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You're a loser or it's autumn depression?


How to understand what you autumn depression. Find out the true causes of autumn melancholy and depression.

So ended the last days of hot summer,and with them, drop by drop evaporates and a good mood. If the weather is cloudy and the reduction of daylight affect your mood is not the best way - perhaps, you are subject to the autumn of depression (one type of seasonal depression).

Symptoms, which can reveal the autumn depression

  1. Yearning

  2. slackness
  3. memory impairment
  4. Reducing health
  5. Drowsiness
  6. Increased appetite, or lack thereof
  7. The deterioration of attention
  8. Apathy
  9. Irritability
  10. Reduced self-esteem
  11. insularity

The true causes of depression

All the stress, tragedy, experiences related totroubles at work or in your personal life, global changes, or even an ordinary quarrel - all experienced emotions you are dangerous because they are deposited on the psyche accumulate, sooner or later spill over into a depression

The reasons that trigger the emergence of depression:

Changing weather conditions

With the advent of a cloudy time of year somepeople inevitably begin to sum up the results of the summer: sorry about the plans that were unable to or did not have time to translate, annoyed about the end of warm days and the rest of the season. Against this background, it becomes a hated job unbearable friends, more serious financial problems and family relationships.

The deficit of sunlight

Scientists have proved that serotonin (hormoneresponsible for good mood) - formed in the light. Accordingly, the light becomes shorter than a day, the less serotonin is produced, thereby deteriorating mood.

Incidentally, the initial level of serotonin in women twice as less than in men, and, accordingly, they are more prone to fall depression.

Hypo and beriberi

We often forget to include in the dietvitamin-products (which, incidentally, in the autumn has plenty). Not every body suffers deficiency of vitamins rather cheerfully.

What can be confused depression

It would seem that everything is simple - the symptoms known so depressed identify simple. However, it is not. Depression (including fall) can occur in different forms and it is easy to be confused with:

  • depression, which became the cause of serious mental health problems;
  • conventional stress;
  • with a bad mood;
  • anxiety;
  • easy fatigue;
  • asthenia (weakness of the neuro-psychological)

Regardless of the symptoms was not associated with autumn depression - it is quite fleeting, however, it lasts more than two weeks.

That is why, if depressed mood delayed - time to seek help from your doctor, as this can not be the autumn blues. Or, try to start a good rest.

How to deal with the autumn blues and depression?

  • If autumn depression is manifested only apathy, lethargy, the deal will help it easy measures, such as visits to several non-intrusive activities.
  • If the autumn blues became a real problem that prevents sleep and rest you and to others as a result - it should take more drastic measures, such as change of image.

And it is better not to wait for the onset of this disease - to conduct its prevention. To do this:

  • Do sport
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Monitor health status
  • To maintain immunity
  • Observe the daily routine

And let fall pleases you with bright colors! And what do you think?

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