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Pregnancy Week 42 - the development of the fetus and the mother's feelings


Pregnancy calendar week by week - forty-second week of pregnancy - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 42nd week of pregnancy, photo

All the child's life-support system fullydeveloped, his height and weight reached normal levels, the expected date of birth is over, and all child not in a hurry to make his first breath in this world.

Gestational age 42 weeks. What does it mean?

This is - the time to figure out why the baby sonot yet born. Of course, my mother is a cause for worry and anxiety. But panic should not be, because even on the medical indications 42 weeks - this is not prolonged pregnancy.

How to distinguish from prolonged pregnancy prolonged, indicating a natural "delay" toddler in the womb?

Differences of prolonged and prolonged pregnancy

Once again expose themselves unrest is not necessary. It is possible that a properly defined when registering your pregnancy period. Such cases - are not uncommon. But even if the terms are defined exactly - that's no reason to be nervous.

Late ripening fruit and pregnancy, whichlasts for more than forty weeks - is the norm for women, the menstrual cycle is more than 28 days. As a rule, such a baby is born mature and quite healthy.

Overripe fruit has its own signs, which is defined by its postmaturity.

Symptoms of post-term baby:

  • Dry and scaly skin;
  • The green tinge to the skin and membranes (due to the presence of meconium in the amniotic fluid);
  • The reduction of subcutaneous fat and grease syrovidnoy;
  • Large body size and increased density of the bones of the skull;
  • As well as long nails and the formation of wrinkles;
  • Identify - Whether pregnancy stand orduring childbirth simply has not yet come, help the doctor. He will appoint a specific survey to clarify the status of the child, the placenta and amniotic fluid.

survey methods for the determination of prolonged pregnancy:

  • US
  • Doppler
  • Kardiomotornoe monitoring heart baby
  • Amniskopiya.

Comprehensive survey will allow the physician to determine the need for induction of labor or let the mother-to start self-generative process.

Symptoms of prolonged pregnancy:

  • Turbidity and greenish tinge of amniotic fluid from the presence in them of meconium (stool child);
  • The lack of tight head baby "water front";
  • The sharp decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid;
  • The increased density of the bones of the skull of the child;
  • The absence of amniotic fluid lubrication syrovidnoy flakes;
  • Signs of aging of the placenta;
  • Immaturity of the cervix.

Confirmation of these symptoms are likely to entail the doctor to offer delivery of stimulation or a caesarean section.

What could be the reason?

  • Fears expectant mother can be seriousthe reason for the "perenoshennosti" child. Often the fear of premature birth a woman makes to minimize the risks associated with it. What ultimately it helps maintain pregnancy, but complicate childbirth;
  • In pregnancy should forget about their 42 weekalarms and fully return to what you have neglected all nine months - for active walks and walking on stairs to swimming, gymnastic exercises and intimate life. After transferring the baby just as dangerous as birth prematurely;
  • All is good in moderation, and the fatigue of pregnancyquite normal and is recognized by all, but the permanent control of the manifestation of the signs of labor and prevent it to start on time. Take a break from waiting, take yourself arrangement of family nest or a trip to the guests;
  • Fear of the future birth father and stalkingconcern of relatives, too, are often the cause of the delay childbirth. The best option for the future mother (assuming that a doctor examination revealed no abnormalities) - to enjoy life in all its fullness and volume.

Physical causes prolonged pregnancy:

  • Psychoemotional shocks;
  • Deficiency of hormones that contribute to the onset of labor;
  • Chronic diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • Violation of fat metabolism;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Hereditary factors.

Feelings of future mother on the 42nd week

Births at 42 weeks of gestation - is 10 per centcases. Advantageously, the birth place of the earlier period. But even if you are in the ten per cent, do not worry in advance - 70 percent of the "post-term" pregnancy is a miscalculation in the timing.

Of course, in the term of 42 weeks of pregnancy, women need special support for families.

  • Mom exhausted mentally and physically tired. Most of its strong desire, then, of course, how to squeeze the breast unborn baby - to return to the previous lightness and mobility;
  • Swelling - it suffers 70 percent of women at this stage of pregnancy;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Overweight;
  • Intestinal problems suffered nearly 90percent of pregnant women. This constipation or diarrhea associated with hormonal changes in the female body, dysbiosis and decrease intestinal motor function.



We were born on the forty-second week on June 24! Difficult birth was ... Since the PRD and a half weeks I tried to give birth. Then the bubble punctured and left to wait for the cervix. It was then that I screamed ... Girls, do not give up the epidural! Just saying.


