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Pregnancy Week 22 - fetal development and a sense of a woman


Pregnancy calendar week by week - twenty-two weeks of pregnancy - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 22nd week of pregnancy, photo

22 weeks of pregnancy match 20 weeks from conception. Mom still quite active, her mood cheerful and condition also not satisfactory. Libido increases, which is a perfectly normal reaction of the organism to this trimester.

At 22 weeks the woman has passed a little more thanHalfway to the long-awaited MIGU birth. Child Relationship with mom already strong enough, the baby moves a lot and gradually preparing for a separate existence.

Sensations woman at the 22nd week

Sensations expectant mother has not clouded itscondition and prevent it from getting pleasure from life. Tummy has decent size, but you can still see your feet and tie your own shoelaces on shoes.

A number of new features still present:

  • Wiggling toddler become more active and frequent. Sometimes you can even guess what body parts he kicks. During the day, should feel at least ten movements of the child;
  • It becomes difficult to find a comfortable position to rest;
  • Woman becomes extremely sensitive to events, words, and smells and tastes.

What people are saying on the forums?


And my first pregnancy. I do ultrasound. We are waiting for a boy))


We were on the ultrasound! They showed us our pen-foot-heart))) Floats currently Malyshok there and mustache is not blowing! I burst into tears straight. Toxicosis behind, plump belly, the doctor spasibische - no more threats. ))


And we docha! )) The size of the head, however, on all ultrasound was slightly less than the time, but the doctor said it was fine.


Today was scheduled ultrasound. The term of 22 weeks. Beetles lying upside down, and it is very low. Uterus in tone ((. Doktoriha to preserve not put only a kilogram written out tablets. Worried much, who would have suggested what to do ...


I'm 22 weeks ultrasound done, and the tone was also on the front wall of the uterus. Sent to the hospital. The main thing is not to worry, plenty of rest. And if at all - fast course.

What happens in a woman's body at the 22nd week

  • In this period the woman may worry an abundance of selections. Reason to be surveyed at the doctor - an unpleasant odor and green (brown) tint selections. Their transparency in the absence of itch - a normal phenomenon, solve everyday gaskets;
  • there is the possibility of pain and bleeding gums. It is necessary to select a special toothpaste and take multivitamin preparations (of course, consulting a physician before use);
  • Nasal congestion It may also appear on this term. This is normal. Bleeding the nose requires verification by a doctor for high blood pressure. Relieves nasal drops on the basis of sea salt;
  • There are bouts of weakness and dizziness. The reason for increased sensitivity, which is developed by that date - a physiological anemia. The blood volume is increasing, and the cells do not have time to form in the required amount;
  • There is a significant increase in appetite;
  • Weight typed - more than 300-500 grams for a week. Exceeding these indicators may indicate fluid retention in the body;
  • Especially pleasing to the 22th week of sex. During this period, women often experience their first orgasm in my life;
  • 22th week becomes also the period when the expectant mother for the first time recognizes that such swelling, heartburn, varicose veins, pain in the back And so on.

The most dangerous symptoms in the period of 22 weeks

  1. The feeling of pulling abdominal pain, kameneniya and uterine contractions;
  2. Allocation of unknown nature: brown, orange, green, copious, watery, which intensified when walking, and of course, bloody;
  3. Unnatural behavior of the fetus: excessive activity and lack of perturbations more than a day;
  4. Increased to 38 degrees (or higher) temperature. (Treatment of SARS requires consulting a doctor);
  5. Back pain when urinating, and when combined with a high temperature;
  6. Diarrhea (diarrhea), feeling of pressure on the perineum and bladder (these symptoms may be the start of delivery).

What dangers lurk in the 22nd week of obstetric?

One reason for the termination of pregnancy on term22 weeks sometimes becomes CIN (cervical incompetence). When CIN cervix is ​​untenable, and is subject to discovery under the weight of the fetus. That, in turn, leads to infection, then rupture of membranes and as a result - premature birth.

The manifestations of the threat to the period of 22 weeks:

  • Abdominal pain Haul-cutting nature;
  • Strengthening and unusual discharge;
  • Often generations in this period begins with the sudden and premature rupture of membranes (one in three). Should immediately contact the doctor if symptoms cause confusion.

