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Pregnancy Week 23 - fetal development and a sense of a woman


Pregnancy Calendar by Week - Pregnancy Week Twenty-three - the state, feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 23th week of pregnancy, photo

23 obstetric week - this 21 weeks from conception. If we assume the usual months, but now you are at the beginning of the sixth month of waiting baby.

By week 23, the uterus has raised by 3.75 cm above the navel, and its height at the pubic symphysis is 23 cm. At this point, the figure of the future mother has markedly rounded, weight gain should reach 5 to 6.7 kg.

Sensations woman in 23th week

Week 23 - is quite favorableperiod for almost all pregnant women. In most cases, women feel good. When is this week, almost all women feeling focus on the kid, because now she constantly feels it.

Most often in the 23 weeks in women appear the following feelings:

  • Contractions by Braxton-Hicks. In principle, they can not yet be, but isvery frequent. Manifested in the form of fights lung spasms in the uterus, do not worry, they are part of its preparation for future delivery. If you put your hand on his abdominal wall, you can feel the muscle contractions previously unknown. This is your uterus muscles try their hand. In the future, these contractions may begin to grow. However, do not confuse the fight for the Braxton-Hicks with these birth pangs;
  • Markedly increased weight. The fact that your uterus continues to grow,along with it increases the placenta and amniotic fluid volume increases. Some friends may notice that your belly has grown too much and assume that you will have twins. Or, perhaps, you will insist that you stomach is too small for such a period. The main thing is not to panic, all babies develop differently, so do not listen to anyone, you, most likely, all right;
  • Pain during an awkward position of the body. In this period the baby is already very noticeablekicking, sometimes it can hiccup and change their location in the uterus at least 5 times a day. Because of this, you may be concerned about the pain of pulling character. Also, it can be harsh, it appears on both sides of the uterus, and it arises from the tension of ligaments. The pain passes quickly when changing the position of the body and the uterus when it is relaxed and soft. Some women have a 23 week may appear pain in the symphysis, the bone pelvic adhesions in the womb, and may change slightly due to the gait of the pelvic bones difference to future delivery;
  • There is a feeling of heaviness in the legs, May cause pain. You may notice that the old shoes you become a little bit cramped, it is quite normal. Due to the increased weight and because of a pulled foot ligaments begins to lengthen, it develops a static flat. To cope with this problem will help you special insoles for pregnant and comfortable shoes stable;
  • Can varicose veins appear. It is this unpleasant phenomenon can manifest itself as a week to 23 varicosity. The reason is that the vein wall relaxes under the influence of hormones and uterus in turn violates the outflow of blood through the veins due to compression of the pelvic veins;
  • Perhaps the appearance of hemorrhoids. it can be shown together with the By this timeconstipation. The characteristic will be pain in the rectum, loss of nodes, bleeding. In no case do not self! Hemorrhoids in pregnancy can be cured only by a specialist, it is a very difficult task;
  • The skin is sensitive to ultraviolet. Due to the high level of hormones should be cautious, staying in the sun. If you are now sunbathing, then this can result in pigment spots;
  • appears pigmentation. You darkened nipples, tummy from the navel down appeared dark stripe and now she is quite bright;
  • worried nausea. Its reason lies in the fact that the enlarged uterusIt compresses the bile duct and prevents normal digestion. If you feel sick after a meal, try to take the knee-elbow position, so will be a little easier. It is worth noting that such a posture is beneficial and your kidneys. This improves the flow of urine.

The development of the fetus in the 23rd week

By the twenty-third week child's weight is about 520 grams, height 28-30 centimeters. Further, the more time, the weight and heighta child will vary in a very large range, and the greater the babies will differ from each other. As a result, the fetus for birth weight in some women may be 2500 grams and 4500 grams of others. And all this is in the normal range.

On the twenty-third week, literally all women are already feeling perturbation. This is a very tangible tremors, sometimes hiccupping,which will be felt as the rhythmic jerks in the stomach. At week 23 the fetus can still quite free to move in the womb. However, his flip-flops can cause you significant discomfort. You feel quite clearly heels and elbows.

By week 23, your child will take place the following changes as:

  • Fat build-up begins. In spite of this, it is that your baby lookswrinkled and red. The reason is that the skin is formed much faster than under it sufficient time to take shape fat. It is because of the baby's skin is a little saggy. Redness, in turn, is a consequence of the accumulation of pigment in the skin. They are doing it not so clear;
  • The fruit is very active. As mentioned above, each week your babyIt is becoming more energetic, although still pushed very gently. When endoscopy fruit on this term can be seen as a child is pushed into the water jacket and grabs the handles of the umbilical cord;
  • digestive system is sufficiently developed. The baby continues to swallow smallthe amount of amniotic fluid. At week 23, the baby can swallow it up to 500 ml. Displays he it from the body in urine. Since amniotic fluid contains flakes of the epidermis, pieces of protective grease, vellus hair, along with the waters of the child periodically and swallows them. The liquid portion of the amniotic fluid is absorbed into the blood and the intestine is the substance of dark olive green, which is called meconium. Meconium is formed in the second half, but it stands out in the norm only after birth;
  • Developing central nervous system of the baby. At this period with the help of devices, you can already register brain activity, which is similar to that of unborn children and even adults. Also, at week 23, the baby can dream;
  • Eyes have opened. Now the kid sees the light and the darkness, and may atrespond to them. Hear the child is already very good, it responds to various sounds, it is upregulated during sudden noises and settling down with gentle conversation and stroking tummy.