I went forty-second week ... Hmmm. Cork has long departed, training bout as much as 38 weeks have begun, and we are all waiting for ... I guess, I will bear, as the elephant - two years. Stimulate no one wants, doctors advise to treat the delay in delivery sex. But the forces on it anymore. Good luck to everyone and easy delivery!


Girls, I can not anymore! For forty weeks, and even no symptoms! Like, just anywhere rezanet, I think - well, that's it! But no. The hospital does not want to. Communicate with anyone do not want. Phone is switched off, because it tortured her, "Well when it?". All annoying, tired, like a horse, and evil as a dog - when all this is over? All I wish Zdorovenki kids!


And I do not strain. How will - or will be. On the contrary, great! After all, when it has yet to experience such sensations. Enjoy. Then there will be something to remember.


And I have no pain. Even awkward somehow.)) By all indications - just about came to light. Tummy down, head in the pelvis pressed firmly so I sat down. If we do not face, then straight in the morning to go the hospital. Time to have.

The development of the fetus at 42 weeks

  • Bones baby on the 42nd week of pregnancy become more dense and solid;
  • Body mass and it is increased - from 3.5 to 3.7 kg;
  • Growth fruit on the 42nd week can be from 52 to 57 cm;
  • Significant changes (in weight and density of the bone) May be at increased risk of birth trauma for the child and the tears of the birth canal to the mother;
  • 95% of children born in this period, are born completely healthy. The exceptions - cases where the placenta is not outdatedIt allows the child to get in enough oxygen, causing hypoxia. There are also cases of a sharp decline in the amniotic fluid, which is a consequence - entanglement umbilical cord of the fetus;
  • In general, timely monitoring of the state of the child and their own health provides favorable completion of the long-awaited advent of pregnancy toddler.

US on 42nd week

Ultrasound at 42 weeks of pregnancy may be necessary, if the doctor has a suspicion of the presence of various risk factors that can lead to health problems for mom and baby.

Risk factors that indicate the need for induction of labor:

  • Pathology of the placenta (placenta);
  • Insufficient amount of amniotic fluid;
  • The presence of meconium in the amniotic fluid suspension;
  • Other individual performance;
  • But as a rule, ultrasound conducted at this stage of pregnancy, showing a fully formed baby, ready for the birth.

Photos fruit, photo abdomen, ultrasound and video on child development at the 42nd week

Kid on the 42nd week

US baby on 42nd week

Photo belly mother's 42nd week

Video: What's happening in the 42nd week of pregnancy?

The miracle of birth of the baby and look at the inside delivery.

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • It is important to track changes in their weight, because, as overweight, and its deficit, threaten the development of abnormalities in the fetus;
  • The problem of dysbiosis, constipation and diarrhea helps proper nutrition and daily routine to facilitate the normal operation of the body and, more importantly, of the digestive system;
  • Eating on this term should be frequent, but more modest portions;
  • Products recommended to consume rich dietary fibers - the bread of coarse flour, cereals, vegetable fruit;
  • Do not forget also about we need probiotics contained in dairy products, calcium, and about the protein, which are necessary, as the mother and the future baby;
  • To speed up the process of approximation of "happy moments", there are a few tried and tested methods of self-induction of labor:
  1. First, a considerable effect is produced and the subsequent reduction of bowel movements, causing instantaneous production of prostaglandins. This method does not preclude the use of enemas and castor oil.
  2. The most powerful stimulator of labor -the sexual act to the "sunset" of pregnancy. Orgasm is a stimulation for reduction of uterine muscles and sperm cells - the source of the same prostaglandins that contribute to the reduction and softening of the cervix.
  3. And, of course, no less effective way -nipple stimulation. This action increases the oxytocin in the blood. An analogue of oxytocin is used by doctors to induce labor. The best effect of massaging the teats achieved by massaging them for 15 minutes three times a day.
  • It is not far off the day of joy, when you hear the first cry of your baby;
  • Excommunicated on business, do not forget:
  1. Throw in her purse the necessary documents, including a birth certificate and a card exchange - suddenly childbirth catch you in the most unexpected place.
  2. Gathered with baby clothes bag should be immediately put in a prominent place, so that your relatives do not then ran around the apartment in a frantic search of the right things.
  3. And, most importantly, remember, dear future mothers: you've come to the finish line, at the end of which awaits a welcome gift - a charming native child.
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