when it comes to fried, spicy food and sweets. Without limiting ourselves, you gain extra weight and very harmful 10-15 kilograms.
  4. Excess body fat is not fully able toblood supply, leading to increased blood pressure, constant cramps, found nutrients are excreted in the urine, a heavy load on the kidneys and heart.

Do not forget: If all the features of your body will be dredged, it will take all of the missing in the child, and then completely stop working. In order to avoid this, do not forget about proper nutrition and recommendations of the physician.

How to get rid of toxicity - reviews


It is desirable that all of your pets could enterin your position, you really try to explain to them your present state. For example, I was very irritated by the sweet smell of toilet water husband all the food, which has a sharp flavor of coffee, spices, garlic and more. Therefore, it would be better if all this will be temporarily excluded from the diet of foods in the house.


I was the second pregnancy, and therefore my advice definitely worthwhile. The best way of life for young moms during pregnancy - no work overload, favorable atmosphere of joy, love, necessarily a healthy diet, sound sleep, enough mobile life and daily walks in the fresh air. If today is a utopia for you - then go to the next level of life, take care of your child wei family! Try universal effort at least as close as possible to the ideal family!


Very often I hear young mothers negativelyexpressed about the future of the child during vomiting and other symptoms of toxicity in the morning! Mommy! This only adds to your situation! It would be better if you present your wonderful baby, think what he's cute, sweet and most beautiful, how much joy it brings when prompted. I promise, you will definitely be a little easier!


I, during pregnancy, to avoid sickreally, the morning began with breakfast in bed! This is not just a pleasure, but also useful. In the best use digestible food products with a high content of vitamins. And in any case, do not eat hot - just a little cool or warmed.

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