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Pregnancy 20 weeks - the development of the fetus and the woman's feelings


Pregnancy calendar week by week - twenty weeks of pregnancy - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 20th week of pregnancy, photo

You have successfully passed the half. Congratulations! Although some new discomfort can cloud your condition, do not be discouraged. You have a heart of your baby grows, it is worth to endure all unpleasant moments.

What does the term - 20 weeks?

This means that you are at 20 obstetric week, 18 week from conception to week 16 of delay. You are in the fifth month.

Feelings of women at the 20th week

It has been 18 weeks after conception, and your pregnancy is already noticeable. By this time it improves both the internal state and appearance.

  • Your waist - does not have the waist and your tummy is already a bun. In addition, you can thrust out his stomach and appear as a button on your tummy. Naturally, the hips will also increase;
  • your foot size may also increase due to swelling;
  • It may worsen vision, but do not panic, everything will come after the birth rate;
  • The upper edge of the uterus - just below the navel;
  • The growing uterus puts pressure on the lungs and the stomach, and the kidneys: here may be shortness of breath, indigestion, frequent urination;
  • It is possible that the uterus is so pressing on your belly, that belly button sticks out a bit, as the buttons of;
  • There are strips of brown or red: this stretching;
  • You may feel a general lack of energy due to low blood pressure;
  • During this period there bright mucus in a small amount;
  • A frequent phenomenon in this period may be bleeding from the nose. This is due to an increase in circulation;
  • Also, there are often dizziness and fainting, it is also due to the reduced pressure.

The first time you feel like moving your baby! These feelings are very peculiar and difficult to describe exactly. Usually, they are compared with a weak shake, to flutter in the stomach, but also similar to the elbow, the movement of gas in the intestines, bubbling liquid.

  • The child moves almost all the time, onlysome movements are not felt my mother, and some - so strong that they can hear. Most active baby move at night, while you sleep. Quiet position mother and a fresh portion of energy can activate it, so to feel the baby move, it is necessary to drink a glass of milk and a lie;
  • Most moms are experiencing emotional lift, because half has passed safely;
  • This week, from the breast Colostrum can be released;
  • Joyful event of this month is for you, soand your husband will be the resumption of sexual desire. Hormonal changes in life increase at times as the very desire, and sex in general. Sex during this period is safe, but it is better to check with a physician beforehand if there are any contraindications in your case.

What women say in the forums?


When I first felt the stirring of his child,I rode in the bus home from work. I was so scared, and glad at the same time, it grabbed the hand sitting beside a man. Fortunately it was the age of my father and supported my impulse, taking my hand. I was so happy that it was not put into words.


I just could not get enough of her reflection in themirror. I've always been skinny, but now I had the roundness, increased chest, rounded tummy. My husband and I started a second honeymoon, because my desire was unpredictable and frequent.


Nothing special, I do not remember at this time. It was like a few weeks before. This was my second pregnancy, so most happy is my daughter, she was 5 years old. He often listened to her brother lives in the stomach and read him bedtime stories.


20 week brought good mood and a feeling of a second wind. Somehow, strongly wanted to create, draw and sing. We are constantly listening to Mozart and Vivaldi, and the baby fell asleep under my lullabies.


I went on maternity leave and went to the sea mother. It was nice to have a variety of fruits and vegetables, drink fresh milk, a walk along the beach and breathe the sea air. I am for the time well to improve their health, and she recovered. The kid was born a hero, certainly affected my trip.

The development of the fetus in the 20th week

Some people believe that during this periodthe child appears soul. He already hears, and his favorite sound - it is the beating of your heart. This week its growth reaches half the growth that it will have at birth. Now his length from crown to rump - 14-16 cm, and weight - about 260 g

