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Pregnancy 9 Weeks - fetal development and a sense of a woman


Pregnancy calendar week by week - nine weeks pregnant - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 9th week of pregnancy, photo

Of course surrounding could still not noticeexternal changes in your body, and the volatile mood considered one of the PMS symptoms or features of your bad temper, but you know exactly what you are pregnant, and may well have noticed a small increase or, conversely, weight loss.

It is a 9 week begins the third month of your pregnancy and the fetus has reached the age of seven weeks. His height is larger than 2 cm, and weighing up to about 4 grams.

Symptoms of pregnancy in 9th week

On the 9th week, as a rule, women retained the main features interesting position:

  • Fatigue;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Nausea;
  • vertigo;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Breast sensitivity (it is on the first trimester account for all changes in the mammary glands, so that has not long endure!)

Feelings of future mother on the 9th week

Many women report feeling better, although some discomfort still do not leave:

  • Expectant mother is increasingly tempted to relax and lie down;
  • continues torment toxicosis (Although this week nausea should gradually retreat);
  • Still worried dizziness;
  • You may receive the nasal congestion;
  • Noted sleep disturbances, inability to sleep.

With regard to external changes then:

  • waist inexorably increases;
  • breast swells and becomes more sensitive than before (namely on the first trimester, in particular at its end, and a sharp increase in the chest necessary);
  • appears blue on the chest mesh of veins, it extended subcutaneous veins (but it may happen later 9 weeks).

Forum: What do you feel on the 9th week?


The mood is good, cheerful, in spite of the toxicosis. In the food look absolutely can not, there is no appetite. During the day, I eat only crackers and apples. Today saw a pinkish discharge, but read what happens. Still I worried.


Depressive mood, do not want anything to do. I have a lack of energy and the constant desire to sleep. Toxicosis slowly let me go and that I am very happy.


He began to bulge tummy and breasts become larger. I'm starting to sound like a pregnant woman. Gradually passes toxicosis. The state of health is excellent.


Sleep can around the clock, and the need to work ... With the food is not so simple, because the desire to change quickly ... So I want apples, and after 10 minutes I dream of pasties.


The problem is that I'm sick 24 hours a day. Infinitely sickened, sometimes dizziness and lethargy. After work, I come like a squeezed lemon. Forces not to eat or drink, nor move. Nutrition normal, balanced, a bit of everything.

What happens in the mother's body in the ninth week?

The body of a woman running in emergency mode, providing a restructuring of all organs and systems:

  • The level of hCG in the blood increases;
  • There has been an increase in the uterus (in the 9 week it reaches the size of a grapefruit);
  • Due to the hormonal changes a woman skin becomes more smooth and clean;
  • Hormone levels significantly increased, thus ensuring the normal course of pregnancy;
  • Mammary glands cause pain; nipples darken;
  • Urging to urinate gradually subside;
  • There are constipation (reason: the intestine slows down);
  • The heart, lungs and kidneys are working in emergency mode, since the amount of circulating blood is increased by 40-50% (compared to a non-pregnant woman);
  • Accumulating fat reserves for later breastfeeding;
  • The skin and hair becomes drier as the child requires a lot of liquid;
  • The occurrence of anemia (as a result, fatigue and drowsiness);
  • Appear yellowish discharge from the vagina;
  • Starts function placenta, t. E. The mother's body adapts to the needs of the developing fetus inevitably.

The development of the fetus in the 9th week


  • Height reaches 2-3 cm; weight varies between 5 -15 grams;
  • The head of the baby gradually acquires the typical outline, But still it does not seem proportionate in relation to the baby calf;
  • The child has begins to develop neck, the spine is straightened, and the "tail" is transformed into the coccyx;
  • The baby's eyes are still closed (opened they start to 28 weeks' gestation, please be patient);
  • It is already possible to notice cartilaginous ears and barely noticeable, but I have already started their formation, earlobes;
  • The corners of the mouth of the fetus flat out, the edges become thicker, and the mouth is reminiscent of lips;
  • The limbs of the child are extended, fingers on hands grow and become more resembling fingers newborn;
  • to form elbows;
  • feet increase;
  • As a result, the baby seals of the epidermis already discernible nailsWhich first appear from the palms and soles, and then move on to the tips of the fingers of hands and feet.

