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Why do women lie about fasting? The essence of the Lent.


What is the basic meaning of fasting? Let's talk about women who proudly lie "I fast." Fashion for the post.

Last time was very fast "fashionable". Most of today's young girls and women, we hear a proud statement, "I fast." And what about the ladies put in this concept, and why deceive others?

As a rule, women do not always lie on compliancepost intentionally. Often they do not know and do not wish to carefully study the nature and essence of the post, and generally poor understanding of the purpose of the Christian life, do not know the basics of their religion. His statements, "I post", the women not only show disregard for the canons of Christianity, but also to continue to live, not letting God in his soul, the heart, leave the true value of the cult of his body and worldly pleasures.

Let's talk about how to identify women who lie about what fasting.

There are several types of Liars:

What is fasting?

are fasting

The concept of the word "post" is deeply religious. For Christians, fasting - is the form of the spiritual path to enlightenment through the limitations of the body and spirit in worldly pleasures, entertainment, food.

Observe the post - then seek to limit their desires, the lust of the body in favor of the enlightenment of the soul and body of liberation from the burden of sin.

Fasting is not only characterized by deprivation, but also regular prayers, sacraments. sincere remorse adultery.

What is the essence and meaning of fasting? Why do people fast?

in post prayer

The essence of any fasting is repentance before God, desire to fix their lives, to make it clearer, closer to God.

The post must be accompanied by prayers and sacraments.

You can opt out of food or feedonly black bread, but if you have never prayed, they do not repent of their sins before the icons and do not try to change your life, that you observe the post formally cheating yourself or mislead others.

That means fast really. The rules of fasting.

Lovely girl, remember that post, in whichPeople are not focused on spiritual priorities and internal development - can be a detriment if you are abstaining from the consumption of certain foods, enjoy the feeling of self-righteousness, significance.

If you catch yourself thinking, "What I have done,observe that the post ", then we suggest you contact and you know the priest how to properly observe fasting because you sin, and do not comply with the present post.

All your highest convictions of other people, the proud statements, refusal of food to order - all of this is pointless if you do not partake of the Holy Christ's mysteries.

Fasting is not a goal but a means, a chance to think about his soul, refusing food, sex, and relaxing massage SPA-procedures, and regularly praying prichischayas.

"The true position - ie removal of evil, curbing language deposition anger, lust taming, cessation of slander, lies and perjury" - teaches St. John Chrysostom.

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