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Pregnancy 17 weeks - fetal development and a sense of a woman


Pregnancy calendar week by week - seventeen weeks pregnant - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 17th week of pregnancy, photo

Here is the fruit of a 17 weeks pregnant

Here is the fruit of a 17 week

At the 17th week, the uterus of a pregnant woman is about 3,8-5 cm below the navel. The bottom of the uterus is halfway between the umbilicus and symphysis pubis. If you do not know exactly where Pubic symphysis, then gently walk her fingers from the navel down severely and feel for the bone. It is precisely the very Pubic symphysis.

17 obstetric week - this 15 week the life of your baby. If we assume the usual months, you are now on the 4th month.

Feeling his mother's 17th week

Passed almost half the waiting period the baby, expectant mother completely got used to the new role and realized his position, she always listens to him and in awe thinking about her baby.

Many 17 week - a favorable period, when a woman feels good, full of strength and energy. Some already feel the joy of the first baby perturbations.

It should be noted that for most women 17 week accompanied by the following features:

  • Late toxicosis. It is a 17 week, he can demonstratetheir first symptoms. Its manifestations are not nausea and vomiting, and swelling. At first they were hidden, but you may notice that you have some shoes uncomfortable, narrow shoes to wear at all possible, the fingers become less mobile, and narrow rings. And while you will start to gain weight much faster than normal;
  • Good appetite and risk of overweight. Serious consequences can result in overeating. With a feeling of hunger will help you manage frequent meals in small portions;
  • The growing tummy. Many sensations on the week 17 associated with it. Some belly became visible to one or a few weeks before, someone just now. In any case, now you no doubt choose special clothes for pregnant women, because in everyday clothes you probably go a bit crowded and uncomfortable;
  • Changes in the state of health. Now you may be amazed at the changes inown perception of the world. Your body is now completely configured for a pregnancy, you feel relaxed and happy. It is normal distraction, poor concentration, you are preoccupied with the child and their feelings;
  • Chest is not so sensitive. In the area of ​​the nipple may appear smallpimples light color. This phenomenon is called "tubercles Montgomery" and are the norm. You may receive an enhanced venous pattern, do not worry, after the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding it will pass by itself. Also may darken nipples and tummy may appear brown stripes from the navel to the pubis. This - is also quite natural changes related to the expectation of the baby;
  • The heart works and a half times more active. This happens to the placenta waseasier to feed the growing fetus. Also, be prepared for a little gums and nosebleeds. This may be due to the fact that your increased blood circulation increases the burden on the small blood vessels, and including capillaries in the sinuses and gums;
  • Sweating and vaginal secretion. At the 17th week, you may notice that the allocationsweat and of the reproductive tract have increased. It's just a problem of hygiene, they are associated with hormonal, and do not need any treatment. Only if you are very concerned about, you can expose these phenomena hygienic correction;
  • Crazy, vivid dreams. Many expectant mothers dream of a variety ofscenic dreams. As a rule, they are connected with the upcoming birth or child. Such dreams sometimes seem so real that occupy the thoughts of women and reality. Experts believe this may be due to overexertion, which tests your brain at this stage. In addition, you get up more often at night, and because of this you can remember more dreams than usual.

Studies show that during fetal existence in children can also occur rapid eye movement (In adults suggests a similar phenomenon of dreams).

Some scholars argue that kids can also have dreams related to their daily activity. Maybe your child dreams, as he hears your voice pulls legs or plays.

The development of the fetus in the 17th week

fetal Weight It becomes greater than the weight of the placenta and is about 115-160 grams. Growth It has already reached 18-20 cm.

Placenta to week 17 is fully formed,It consists of a network of tissues and blood vessels. Through the placenta the fetus receives all the necessary nutrients for the development also highlighted processing products.

At week 17, with the result of the following changes occur:

  • Appears fat. This - a special, brown fat, which ispower source. It is deposited, typically in the area between the shoulder blades and burn the first few days after birth. Otherwise, the baby's skin is still very thin, almost transparent, slightly wrinkled. From this child can seem very slender. But it is a 17 week fetus becomes more and more like a newborn.
  • Fetal body is covered with lanugo. This vellus hair. As a rule, the time of birth lanugo disappears completely, although there are times when a baby is born with a little fuzz. It will disappear in the first few days after birth;
  • You can hear the baby heartbeat. With the help of obstetric stethoscope you can already hear the beating heart of your crumbs. Heartbeat reaches about 160 beats per minute, and now the doctor at each visit will listen to your stomach;
  • The child begins to hear. Seventeenth week - this is the period when the babyHe begins to discover the world of sounds. Noises surround him 24 hours a day, because the uterus - is a pretty loud place: the heartbeat of mother, bowel sounds, the sound of her breathing, the roar of blood flow in the vessels. Moreover, he can now hear different sounds outside. You can start to communicate with the baby, because if you talk to him, then he will remember your voice and will respond to it immediately after birth;
  • Movement of the arms and head are coordinatedThe child touched his face for hours sucking fingers, trying to listen to the sounds from outside. His eyes were not yet open, but of course, his world has become much richer.

