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Pregnancy 8 weeks - fetal development and a sense of a woman


Pregnancy calendar week by week - eight weeks pregnant - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus at the 8th week of pregnancy, photo

And so began the eighth (obstetric) week. This period corresponds to the 4th week delay menstruation or second week of conceiving a baby.

Symptoms of pregnancy in 8th week

Eight weeks for you is not much different from the seventh, but for your baby, it is very special.

  • The absence or vice versa increased appetite;
  • Change the taste preferences;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Pelvic neuralgia;
  • General weakness, drowsiness and decreased body tone;
  • Restless sleep;
  • Changes in mood;
  • Immunosuppression.

What happens in the mother's body in the eighth week?

  • Your the uterus is growing rapidly and it is now the size of an apple. You may feel slight contractions asbefore menstruation. Now your body is growing important body for you and your baby - the placenta. With it, your baby will get all the necessary nutrients, water, hormones and oxygen.
  • Your body is a hormonal storm, it is necessary to prepare your body for the further development of the fetus. Estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and expand your arteriesTo deliver a baby more blood. And they are responsible for the production of milk, relax the pelvic ligaments, thus allowing your belly to grow.
  • Very often in this period women experience nausea, increased salivation, lack of appetite, as well as aggravated stomach ailments. you can enjoy all the signs of early toxicity.
  • On your chest this week has increased, strainedand potyazhelela. And darkened circle around the nipple, increased vascular pattern. In addition, you will notice that appeared around the nipples knots - it increased the sweat glands.

What they write on the forums?


Lying on preserving tomorrow on the ultrasound, I pray that all was well. A week ago, it was bleeding and severe pain, but ultrasound was all right. Girls, take care!


This is my second pregnancy, and today is the lastday 8 weeks. Appetite good, but toxicosis unbearable, constantly sick. And a lot of saliva is collected. But I am very happy, because we both wanted this baby.


We have 8 weeks, nauseous in the morning and sip a little lower abdomen, but it's all the little things. My tummy is growing my treasure, is it not worth it?


Today the eighth week. Toxicosis not only appetite, too, appears only in the evening. The only thing that worries - the constant desire to sleep. I can not wait, when I leave on vacation and will enjoy his position to the fullest.


Today was an ultrasound, so waiting for this moment. All the while worried that all was well. And the doctor says that we meet eight weeks. I - the happiest on earth!

What tests need to pass on this term?

If you have not yet applied to the antenatal clinic, now is the time. At the 8th week should visit a gynecologist and undergo an initial inspection for complete control. You will pass a standard examination in the chair, the doctor will ask you questions, find out how pregnancy occurs. In turn, you can ask the doctor about your concerns.

At the 8th week, you expect the following tests:

  • A blood test (determination of group and Rh factor, hemoglobin, rubella test, check for anemia, a common condition of the body);
  • urine analysis (determination of sugar level in the presence of infections, the overall performance state of the organism);
  • Check mammary glands (general state, presence of structures);
  • Blood pressure (the presence of hypertension or hypotension);
  • Analysis of TORCH-infections, HIV, syphilis;
  • Analysis of smear (on the basis of which may be referred to a later date);
  • Measurement parameters (weight, volume of the pelvis).

Your doctor may refer you for additional studies.

Besides, you should ask the following questions:

- Do your family hereditary diseases?
- Were you or your husband ever seriously ill?
- This is your first pregnancy?
- Have you had a miscarriage?
- What is your menstrual cycle?

Your doctor will make an individual plan for your observation.

The development of the fetus in the 8th week

This week, your baby is no longer an embryo, heIt becomes the fruit and now it is safely possible to name the baby. Despite the fact that the internal organs are already formed, they are still in their infancy, and have not taken place put them. The length of your baby is 15-20 mm and weighs about 3 g.

  • Ends embryonic period. Now the embryo becomes a fetus. All the bodies were formed and now they only grow.
  • This week begins to decline the small intestine.
  • There are the beginnings of male or female reproductive organs.
  • The body of the fetus is straightened and lengthened.
  • Begin to form bone and cartilage.
  • There is a muscle development.
  • A pigment appears in the eyes of a baby.
  • The brain sends impulses to the muscles, and now the baby begins to respond to environmental events. If it is something I do not like - he winces and shudders. But of course you can not feel it.
  • And the baby begin to show facial features. Forming the lips, nose and chin.
  • On the fingers of hands and feet of the fetus already appeared tightening membrane. And the arms and legs are longer.
  • Formed inner ear, which is responsible not only for hearing, but also for the balance.

The fruit on the 8th week

The fruit on the 8th week of pregnancy -photo

Video - life of 8 weeks:

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • It is very important for you to tune in to a positive wave and stay calm. Go to bed a little earlier and get up later. Sleep - the healer of all ailments. Get enough sleep!
  • If you do not want to hear about your surrounding situation, advance invent excusesFor example, why at a party you do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • It's about time reconsider your circuit training fitness. Change it so that once again not to annoyyour already sensitive breasts. Avoid sudden movements, lifting weights, as well as running. For you, is ideal for pregnant women gymnastics and yoga.
  • The entire first trimester try avoid alcohol, Medication, any toxins.
  • Note: the reception of 200 g of caffeine per day, 2 times increases the likelihood of miscarriage. Therefore it is necessary abstain from coffee.
  • Do not be lazy to wash hands during the day. This is the easiest way to protect against viruses and infections.
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And what you felt on the 8th week? Share with us!

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