The development of the fetus in the 22nd week

weight baby already it reaches 420-500 grams, which gives him the opportunity, in the case of premature birth, to survive. The length of the crown of the baby before its rump - About 27-27,5 cm.

  • For a period of 22 weeks of active growth of the baby brain slows down. intensive development stage begins at the sweat glands and tactile sensations. Fruit studies himself and all that surrounds it, the touch. His favorite pastime is becoming thumb-sucking and grasping handles all what he can reach;
  • The child is still enough space in the belly mother thanhe enjoys actively changing their position and kicking the mother of all available space. In the morning, he can lie her ass down and the night is already on the contrary, that a pregnant woman feels like perturbations and shocks;
  • Most of the time the baby sleeps - up to 22 hours during the day. Moreover, in most cases, periods of waking the baby fall on the night;
  • The child's eyes are already open and react to light - If direct light on the anterior abdominal wall, it will turn back to its source;
  • In full swing installation of neural connections. Brain neurons are formed;
  • The child responds to mother received vehiy. At the use of hot spices mom kid grimaces (taste buds in the mouth, too, are already in operation), and for the use of sweet - swallows amniotic fluid;
  • Reacts to loud sounds and remembers voices;
  • If you put a hand on her stomach - can respond to a push.

The body and the woman's abdomen

For a period of 22 weeks belly is not too constrainsfuture mother. The bottom of the uterus is determined just above the navel for two to four cm. Possible discomfort due to the stretched uterine ligaments. It is expressed in pain on the sides of the abdomen.

The body of a pregnant woman gradually adapts to nurturing your baby. Belly size in this period depends on the tone of the muscles of the abdominal front wall and, of course, from the fetal position.

Photo belly on the 22nd week of pregnancy

Photo belly 22 week

Ultrasound photos and video of the fetus

22 weeks - is an important screening period.

The focus of ultrasound is given to such points as:

  1. Exception (identification) malformations
  2. Match the size of the expected term of the fetus
  3. Investigation of the state of the placenta and amniotic fluid

whether ultrasound is harmful to an unborn baby?

The damage from this procedure has no scientificexplanations and evidence. But to say that the US does not affect the human genetic material, it is impossible, because the ultrasound method came into practice not so long ago.

Biometric parameters of the Child, which reflects the interpretation of ultrasound:

  1. Child's height
  2. Coccyx-parietal size
  3. Biparietal head size
  4. The length of the femur
  5. And other standards
US -22 weeks of pregnancy

US - Week 22

Video: Three-dimensional ultrasound 3D / 4D

Video: Kid Development at the 22nd week

Video: Boy or girl?

Video: What's happening in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

It looks like the fruit in the 22nd week

It looks like the fruit in the 22nd week

Recommendations and advice expectant mother

  1. It makes sense keep a diary. Use it to capture their emotions and feelings throughout the pregnancy, and then when the baby gets older, give him the diary;
  2. It is important to communicate with your baby. After all, my mother's voice, he already knows. It is necessary to talk to them, read stories and sing songs. The main thing - remember that the child sensitively feels the mood of mom and all of her emotions going through with it;
  3. We should not forget about physiology: the load on the lower back and spine grows, and should learn to sit, lie down, stand up and walk. It is not necessary to throw his legs and lie preferably on hard surfaces;
  4. Shoes should be comfortable and pick up without heels - is very important walking comfort. Necessary refuse textile leather and rubberAlso will not interfere with orthotics;
  5. With each new week the weight and belly will grow,health and general well - a little worse. Do not get hung up on his condition and clumsiness. Waiting for the baby - is not a disease, but happiness for women. Walk, relax, have sex and enjoy life;
  6. In the second trimester may fall in hemoglobin. It is necessary to be attentive to her, a sudden weakness of the need to sit down and rest, or to ask for help;
  7. Sleeping on your side is preferred, and using a pillow;
  8. Avoid stuffy room and carry a maximum time outdoors to reduce the risk of fainting;
  9. In the blood pressure, which can jump on this term, help diet;
  10. Now more pregnant girl can consider the option to go on vacation;
  11. It makes sense buy scales for use at home. Weighed necessary once a week in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach and after using the toilet. Weight gain, exceeding the norm may indicate a delay in the body fluid.
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And what do you feel on term 22 obstetric weeks? Share with us!

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