Photos and ultrasound of the fetus in the 17th week, photos of the abdomen and video about the development of the baby

Ultrasound 17 weeks pregnant

Ultrasound 17 weeks - photos

Tummy women at 17 weeks' gestation

Photos abdomen at the 17th week

Video: What happens at the seventeenth week of pregnancy?

Video: 3D ultrasound, the 17th week of pregnancy

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

Proceed with the general guidelines that you comply with the previous week. Continue to monitor their diet, sleep and rest.

In the seventeenth week, be sure to:

  • Watch your weight. Appetite at this time can not be enacted onjoke, so sometimes it is important to limit yourself. Be sure to weigh yourself. This should be done at least once a week, in the morning on an empty stomach, and preferably in the same clothes. Record weight changes in a special notebook, so it will be easier do not miss the sharp jump in weight and monitor their changes;
  • Continue to follow the diet. Remember that overeating can lead toserious consequences. As mentioned above, with the feeling of hunger can be overcome through frequent eating small portions of food. Avoid starchy foods and sweets in large quantities, fried, fatty, spicy and salty foods. Avoid drinking coffee, strong tea, soda water, non-alcoholic beer. From time to time, of course, you can pamper yourself, but eating healthy is now mandatory to be your habit;
  • Sex requires selection of comfortable postures. At the moment, there are technical limitations. Be extremely careful and cautious;
  • Take care of comfortable shoesHeels better to exclude also try to choose shoes without laces, soon you will probably never be able to tie their own;
  • Do not take a hot bath, steam bath, too, do not need to. Your heart is now working much more actively,More than ever before, and the load it is completely useless. It is unlikely that you will feel good. So give preference to warm the soul;
  • Monitor the status of the urinary system. The kidneys of pregnant women work literallywear, as they now account for filtering blood, not only products of its vital functions, but also waste the kid that appear in the mother's blood through the placenta. Sometimes there may be a pregnant female urine stasis, and this in turn can lead to a number of inflammatory diseases such as cystitis, Bacteriuria, pyelonephritis, etc. To prevent the occurrence of any of these diseases need to urinate more often, drink very strong cranberry broth and to exclude from the diet of salty and spicy dishes.

Reviews expectant mothers

All the talk of women who are at 17week, reduced to wiggling welcome. Someone they start literally at week 16, sometimes even earlier, and someone has not experienced such joy. Most importantly - do not worry, all the time, girl.

Some forums pregnant women fallintimate secrets. For example, some say that sex during this time memorable. However, I would not recommend itself to get involved in anything like this, it is still necessary to be extremely careful.

For many pregnant women known problem is the food. By the way, one of the ladies wrote that to 17week she weighed 12 kg more than the pre-pregnancy. It is clear that if the body needs something, you should give it to him, but cease to take care of yourself, too, still do not. It would not benefit neither you nor your baby.

Many are worried again toxicosis. Someone nausea, unfortunately, is not going to take place. Women complain and symptoms of late toxicosisNamely leg swelling, fingers, face.
As for the moodThen already possible to notice a tendency towhat-any, but permanence. If the early weeks of sharp differences inherent in women, but now it becomes easier to deal with emotions. In general, judging by the reviews, it is more or less quiet period. You can read some of them and see what most excites moms at 17 weeks.


We went to 17 week or so, wiggling alreadyI am feeling very good. If at this time to look directly into the stomach, it can feel like it sticks out a little bit and moving. I give her husband to touch at a time, but says he feels the same, but of course not as much as I do. Feeling simply indescribable!


I 17th week, for me it is the firstpregnancy. However, morning sickness has not yet passed. Often there are abdominal pain, and everything is in order. I begin to feel a future mother. Very often there are tides of joy, and sometimes start to cry if something upset. For me, it's weird, because before I never cried.


We have the 17th week or so, perturbations has not yetI feel, though at times it seems that this is it! Toxicosis was once ended 1 trimester. Sometimes the truth nauseated, but quite a bit longer to roar to 5 times a day as before. It is waiting for when the baby starts to move, as a confirmation that he's all right.


I was the first stirring at week 16, there was even a little bolnova something, but still fun. It feels like the baby in the belly rides a roller coaster: it will slide down the stomach, then up.


It started 17b week. Pulls ligament, but it's not scary, even a little bit nice. And a few days ago, I felt a slight stir! So beautiful!

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And what do you feel on the 17th obstetric week? Share with us!

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