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Why there adenomyosis and how to get pregnant after


Adenomyosis in Pregnancy: how adenomyosis affects on pregnancy? How to keep the pregnancy under adenomyosis? Treatment and prevention of disease

Adenomyosis and pregnancy - How compatible these two states? Experts are divided in opinion, but it is worth noting that the child can make and widespread pathology. However, the main danger of the disease is a complication in the form of infertility. If pregnancy is still held, it will definitely benefit the woman.

The etiology of the disease and its symptoms

Why there adenomyosis and how to get pregnant afterAdenomyosis of the uterus - is the frequent case of endometriosis. If you have any pathology endometrium grows into the muscle layer of the uterus. This process disrupts the functioning of other tissues, however there are certain problems and discomfort.

The disease is divided into several stages according to the degree of penetration into the muscular layer:

  • Germination of the endometrium to the myometrium;
  • Germination to the middle of the muscle layer;
  • The defeat serous cover;
  • In the final stage reaches the endometrium peritoneum.

Severity of symptoms depends on thethe progression of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as the presence of comorbidities. In some cases, signs of destruction can be detected only when the gynecological examination, for example, it may be a change in shape of the uterus.

Other symptoms:

  • Soreness during intimacy;
  • Brown spotting, which can be observed both before menstruation and after such;
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle, it is often greatly reduced;
  • Pain and discomfort in the pelvic region before and after menstruation;
  • Heavy menstrual flow and very pronounced PMS.

How does adenomyosis held on pregnancy?

The disease affects the process of passingegg on the fallopian tubes. Furthermore, it becomes impossible to strengthen the wall of the uterus. Accordingly, the carrying of ovum also occurs.

Women suffering from this disease havealtered hormones that prevent ovulation. A termination of pregnancy is possible due to the increased contractility of the myometrium, which is caused by inflammation of the muscular layer of the uterus.

Timely treatment is conducted safely restores reproductive function. Many women are not only able to conceive a child, but also to make it.

A role played by the degree of damage,Process prevalence and presence of other diseases. For example, focal inflammation of 1 degree is not a barrier to pregnancy. But if we consider the diffuse adenomyosis, the conception is more problematic, since the degree of damage is quite strong and is often accompanied by adhesions in the uterine cavity.

Diffuse lesion is characterized byoriginal pockets in the endometrium, which can penetrate deep enough into the layers of the uterus, and sometimes form a fistula into the pelvic cavity. When pregnancy occurs, the disease regresses and the woman is partially improved.

How to maintain pregnancy in uterine adenomyosis

Causes have two genesis: genetic predisposition and imposed implantation.

In the first case, respectively, the woman has a predisposition to the emergence and development of pathology. When hormonal failure occurs progression of the disease.

In the second case, the particles rejected by the endometriumThey do not leave the body completely, and delayed genital organs (ovaries, peritoneum, tubes). This creates favorable conditions for the emergence of the disease and its development.

The reasons for adenomyosis can be stress, which lead to negative changes in the neuroendocrine system, as well as malnutrition.

Hormonal drugs also plays a role. They are often prescribed after gynecological operations, and they lead to temporary infertility by inhibiting the reproductive capacity. After completion of the hormones are canceled and the possibility of fertilization is reduced.

The risk group includes women who have experienced trauma, such as childbirth, or surgery (abortion, miscarriage, and others.).

Overly active lifestyle, hard physical labor, as well as sun exposure fascination too, are a kind of catalyst.

It should be noted that the above reasons notfully proved, but still have an influence on the development of adenomyosis. That is why the woman on the stage of the child's planning and during the ensuing pregnancy should take them into account to reduce the risk of disease.

Carrying a child with adenomyosis

Why there adenomyosis and how to get pregnant afterSome experts believe that the uterus and adenomyosisPregnancy - mutually exclusive. According to various sources from 40 to 80% of female patients suffering from infertility. But with early diagnosis and adequate treatment in most cases can restore reproductive function.

This is diagnosed during pregnancyreal threat of miscarriage or premature birth. Such women should be under scrutiny Bole his attending physician. It may appoint special preparations that will arrest the undesirable development of pathology.

We must by all means keep the pregnancy, soas abortion or surgery can trigger pathological process with repeated relapses. In this case, a woman after a failed abortion may remain forever barren.

Adenomyosis, in most cases it does not affect the birth process. The danger arises in the postpartum period, when the disease can cause uterine bleeding.

After giving birth, the body returns tonormal functioning, being established menstrual cycle, but again there is overgrowth of the endometrium, but it will not be as strong as after artificial or spontaneous abortion.

Pregnancy after suffering adenomyosis

Even if the pathology led to infertility, doctors will take the necessary measures to restore women of reproductive function.

First held diagnostics to confirm the diagnosis and establish the degree of damage:

  • Initial examination by a gynecologist mirrors. In most cases this enables etapuzhe detect disease;
  • Colposcopy is performed colposcope - a device that gives an enlarged image up to 30 times;
  • Pelvic ultrasound - for the reliability of the results. In some instances, it can only detect the disease at this stage;
  • Smears, including the study of vaginal microflora.

Treatment is carried out by one of the following methods: medication; surgery; folk. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, different effects on the body, so only the doctor may need to choose a course.

In the first case, use of androgens, progestogens and oral contraceptives.

In some situations, you can cure adenomyosisonly by surgical intervention, that is having to remove the uterus. However, in this type of operations are turning, unless the woman no longer wants to have children. Since modern medicine advocates for organ operation, carried out hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

Among gynecologists still can not reachconsensus: some believe that the removal of the uterus - is the only effective method other - should be avoided. What to do in each case should be decided by the doctor and the patient.

Traditional recipes are not used as the main treatment, but very often they are used to eliminate the injury results in an additional method.

Prevention of adenomyosis in pregnancy

Why there adenomyosis and how to get pregnant afterEvery woman should visit a gynecologist in order toprevention at least once in six months. This will identify the disease at an early stage. Once the disease is detected, must immediately start treatment. If there are any deviations from the norm, it is necessary to urgently seek medical attention.

Women should avoid stress as much as possiblesituations, and the body - to get a good rest. It is useful to be relaxing baths and massage. As described above, you should not abuse solar baths, including a solarium.

The disease often leaves traces, but an easy step if pregnancy occurs can completely docked.

With the right approach, adequate and timely treatment, the prognosis is favorable enough. A significant advantage is that the disease does not cause malignant neoplasms.

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