Photos fruit, photo woman belly, ultrasound and video on term of 23 weeks

Here is the fruit of a 23 week pregnancy development

Here is the fruit of a 23 week

Ultrasound at 23 weeks period

US on term 23 weeks

Uzi at 23 week of pregnancy

Ultrasound at 23 weeks

It looks like a pregnant belly in the 23th week

It looks like a pregnant belly in the 23th week

Video: What happens at the 23th week of pregnancy?

4D ultrasound in the 23th week - video

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

At week 23, it is necessary to make USIf it was not done by you for another two weeksago. Remember, if we do not pass this test, then it will be much more difficult to identify any fetal abnormality, if any. Naturally, you need to frequently visit the open air, eat right and balanced, follow all recommendations of your doctor.

  • Attending antenatal clinics every two weeks. The reception was to evaluate the development of perinatology, trackdynamic increase in the height of the abdomen and uterus. Needless to say, carried out blood pressure and weight of the expectant mother, and fetal heart rate. On each such reception the doctor examines the results of a general analysis of urine of pregnant women, which it is obliged to hand over the day before admission;
  • Move more, do not spend a long time in a sitting position. If you still need a long time to sit, toexample, in the workplace, but from time to time get up, you can walk a little bit. You can even put a small bench under his feet, and the workplace is necessary to choose a chair with a solid seat, a straight back and handrails. All these measures are designed to t to avoid stagnation in the legs and pelvis;
  • To prevent the development of hemorrhoids, Include in your diet foods that are rich in coarse fiber, Try to consume enough fluids and vitamins. In addition, it will be useful during the day to lie down on the side several times and rest to relieve the veins in the pelvic region;
  • Nutrition should take into account the tendency to heartburn and nausea, constipation. Try to eat as often as possible, avoid foods that can cause constipation and intensify the suction. If by the 23rd week weight is gained easily, then be as careful as possible;
  • Sex is becoming more and more restricted. By the 23rd week you are no longer as active as before,The choice of poses becomes more and more limited, some caution and foresight are required. Nevertheless, the sexual act will do you good. A woman needs to get an orgasm, and therefore positive emotions, which will undoubtedly affect the future baby.

Reviews on the forums

Judged by the reviews that future momsLeave at various forums, then you can notice a certain pattern. As a rule, women who are on this date, most of the rest in their situation, are concerned with wiggling, or "stirring", as they are affectionately called by many mothers. By the twenty-third week, every lucky woman already experiences this miraculous phenomenon several times a day, connecting to this joy and future popes.

Some by the 23rd week have already experienced contractions byBraxton-Hicks and consulted a doctor, what it is and what it eats. I would advise you to talk about this with your doctor if you have already had to test them. The fact is that many mothers, having read on the Internet and in various books, that this is quite normal, do not talk about this to the doctors and do not lead to any panic. But we still need to talk about this, because it's inadvertently possible to confuse these battles with generic ones.

Known problem is still the same Varicose disease. Again, everyone copes differently, but in principle, you just need to try to rest more and wear the most comfortable shoes.

After reading some of the reviews of expectant mothers at week 23, you can be sure that the thoughts of women are now only occupied by a toddler.


We have just started the 23rd week. My baby is still too quiet. I only sense subtle jerks in the mornings. It worries me a bit, although in general I feel fine. On ultrasound I will go only in a week.


We are 23 weeks old. I gained about 7 kg. It really pulls me to the sweet, it's just some kind of nightmare! I do not know how to control myself. Though all the sweets from the house are thrown out! Here before pregnancy such a love for sweets was not observed, but now ...


We also have 23 weeks. On ultrasound only after a few days, so far I do not know who we are waiting for. Kicking baby very much, especially when I go to bed. Has typed by this time of 6 kg. Toxicosis was very strong and at first I was 5 kg. Now I feel very good.


We have 23 weeks. Weight gained 8 kilograms, now it's even scary to go to the doctor. Ultrasound showed that there would be a boy, we were very happy about it. And about the weight by the way, my mother-in-law told me that she was restricted in everything with the first child and she gave birth to a baby with a small weight, and then she ate with the second that she did not want to limit herself, well, all the same, of course. She was born a butuzik. So I will not sit on any diets.


I have 23 weeks. Was on ultrasound, we wait for the sonny. The husband is incredibly happy! Now with the name of the problem, can not in any way come to an agreement. Has typed already 6 kg, the doctor speaks, what is it quite normally. The baby weighs 461 grams, kicks in and out, especially in the evenings and at night.

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And what did you feel at the 23rd obstetric week? Share with us!

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