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Pregnancy 18 weeks - fetal development and a sense of a woman


Pregnancy calendar week by week - eighteen weeks pregnant - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 18th week of pregnancy, photo

Many expectant mums at this timeit becomes much easier. Hair and skin return to normal, and increases appetite. However, now may appear back pain, especially after prolonged sitting or lying down. A pain that arises from the fact that the center of gravity has shifted. But there are a few ways to help get rid of the pain.

Be sure to be engaged in gymnastics, if, of course, you do not prohibit a gynecologist. Especially effective swimming. Also, it does not interfere with a special bandage, which will support the abdomen. Most have a rest while lying on her side, hiding a warm blanket.

What does the term - 18 weeks?

Recall that the period of 18 weeks maternity payment means. This means that you - 16 week from conception 14 week from menstruation.

Sensations from the expectant mother at the 18th week

  • Your tummy will likely have noticeable and possibly increase the size of his feet;
  • It is also possible deterioration of vision, but do not be afraid, it is almost the norm. After birth, the vision will return to normal;
  • Be sure to watch your diet, it should be of high quality, varied and nutritious.

Now is the period of active growth of the baby, that is, you do not have something to eat for two, but eating large portions.

This week, as in the previous, you may be concerned about abdominal discomfort. It - flatulence, heartburn, constipation. These problems are easily overcome by adjusting the diet.

  • Since the beginning of pregnancy until 18 weeks of your weight should increase by 4,5-5,8 kg;
  • In appearance of your abdomen may be noticeable as your child is located, on the left or right half;
  • this week sleep and rest begins to bring some inconvenience. The uterus continues to grow and take up more spacein the abdominal cavity. You need to find the optimal position where you will be comfortable. There are special pillows for pregnant women, but you can do three small pillows. One put in the side, a second back, and the third under his feet;
  • Some women feel the first perturbation your baby is already at week 16. If you have not experienced, but on the 18-22 week you will feel your crumbs. If the child you are not the first, you already notice how he moves!
  • Perhaps you darken the median line of the abdomen, nipples and the skin around them. These events will take place shortly after birth.

Reviews on the forums:


Somewhere in the 16 week I felt the first tremorschild, but I did not understand what it is they were thought - gases. But these "gas" appeared suddenly and had no connection with meals. A 18-week, I went to the second ultrasound during inspection kid pushed, I saw it on the monitor and realized that it was not any gas.


With 18 weeks put on a bandage, terribly aching back. My girlfriend for the company to come with me to the pool, I hope it will soften the situation.


Oh, how I tortured constipation, I used to suffer from them, but now the time. Already stuffed all sorts of cereals and dried fruits, drink water in liters, but still can.


And we have shown the "Farm" and I learned that I have a son. How glad I am, I always wanted a boy. No inconveniences I do not test, except that the low pressure. Often I try to walk in the park.


This is my third child, but the pregnancy is notless desirable. I am already 42 years old, and children - teenagers, but it happened to be the third. While he did not show their sex, but according to popular belief, I will be a boy. I'm waiting for is the third ultrasound, really want to know the sex of the baby.

The development of the fetus in the 18th week

The kid grows prettier. Its length is already 20-22 cm and a weight of about 160-215 g.

  • Ongoing strengthening of bone system of the fetus;
  • Formed phalanges of fingers and toesAnd they already appeared pattern that is distinctive to each person, it is the future fingerprints;
  • At 18 weeks the baby actively formed adipose tissue in the body;
  • The retina baby to become more sensitive. He can feel the difference between darkness and bright light;
  • At week 18, it continues to develop the brain. The state of health of women in this period greatly improved, it is connected with the stabilization of hormonal levels;
  • On the skin of the baby beginning to form folds;
  • Light is not currently functioning, there is no need, because the child lives in an aqueous medium;
  • By the 18th week of pregnancy terminatedemerge and occupy the final position of the external and internal genitalia baby. If you have a girl, then she has to this point been fully formed, and correctly took the position of the uterus and fallopian tubes. In boys, fully formed and its sexual organs are positioned correctly;
  • Baby starts to distinguish sounds. Take a moment and acquaint him with the music. Child not afraid of any noise in blood flow through the umbilical cord, or the sound of your heart. However, loud noises frighten him;
  • Perhaps this week you will see your baby on the monitor. Be sure to take a photo and hang in a prominent place, to visualize your child;
  • Future baby becomes more active. From time to time he is pushed from one wall of the uterus and swim to the other.

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • With the start of this week to talk with your child, sing his songs - he listens to you carefully;
  • On the 18 th week, visit the dentist;
  • You will need to pass an important examination - ultrasound dopplerome trio. With it, doctors will check if there is enough oxygen and nutrients to the baby receives from the mother along with the blood;
  • Eat right and watch your weight. Increased appetite - not an excuse to eat junk food;
  • Do pelvis tilts and the rotation before take a horizontal position;
  • Most go to the toilet because crowded bladder creates additional inconvenience;
  • If you have not started to carry out the procedure in the fight against stretch marks, it's time to start it. Even if today they do not exist, it will contribute to the prevention of the fact that they do not appear;
  • The most beloved and pleasant experience for the woman - shopping trip. Your belly is growing, and the clothes become small for you. And it's nice to pick up a new wardrobe and indulge in new clothes. Please observe the following rules:

1. Buy clothes one size larger to wear it longer, even in the last months.
2. Choose clothes made of natural fabrics and elastic. It must reach, and the skin must have access to the air.
3. House handy husband's clothes, his shirt and jumper, which he no longer wears.
4. Buy a quality supportive underwear.
5. Get as several pairs of shoes on a flat sole and a small heel stable.

  • Do not forget about your husband, he, too, needsand attention, and tenderness, and affection. Remember that paternal feeling awake later parent, so do not force her husband to show them if they do not exist;
  • Dedicate your time enjoyable affairs: reading, visiting theaters, museums and cinema. Arrange your room so that it was warm and cozy. Often looking at something beautiful. Beauty as sound, has certain physical properties and positively affecting the endocrine, circulatory system of the mother and child, leading to whole organism improvement.
  • In the II trimester (4-6 months), the longing for a carefree life is gradually disappearing, there is fear for the child. At this stage, expectant mothers usually worriedinfectious disease disgusting ecology, insensitive doctors, as well as any ailments; upsetting stories about accidents, articles and TV spots about pathologies, confusion arises from the fact that the authoritative source of information about pregnancy often contradict each other.

Photo tummy, ultrasound and video on the development of the fetus in the 18th week

Ultrasound 18 Weeks Pregnant

18 week ultrasound

Belly woman at the 18th week of pregnancy

Belly woman at the 18th week

The development of the baby in the 18th week of pregnancy -Video

Ultrasound 18 weeks - video:

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And what do you feel on the 18th week? Share with us!

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