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What to give the man who has everything?


What gift to make a man-colleague, friend, boss, partner, if the appearance, he has everything. We recommended best neutral gifts without hints to men.

Your boss, colleagues, family friend has everything andholiday, however, inexorably approaching. And you are tired of shopping, studying the range of gifts and tormented by the question: "What is to give him?". This article will help you to solve the eternal dilemma: what to give when there are?

  • Tea or coffee set (Cup and saucer). Of course, such a gift is also possible to pick up the taste of the man, but if you are not sure of the subject (sailboat or car and can be abstract ..?) Feel free to choose:

  1. rigorous design,
  2. calm colors, full of neutral colors,
  3. geometric patterns.

Such a gift is always needed, and always pleasantwill be used. Consider a taste of who is present, while, of course, desirable. Agree, it is ridiculous to give coffee a person who does not drink it, or select an elite green tea as a gift to someone who prefers black varieties.

The approximate value of the gift: packaging of tea / coffee from 200 rubles, tea / coffee a couple of 300 rubles.

  • Ashtray, Lighter, and other men's accessories - such as, keychain, hookahs, flasks for alcoholic drinks and so forth. it is also a great gift. The main thing when choosing this accessory to remember that a cheap thing can come only when you are returning from vacation, bring souvenirs throughout the department. Otherwise, cheap gift is not justified and will affect not in your favor. This is especially true gifts that are generally perceived specifically as gifts - lighters, key rings, etc. Do not be fooled that the Zippo lighter is several times more expensive than analog unknown firm - so you do not overpay for the world famous brand, as guaranteed to get a quality item.

The approximate value of the gift: from 300 rubles.

  • Useful gift certificates - You can turn around. Almost no brand store, salon, a gym, a restaurant that did not provide such a service, as a gift certificate: food stores, sporting goods stores, hunting and fishing shops, car dealers, computer shops, travel agencies and many other institutions. The main criterion in choosing the store or other places will only tastes and preferences of the person to whom a gift is intended.

The approximate value of the gift: from 1000 rubles (depending on the firm set of services included in the certificate, and the like).

  • tickets - Concerts, theater, exhibitions, etc. Before you opt for this wonderful gift, you need to know exactly which of the above would prefer hero of the day. Despite the fact that this is a general rule for all the gifts, there are a few subtleties that will help you to make a gift of all:

  1. Ticket in any case should be two. It is expected that the event will be a visit to the family (his wife), but even if hero of the day Single, Tickets will still be two.
  2. Tickets are not accepted to give without packagingand, for example, premium envelope. This rule applies to all tickets, without exception, however beautiful they themselves were not decorated

Approximate cost: from 600 rubles, depending on the event.

  • Tickets for entertainment. What could be better than relaxing in the dolphinarium ora water park? Just a day of rest! Programs that offer firms today, are striking variety: water show, personally designed presentation for the hero of the day, a variety of entertainment and much more. In addition, a unique and memorable gift to the day of the program, taking into account the tastes of the hero of the day, designed specifically for him. Remember that tickets must be the same two.

approximate cost: from 1000 rubles (depending on the company and service included).

  • Goods for fishing (fishing rods, tackle, set) and hunting (hunting accessories). Such a gift is always the way, inveteratefisherman or hunter, and just a person who loves to spend time in nature. However, in the latter case it will be more appropriate as a present set for fishing. Specialty stores today offer a huge selection of a wide variety of products: from simple fishing rods, nets and various accessories for hunting to exclusive rubber boats and special clothing.

The approximate value of the gift: from 100 rubles (depending on the store and the manufacturer).

  • Gift Sets for a picnic. What better way to get-togethers with friendsNature? And receiving a gift set for a picnic, which includes everything you need, down to the lighter containers for spices, corkscrew, thermos, etc., suitable not only for a picnic in a country house, but also for hunting enthusiasts, and avid hunters .

The approximate value of the gift: from 1600 rubles.

  • Sweet gifts. Gone are the days when it was considered indecent andeven humiliating to give a sweet man. Not only that men are no longer ashamed of her love for sweets now and Confectioners, in accordance with the new trends, offer a huge number of cakes, sweets and other delicacies made in a purely masculine spirit. Even bouquets of sweets today will be a great gift if compiled accordingly subject and is intended man.

The approximate value of the gift: from 1500 rubles.

  • Sports attributes. Agree, when a man has everything - not alwaysit makes sense to look for a gift that would be useful. The majority of boys will bring joy to get tickets to the game (provided that you know exactly what kind of sport prefers the one who intended gift), scarf, shirt or baseball cap with symbols of favorite teams or different racing attributes: ball, stick, bat, racket, etc. with the team's logo and possibly autographed favorite player.

The approximate value of the gift: from 200 rubles.

  • Car accessories. If men are there, then, 99.9% hadhave a car. And there is hardly a man who would not have loved his car. Therefore, the choice as a gift to a variety of useful car accessories - almost a win-win. Specialty stores offer a huge number of goods:. A diverse set of brushes and scrapers, holders for mobile phones, etc. As a gift and can teach anything from technology: radio, video recorder, etc., but only if you know exactly the desires of jubilee.

The approximate value of the gift: from 300 rubles.

  • Alcohol. Another option, which is suitable for virtually every man and for any reason. When choosing a gift is worth remembering a few basic rules:

  1. First of all, the drink should be branded, so the purchase is better to do in a specialty store, where you will be able to provide all necessary documents and licenses;
  2. The drink must be in the original packaging (such as some varieties of whiskeys and cognacs are available in cardboard boxes).

The approximate value of the gift: from 2000 rubles.

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And finally, a few tips for choosing the gift:

  • Clothing and accessories (tie, bag, tie clips, scarf, etc.) daryatsya only if they present company logo.

  • Woman anyway can not give a man toilet articles (Eg, tie, belt and so on.).
  • Too expensive gift, especially if it is not offered by the team and by the employee, may be regarded as bribe or grovel.
  • cost of gift depends on the financial possibilities of the donor and can, in some cases, limited to a small souvenir.
  • Anyway, packaging Gifts should be beautiful, it is desirable that he was present in the original box.
  • And here ChiefIf the slave gives a gift, It can not be limited only souvenirBecause his income is higher.

Probably, choose and give presents - thepleasant experience! Over the years, in the etiquette formed clear rules, dictates what and to whom to give, how to choose and make a gift. These rules are not so difficult as it might seem at first glance, but following them will make in your relationships with others the joy of music, making mutual dialogue pleasant and comfortable. But most importantly, whatever the gift - an expensive, custom-made or just a souvenir, choose and give to him from the heart!

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