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Pregnancy 26 weeks - the development of the fetus and the mother's feelings


Pregnancy calendar week by week - twenty-six weeks of pregnancy - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 26th week of pregnancy, photo

26 weeks

26 weeks - is the 24th week after conception and completion of the sixth month on the standard calendar. Until delivery has - at hand, two thirds of the way completed.

You're some two weeks before the maternityvacation, and of course, a woman in the workplace - for more than a bystander. Her try not to worry, do not require too much and do not charge complex and responsible tasks.

Sensations mother 26 th week

Now all thoughts of the future mother busy preparingto leave and the meeting with the kid. It is necessary to refer their cases and leave their workplace for three years with the prospect of return, prepare everything for a baby in the house, and much more.

In this period the woman is already dependent on others. And, of course, right now it is important to stress the absence of only light physical activity, support of relatives, restful sleep and meals.

  • It becomes difficult to wear shoes on their own
  • When walking almost not visible their feet
  • Walk accounted doubly careful, because the fall is now - the risk of premature birth and a threat to the baby

Comments from the forums:


And we have a son will be!)) In my opinion, a kid with us even talking! We feel our touch, and responds to shocks!)


We dochu waiting.) Pushes three or four times a day, at night I sleep calmly. My husband constantly puts his ears to the stomach - heart baby listen))


He adds half a year eight and a half kg. At first, the weight so rapidly gaining, even to preserve put like. Now I like anything, okay. Not hurt, not too tight, no pressure - at home nice and peaceful))

Can anyone tell? I wake up at night with the sound of his wife, already scared! Cramps in her. What to do with it? Probably, a daughter in the stomach scares ... Maybe his wife shell egg to feed?


)) I, too, so frightened of her husband at night. Now everything is fine. Just eat foods with potassium and magnesium. And we should not forget about calcium. Cottage cheese - is required!


I do not know, I have not had any problems. Lucky seen))) Drink vitamins, I recover steadily. Is that the swelling ... But wait a left - almost coming soon)))!

What happens in the mother's body?

  • Because raising above the navel of the abdomen is 6 cm, appears dyspnea and regular desire to take a deep breath;
  • By this time the expectant mother gaining about 9 kg;
  • There nausea and heartburn due to the increased of the uterus:

- Amniotic fluid - 700 ml;
- Placenta - 300 g;
- Baby - about one kilogram;
- The uterus itself, the wall which has already gained a maximum thickness - 500 g

  • Pain in lower back and pulling pain in the abdomen - the queen comes to tone, due to painless training bout (see, how to remove uterine tone);
  • Uterus the second half of the period every week lying 1 cm;
  • The total weight gain (For rational dieting) is from 7.2 to 10 kg;
  • pressure increasesReturning to the indicators that were before pregnancy;
  • By swelling of feet and legs can be added swelling face and fingers, due to the accumulated time and not carve out the fluid in the body;
  • Can appear numbness and tingling - The possible symptoms of circulatory disorders;
  • Available dark spots (Birthmarks, freckles) become brighter and more visible;
  • There is a growing bloating and heartburn;
  • 26 weeks of life may also be accompanied by the advent of nodes in the anus and on the legs (varicose veins);
  • Uterus, Growing and stretching, pressure on the internal organsThereby complicating their work:

- The diaphragm is supported uterus, which prevents the full breath;
- Increases the load on the heart;
- There are constipation, bloating and other digestive problems;
- In connection with the stretching uterine ligaments exacerbated pain in the pelvis and back.

  • Not uncommon for this period and vision problems.

Causes of vision problems:

  • A large amount of fluid in the body of the future mother (as a result - swelling of the eyelids);
  • Increased blood volume (as a consequence - the load of the receptacles, in particular ocular and microbleeds);
  • "Dry eye" syndrome - the feeling of a foreign body in the eye and dryness, redness.

The development of the fetus in the 26th week

  • The child becomes active and wiggling his painful for my mother;
  • Mostly it lies upside down, although his position many times may change;
  • baby weight mostly recruited through the development of muscle and fat deposition;
  • The skin is still red and thin, her cheeks get better;
  • The child is already able to see and live in a world of sensations. Formed vision allows him to see is a blurry colored spots;
  • The taste of the amniotic fluid that the baby already feels depends on its mother's food;
  • The child gets used to the beating heart of a mother. That is why, after his birth, the baby calms down immediately, we need only to press it to his chest;
  • Kid remembers sounds - voices of mothers and relatives of the music. If the child is now singing lullabies, after the birth it will quickly fall asleep to them;
  • Ongoing development of the baby's lungs - it is already preparing for its first breath, swallowing the amniotic fluid. Easy to take shape of a triangle and placed point upward;
  • In boys, there is the omission of the testicles into the scrotum
  • Tiny yet has the "old view" - his skin is wrinkled, but the body fat continues to develop, and legs and arms - to flatten;
  • The cartilage of the nose and ears of the child until soft, marigold not reach the fingertips
  • Heart rate - from 120 to 160 beats per minute;
  • Ears are slightly protruded, the eyes are able to completely shut down;
  • It begins to synthesize their own growth hormone by the pituitary gland;
  • Establishes a connection between the brain and the adrenal cortex - is the formation of a hormonal background;
  • There is a tab of the permanent teeth, which are stored deep in the soft tissue of the jaw to shift their primary teeth between the ages of 5-6 years;
  • There is a strengthening of the bone apparatus;

The weight and size of the baby at week 26:

Weight - about 800-1000 g;
Length - about 32,5-34 cm;
The diameter of the head - about 65.1 mm;
The diameter of the chest - about 65.8 mm;
abdominal diameter - 67.4 mm.

Dangerous symptoms of the 26th week

  • Pregnancy is often accompanied by such diseases as cholelithiasis (Especially it concerns those who like fatty foods). Heaviness in the right upper quadrant can be a symptom of stagnation of bile and formation of gallstones.
  • Heaviness in the lower abdomen It can be a symptom of CIN (cervical isthmicfailure). It is characterized by premature opening of the cervical canal and, consequently, the infection of membranes. That, in turn, can cause premature birth. The child has attained the infection can cause the illness.
  • Swelling of the hands and feetAs well as abdominal wall, increasedblood pressure, excess weight - the possible symptoms of late toxicosis. This pathology, worsening the condition of the baby and threatens the woman's health. Painful sensations it causes, so expectant mothers often ignore these symptoms, unaware that their appearance can be an indicator of neglect disease.
  • Selections from the genital tract may be a symptom of infection if they:
    - Mucous;
    - Muco-purulent;
    - Curdled.

This is the reason for the study of flora, forand conducting analysis of smears. With the defeat of microorganisms membranes, there is a risk of fetal infection and its subsequent growth retardation, and even death.

  • Discharge of bloody nature - A signal for emergency call ambulance. This may be a placental abruption or previa her. Yourself to go to the doctor - absolutely contraindicated in order to avoid excessive bleeding.
  • Watery discharge - A symptom of the outpouring of amniotic fluid. If even the slightest suspicion they should call an ambulance.

Photos fruit, photo abdomen, ultrasound and video on child development

Photo baby on the 26th week of pregnancy

US child to the 26th week

Ultrasound in the 26th week, allows you to see facial features formed baby - ears, nose, mouth, eyebrows and lashes.

US child to the 26th week of pregnancy

Photo tummy at the 26th week

Photo tummy on the 26th week of pregnancy

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