  • Now you can distinguish the sound of a heart without the help of sophisticated equipment, but only with the help of slushatelnoy tube - stethoscope;
  • They begin to grow hair on the headOn the fingers legs and arms appear nails;
  • starts tab molars;
  • This week the baby's skin thickens, it becomes a four;
  • The child already distinguishes morning, day and night and it begins to be active at a certain time;
  • He already knows how to suck on a finger and swallow amniotic fluid, umbilical cord play;
  • At crumbs slightly eyes are opened;
  • Future child is very active. It can respond to external sounds;
  • If the pregnancy is normal and the futurecomfortable child, his feelings may be accompanied by concrete images of the real world of phenomena: a blooming garden, rainbow, etc. These images appear under the influence of the information received by his mother;..
  • On vernix appears baby's skin -zhirovidnoe white substance that protects the skin of the fetus in the uterus. Vernix on the skin is held lanugo fuzz original: it is abundantly present especially around the eyebrows;
  • The appearance of the fruit becomes more attractive. His skin remains wrinkled;
  • His nose becomes more clear outlines and ears increase in size and take final shape;
  • The future baby It ends with the formation of the immune system. This means that he can now be protected from certain infections;
  • It ends with the formation of the brain, The formation of fissures and convolutions on its surface.

Recommendations and advice expectant mother

  • US. You will learn the sex of your unborn baby! Ultrasound is conducted for a period of 20-24 weeks. It will allow a good look at your chips and you will finally learn his gender. However, keep in mind that can go wrong, even an experienced ultrasound diagnostician;
  • Also estimated the amount of amniotic fluid (Polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios equally good forexpectant mother). The specialist also carefully examine the placenta, find out which part of the uterus is attached. If the placenta is too low, a woman can recommend to go to save. Sometimes the placenta covers the pharynx. In this case, it is recommended to do a caesarean section;
  • female fetus in the uterus is less active as compared to the male fetus. However, the cerebral cortex in the future girls develop faster than boys' future. But the mass of the boys of the brain is about 10% more brain weight girls;
  • Follow correct your postureSo as not to overload the lumbar spine;
  • Be sure to listen to inner feelings and try to relax more.
  • Wear low-heeled wide;
  • Sleep on a firm mattress, and getting up, not pump on its side. First release both feet on the floor and then raise your arms body;
  • Try to keep your hands were not on duty in the raised position.
  • Now is not the time to experiment with hair. Avoid coloring, permingAs well as radical changes in hairstyle;
  • From about 20 weeks of doctors advise expectant mothers to wear a bandage. Talk about this with your doctor!
  • Continue to communicate with your wonderful baby!
  • Well, in order to cheer up, get rid of resentment and calm down, draw!
  • Right now buy prenatal bandage. Wear prenatal bandage can have from 4-5 thmonths. It is important to choose the right size and style. Then he will gently support the growing belly, remove the load from the back, will reduce the burden on internal organs, blood vessels, help the child in utero in the correct position. In addition, the bandage protects the muscles and skin of the abdomen from hyperextension, warning, and thereby reducing the probability of occurrence of stretch marks and sagging skin. There are medical reasons to wear a bandage: the spine and kidney disease, back pain, interruption threat, etc. Before buying bandage consult with your doctor about the advisability of wearing it, as well as on the model and features of your desired band;.
  • In addition, you can buy a bandage panties. Bondage pants is very popular among pregnantWomen, it is easy and quick to put on, it sits well on the figure and are released under clothing. The bandage is made in the form of briefs with a tight elastic band and wide belt that runs along the back and front - under the belly. This provides the necessary support without compression. As the rounding tummy belt will stretch. Bandages panties has inflated waistline, fully closes the stomach, without exerting pressure on him. Special enhanced binding to a central vertical band fixes the navel;
  • Also, you might need prenatal bandage tape. This is an elastic bandagebelt that is worn on the underwear and fixed by velcro under the belly or side (so the band can be adjusted by selecting the desired degree of sink marks). Wide (about 8 cm) thick and supports the tape will give the best effect and is less deformed when worn (slide, to gather in folds, crashing into the body). Prenatal bandage tape is especially useful in the summer. He will give the necessary support to the tummy, but it will not be hot in the shroud. In addition, even under light clothing, he will remain invisible to others.

Photos fruit, photo woman belly on the 20th week, ultrasound and video

Kid on ultrasound at 20 weeks -photo

Kid for an ultrasound at 20 weeks -photo

It looks like the woman's abdomen at 20 weeks of pregnancy

It looks like the woman's abdomen at 20 weeks

It looks like the fruit in the 20th week of pregnancy

It looks like the fruit at the 20th week

Video: The development of the fetus on term of 20 weeks, obstetric

Video - ultrasound on term of 20 weeks

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