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7 actions to check online store, or how to safely buy things via the Internet


How to check the website of an online store for purchaseGoods on the Internet? Learn about the benefits and rules of online shopping. Read on 7 actions to verify the reliability of online store

With the development of Internet technologies, people are increasinglyBegan to make purchases of goods on the Internet. There are many sites where you can find any product, ranging from cosmetics, clothing and finishing with furniture, household appliances.

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But whether all sites can be trusted, how not to fall for the bait of scammers? You need to know some Rules of buying things through the Internet.

Online shop checkout

Advantages of online shopping - what is the benefit of buying goods on the Internet?

Buying things on the Internet is very convenient:

  • Do not need to go to various shops In search of the right thing and an adequate price. In one place this thing can cost more than the store in front. Buying goods on the Internet assumes comfortable conditions: you, sitting at home in a comfortable chair under your favorite tune, slowly browsing through websites with the right product, comparing prices, making a choice.
    Online shop checkout
  • The price of a product in virtual stores is usually lower, Than in traditional, habitual for us, shops. Regular stores pay money for rent, for the salary of the seller, for the maintenance of retail space. And this money is included in the cost of the goods.
  • Buying things on the Internet can be done at any time of day. In virtual stores there is no break and days off, unlike real retail outlets.
  • If the product is selected on the website of an online store that is located in your city, then, Most often, within the city delivery of goods is free of charge.
  • Choosing a product in the online store, you Do not feel psychological pressure from the seller. Recollect, what discomfort is caused by the seller - the adviser standing "above soul" which every second something offers.
  • The type of payment you choose yourself. You can pay in cash after the courier brings the goods or pay for the purchase by bank transfer.
    Secure online shopping
  • You can make purchases with complete anonymity. After registration in the virtual store is notRequires accurate data, you can go to the site under any name. Here, you will not encounter a roommate, as it usually does in an ordinary store, and no one will know about your purchase until you decide to tell about it.

The advantages of online shopping are obvious: convenience of choice, payment, delivery and confidentiality.

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Possible risks of an online store - what you need to know when buying things via the Internet

That the ordered thing did not disappoint you, You need to be extremely careful When choosing a product.

Secure online shopping

Most often the mistakes that the buyer allows are related:

  • Indicating the size, style (If it's clothes);
  • With ordering (Incorrect address or mobile phone number is indicated).

The risks of an online store can arise in the following situations:

  • If the buyer, having paid for the goods, will face dishonest sellers, then Can get a thing of poor quality or generally broken (Non-working thing). For example, an ordered camera can get into the hands of a customer in an idle state. There are cases when the buyer paid for the goods, but he did not receive it, and the seller's contacts no longer answer.
  • Card lock when paying. For example, choosing a product on the prestigious Internet -Site, you pay for the goods through the card. But the money at this point in the account is blocked. Why? Because The store does not work with foreign bank cards. As a result, access to money is blocked, the store cancels the order. And the frustrated buyer has to wait for a refund of money, which is returned within 30 days and say goodbye to the selected product.
  • Problems with the carrier. Although, to date, their services for the transport of goods provide a lot of companies, and to choose a reliable organization is not difficult, all the same problems with the delivery of goods happen. Most often this is:
    1. Infringement of terms of delivery (when the parcel lies on intermediate points and gets to the buyer very long);
    2. Damage to the packaging and, as a result, damage to the goods;
    3. Loss of parcel in transit. This is rare, but it does happen.
    4. Customs problems. If the order is made in foreign online stores, customs can face difficulties due to exceeding the customs limits, when the parcel is considered a commercial lot.

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    How to check the reliability of an online store for the safe purchase of things on the Internet - an instruction for careful buyers

    To purchase goods on the Internet brought joy, you need:

    1. To search for products, use not the usual search engines, Like google, yandex, and specialized -Such as the find, Polivore, google shopping. To find electronic products, household appliances, garden products, etc., the search engine Shopzilla is ideal. There are many search engines - for example,, - which are similar to the above.
      Secure online shopping
    2. After registering on the store's website ask the question: "How to check the site of the online store?" For this Read reviews about the store on the forums, evaluate the design of the site, By all means go to the sections of the site "about us""Our contacts", "customer service", where you can find the location of the store, phones and other necessary information. If there are no such sections, this should alert you.
    3. Pay attention to the e-mail of the store. If the address looks like - i.e. Is on a free mail server, then this is an unkind sign. Reputable stores that have a good reputation usually have an e-mail of this kind: [email protected]
    4. The next indicator of the reliability of the online store is the section on the form of payment. If there is an opportunity to pay for a purchase through PayPal, then this is a weighty argument in favor of the site. PayPal is a payment system that strictly monitors the fulfillment by the seller of the obligations undertaken, and will not support a store with a dubious reputation.
      Online shop checkout
    5. An important point is information about the return of goods In case of various reasons(Defective or unsuitable goods to you). Any decent store protects the interests of consumers and provides an opportunity to return or change the purchased goods, as detailed in the website.
    6. A modern way to protect yourself, making purchases on the Internet, serves Check online store through services Such as whois-service, where you can trackInformation about the owner of the resource, about how long this resource exists. And information about dishonest vendors is on resources such as
    7. To study the rating of the shop you like, To become acquainted with the description of the goods, read the reviews of the purchase through the Internet, carefully and leisurely place the order.

    Online shop checkout

    Secure purchases on the Internet can be done if Pre-check all of the above checks.

    Go to the process of buying goods on the Internet With full responsibility, Otherwise - there will be no one to blame but himself.

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