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Bouquets with a male character, or how to give flowers to a man


Men's bouquets and flower arrangements. Design of male flowers. What is the etiquette prescribes? How to beat and how to complement the bouquet?

With today's huge selection and variety of gifts in the shops - and specialized, and normal - it is becoming more and more difficult pick up a gift to the man. But if you find a nice souvenir for women of any age is still not so problematic, then the men, especially, has everything, choose the right gift is more difficult.

Flowers - this is one of the options for giftsmen. However, before you give a gift, is to make sure that the man is not against such surprises. Not all men can appreciate the flowers as a gift, and some may even be offended.

In some cases, made to give flowers to a man?

Initially it was assumed that the flowers will be a wonderful gift to the man only if he hero of the occasion, that is:

  • It celebrates the anniversary,
  • Notes round date (for example, professional activities)
  • In the case of the premiere, concert, successful performance in the competition, and so forth.
  • Head permitted to hand flowers to the professional holiday.

How to choose men of color - that says etiquette?

Etiquette regulates how to choose the appropriate colors. First of all, it depends on the occasion on which flowers daryatsya.

One large flower accepted to give, if:

  1. The man returned from a business trip;
  2. After treatment in the hospital.

In other cases, a bouquet of flowers of one species or a specially composed song to be quite appropriate. Read: How to keep cut flowers longer.

What flowers prefer men as a present?

If you decide to present it flowers, it is worth remembering that the male following species are considered: carnations, roses, calla lilies, orchids, gladioli, lilies, delphiniums, tulips, chrysanthemums, dahlias.

originally will look bamboo, agave, tropical flowers.

Colors. Pastel colors for men are not suitable. It is better to opt for the burgundy, white, red, blue or purple color, while the color should be dark and intense.

The design of the male flower bouquet

By the design of the bouquet as its demands. So, for men are not allowed in the bouquet:

  • splendor,
  • The spherical shape,
  • Lace patterns on the packaging, bows, butterfly, etc.

Best of all, if the bunch is:

  1. A simple and concise,
  2. With no extra decorations on the packaging;
  3. The shape of the bouquet preferably vertical.

It is believed also that combine severaltypes of flowers in the bouquet for a man not desirable. Although today florists, designers offer many interesting options, which consist of several species of plants and a wide variety of forms, such as sailing, beer mug, etc.

How to give flowers to a man?

There are several rules that govern how to present flowers. So, be sure to remember that:

  • If the flowers are used as a gift to the man, they are given to the left hand;
  • If next to the hero of the day is the spouse - a bouquet is awarded exclusively to her. However, if the composition is created to order and is meant exclusively for men, this rule does not apply;
  • So it is believed that a woman should not give flowers, if a man younger than her, but today this rule is not satisfied so strictly.

I send a courier flowers permissible for a man? Courier can only send flowers to the man,If you are not a member with them in a relationship. So, you can congratulate a partner, colleague, boss, a distant relative. A man with whom you are in an intimate relationship is present in person, and not for all. Men, in principle, such a gift to perceive more intimately, so it is better to give flowers at home.

Applications for flowers

It is becoming a very popular inclusion in flower arrangements cigars, alcoholic drinks bottles also becoming very popular, and certainly will be a good gift for any occasion.

If you intend to present flowers in a basket (Leader or partner), remember that it is acceptedinvest to other gifts. And if you know what a person is interested in, which is a gift, even a bouquet can be a unique and memorable gift if a person is interested, for example, kakim-libo sport, you can decorate a basket of flowers paraphernalia (golf balls, miniature skis, etc. .d.)

Great to give as men popular now "Sweet" bouquets of sweets, Lollipop, expensive chocolate originally issued.

Vase for flowers, as an application. Today, many shops offer to performfloor vase to order, not only flexibility in the choice of material, but also creating a unique design, personalized gift list, taking into account all your wishes. Of course, you can choose from ready-made samples.

The approximate value of the gift: the usual bunch of 1000 rubles. bunch of florist to order from 4000 rbl., floor vase from 1800 rubles.

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