The formation of organs and systems (organogenesis)

  • Forming parts of the brain and central nervous system;
  • is developing cerebellum - Part of the brain stem, located at the back of the skull and the regulating body balance and coordination of movements;
  • form the middle layer of the adrenal glandsWhich is responsible for the production of adrenaline;
  • In the brain, laid pituitaryInfluencing the growth, development and metabolism of the body;
  • Starts function thyroid gland;
  • And form a part of the nervous system such as nerve nodes, cranial and spinal nerves;
  • Rotika muscles begin to function, and now the kid can move the jaws, Open and close the mouth;
  • He has able to swallow liquidIn which the. Swallowing reflex - the first reflex, which is formed at the kid;
  • Abdominal and thoracic cavity increases in volume, and the heart is no longer sticks;
  • The child developed rudiments of the breast;
  • The light has been the development of the bronchial tree (Ie, its branching);
  • Umbilical cord does not remain unchanged, he also grows and develops;
  • heart the fetus continues to develop and already makes the order 130-150 beats per minute and drives the blood through the barely-formed blood vessels;
  • Form an interatrial septum;
  • The baby's blood begin to form the first cells, which are responsible for immunity - Lymphocytes;
  • The child has laid lymph nodes;
  • At crumbs begin to work actively kidneyThat through his mother's body excrete waste products;
  • The child is already there genitals. If your pipsqueak - a boy, his testicles have been formed, but they are in the abdominal cavity, and after a while already descended into the scrotum.

The formation of the placenta. At the beginning of the third month (that is, just at the 9week) fully starts functioning placenta. It is a "means of communication" between the parent body and the body baby. Through the placenta the mother can adapt to the needs of small "puzozhitel".

Placenta - a very important body thatIt protects the baby. It should be mentioned that the placenta has two faces: the maternal and fetal. Fetal surface of the placenta prevents the fruit from drying out and damage as a fully enveloped by water, ie, amnion.

At week 9 the mother begins communicating with the futurebaby, as the baby of the brain signals are sent, notifying the mother of their needs and requirements. It is for this reason pregnant women often prefer such foods and beverages that are used can not stand.

US on the 9th week of pregnancy

Your baby is now officially referred to as the fruit, not the embryo with what you and congratulations!

On ultrasound of the fetus is determined by the thickness of a 9 weekthe placenta and the general condition of the umbilical cord. With Doppler, the expectant mother may notice your heart rate baby. Although many of the internal organs have developed enough, it is not always possible to see in the US for 9 weeks.

Internal organs crumbs still can act as an umbilical hernia, but there is no reason to worry, it's perfectly normal.

In the US in this period is mandatory overall assessment of the state of the ovaries.

Ultrasound at 9 weeks of pregnancy period

Ultrasound at 9 weeks duration

Photos of the fetus and the mother's belly on the age of 9 weeks, video

Photo baby 9 weeks of pregnancy

Photo baby Week 9

What is an embryo at 9 week? Your pipsqueak has grown. It is already beginning to take shape face, elongated limbs, fingers appear. It is at this stage the child progresses and becomes an embryo, a fetus, because the thumb is set so that the palm of your hand is pressed against the inner side (the opposing finger). It is already possible to notice the umbilical cord. And it was from this week your baby starts to grow faster than doubled.

Photo belly of mother at time of 9 weeks

Photo belly of mother at time of 9 weeks

Photos mother belly for 9 weeks
It is a 9 week starts growing tummy of a pregnant woman, but every body is different and someone that is sooner, someone later.

Video - What happens at 9 weeks pregnant

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother at the 9th week

Week 9 - a very important period, since the largest number of abortions falls in this period.

Do not panic! Following these guidelines, you can easily cope with any difficulties:

  • Tell "No" to bad habits: smoking, alcohol. Moreover, there are close to the smokers as passive smoking affects the future mother and the baby is better than active;
  • Do not take medications without a prescription, it can be bad for the fetus;
  • Do not overexert. Try as much time as you can give yourself. Doing things you love, be distracted from everyday problems;
  • Quite frequent during pregnancy -hemorrhoids (usually its development falls on the third trimester). For information: Hemorrhoids - varicose veins, which consists in swelling the veins around the anus. This is due to the fact that sharply increasing uterus presses on the veins of the rectum, and as a result you may feel a tingling and burning sensation. Try not to bring up bleeding. Consult your doctor, who will advise you the suitable candles;
  • Just as before, adhere to proper nutrition - Eat more vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water;
  • To normalize your state (if you are still worried about morning sickness, dizziness, fatigue) as often as possible go outdoors, do yoga (Consult a specialist for exercises that you can perform in your position);
  • If the breast begins to increase dramatically, as a result of her inexorable streamers are formed. To avoid this, buy special creams for the care of breast skin;
  • Try not to recover more than is permissible (rate of your weight gain, you can ask the doctor), in prevent varicose disease. It is advisable to wear Anti varicose tights and comfortable shoes, low-heeled, Or no;
  • No way Do not lift and do not strain the press. Do not ignore the help of in-laws or husband;
  • Complete gynecological examination, hand over the totalblood tests, urine tests, antibody to hepatitis C, blood for syphilis, HIV, and all that the doctor will prescribe. Believe it all really necessary for the proper course of pregnancy;
  • Do not forget to ventilate and humidify the room where you are. You can stock up humidifier, Plus he just will not.

In carrying out these recommendations and your doctor's advice, you can be sure that your baby will be healthy, happy and you will be grateful!

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What you We feel to the 9th week? Share with us!

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