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Pregnancy 16 weeks - fetal development and a sense of a woman


Pregnancy calendar week by week - sixteen weeks pregnancy - a condition feeling symptoms in the mother. The development of the fetus in the 16th week of pregnancy, photo

Sixteenth Week is obstetric 14 weeks fetal development. The 16th week is rich in sensations. Cheeks and lips turn pink pregnant women because of the increased blood volume. The fruit continues to grow, and mother - to recover.

Feelings of pregnant women at the 16th week

  • Women who have already had children begin feel the first fetal movements. Pending the firstborn experience these feelingslater - in 18 weeks, or even 20. The fruit is still small, so it twists and point the woman is not perceived. The first perturbation similar to the sense of movement through the digestive tract of gases;
  • The general state of health of women has improved considerably;
  • Increasingly, the expectant mother is experiencing excitement;
  • As the baby grows and the mother's growing appetite;
  • It becomes close and familiar clothes have to move to a more spacious, while clothing from the store for expectant mothers is not suitable;
  • Many expectant mothers are possible in this period changes in skin pigmentationWhich are usually held after the birth - darken nipples and the skin around them, as well as the median line of the abdomen, freckles and moles;
  • Pregnant woman's belly begins to noticeably rounded, and the waist gradually smoothed out;
  • It appears fatigue in the legs. The body's center of gravity shifts to gain weight - the load on the legs increases significantly. It was 16 weeks in women there is a characteristic gait, "duck."

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What happens in the mother's body?

  • The uterus is expanding and amount of amniotic fluid is in the volume of about 250 ml;
  • Begins active work of the mammary glands, the breasts become sensitive and swells. Due to the increase blood flow vein pattern emerges, and there are bumps Montgomery;
  • For the period of 16 weeks the expectant mother about gaining 7.5 kg;
  • Physical changes - possible the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts and thighs;
  • The uterus is the 16th week is centeredbetween the navel and pubic bone, the growing tension and causing thickening of the ligaments. This can cause pain in the abdomen, back, groin and thighs;
  • Also in this period is characterized by numbness and tingling of hands - Carpal tunnel syndrome, itching in the abdomen, feet and hands;
  • Swelling of fingers, face and ankles - Is no exception to this deadline. But it should be attentive to too rapid weight gain - it can be a symptom of a life of pre-eclampsia;
  • Urination is normal, but not so onthe bowel - his work is complicated by the sluggishness of the muscular wall. Constipation is a threat of miscarriage - should pay attention to nutrition and regular bowel movement;
  • Sometimes women in the 16th week may occur pyelonephritisTriggered by the hormonal influence of progesterone and causing a threat of premature birth.

The development of the fetus in the 16th week

  • For a period of 16 weeks baby is directly holds head, He formed muscles of the face, and he involuntarily winks, frowns and opens her mouth;
  • Calcium is sufficient for the formation of bones, formed joints of the feet and handsAnd began the process of hardening of the bones;
  • The body and face are covered with down (lanugo);
  • A baby's skin is still very thin, and through the translucent blood vessels;
  • It is already possible to determine the sex of the child;
  • Kid moves a lot and sucks a fingerAlthough a woman may still feel that not;
  • The rib cage performs fetal breathing movements and his heart beats twice as fast as my mother's;
  • Fingers have become a unique pattern of the skin;
  • Marigold formed - Long and sharp;
  • The bladder is released every 40 minutes;
  • Weight baby reaches from 75 to 115 g;
  • Height - about 11-16 cm (about 8.12 cm from the top to the pelvic end);
  • Movement of the child become more coordinated. The kid may have to make swallowing movements, sucking, turn your head, stretch, spitting, yawning and even fart. And squeeze fingers into fists and legs and arms to play;
  • The umbilical cord is tough and resilient, able to withstand loads up to 5-6 kg. Its length to the 16th week of pregnancy is already 40-50 cm and a diameter - about 2 cm;
  • Neurons (nerve cells) are actively recruiting growth. Their number increases every second by 5000 units;
  • The adrenal cortex makes up 80 percent of the total weight. They already produce the right amount of hormones;
  • Pituitary begins workIt becomes noticeably nervous system control of the body baby;
  • The girls on term 16-week fall in the areapelvic ovaries, the fallopian tubes are formed, the uterus and the vagina. In boys, the external genitalia are formed, but the testicles are still in the abdomen;
  • Breathing baby yet through the placenta;
  • digestive function It is added to the existing functions of the liver;
  • The fetal blood contains erythrocytes, monocytes and lymphocytes. It begins to synthesize hemoglobin;
  • Baby already responds to the voices of loved ones, hears music and sounds;
  • Ears and eyes are located in the right place, forever separated, is drawn nose shape and already there eyebrows and lashes;
  • Subcutaneous tissue not yet fully developed, the baby's body is covered with white grease, protecting it up to the birth;
  • Heart works with a frequency of 150-160 beats per minute.

The dimensions of the fetus on term of 16 weeks:

head Size (Fronto-occipital) is about 32 mm
The diameter of the stomach - About 31.6 mm
The diameter of the chest - About 31.9 mm
The thickness of the placenta up to that time 18, 55 mm

Ultrasound at the 16th week of fetal photo, photo mother's belly, video

Uzi at the 16th week of pregnancy

Ultrasound at the 16th week

Belly woman on term of 16 weeks of pregnancy

Belly woman on term of 16 weeks

Video of the development of the baby in the 16th week of pregnancy

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • For a period of 16 weeks the expectant mother is already refuse to go on heels and loose clothingAnd special underwear. From strings, pins and tight jeans have to give for the sake of the baby's health, and his too;
  • Lovers of Japanese cuisine should forget about the dishes of raw fish (sushi). They can comfortably accommodate a variety of agents of parasitic diseases. Also, do not eat unboiled milk, raw eggs and poorly-done meat;
  • day and the power mode is required. Also, in order to establish a normal bowel function and prevent constipation;
  • Sleep on this term is recommended on the side. In the supine position the uterus puts pressure on the large blood vessels, disrupting blood flow to the baby. Lying on your stomach is not worth it because of the strong pressure on the uterus;
  • For a period of 16 weeks is carried out triple detailed test (if indicated) and test AFP. Tests are absolutely safe and necessary to detect spina bifida (defect of the spine) and Down's syndrome;
  • Before the next visit to the doctor should advanceprepare and write the questions. Distraction pregnant woman - a normal situation, simply use a notepad. For all the information to keep in mind is impossible.

Power expectant mother at the 16th week

  • vegetarianismof which today is very fashionable - not an obstacle tochild bearing. Especially when the diet included vitamins and minerals. But strict vegetarianism and the absolute rejection of animal protein women deprives the baby of essential amino acids. This can cause disturbances in fetal development and cause complications;
  • Strict diet, Fasting and fasting for pregnant women absolutely contraindicated;
  • The diet should include products that fully meet the needs of mother and child in vitamins, minerals and nutrients;
  • protein Sources - Meat, dairy products, fish, legumes, nuts, cereals, seeds. Chicken, beef, rabbit and turkey - the most useful. Fish should be present in the diet at least twice a week;
  • Preferred complex carbohydratesThat do not cause weight gain and a long time to digest - wholemeal bread, bran, whole cereals, fruits and vegetables with the skin; look What fruits are useful in pregnancy.
  • Vegetable fats should be more than animalsAnd salt should be replaced by iodized and use it in a minimum amount;
  • The liquid limit yourself not worth it. The day rate of drunk liquid should be equal 1.5-2 liters.
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What did you feel at the 16th week? Give your advice!

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