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Variants useful and wholesome breakfast every day


What is useful and a hearty breakfast? How to prepare breakfast? Useful tips and recipes for breakfast for every day of the week.

What we usually eat for breakfast? Going to work and study, we tend to devour stacks of sandwiches with sausage and raw eggs with sausage, yogurt and other products to quickly fill your stomach before a hard day. Of course, this is wrong. Although breakfast is hearty and must be, first of all, it must be useful. Such food is only temporarily mutes hunger. A feed is useful, satisfying and tasty at the same time - not hard, if you know what to cook.

The perfect start to the day

What is the key to a healthy breakfasthealthy lifestyle, it is known to all. Among other things, the right breakfast is also uplifting. And cheer up, you can not only traditional cup of strong coffee, and green, freshly brewed tea.

As nutritionists, all calories are trapped inthe body in the morning, burned up in the evening, due to physical exertion. Even if this fact is the place to be, abused mayonnaise salads for breakfast or barbecue lamb, of course, should not be. Mayonnaise can be replaced olive oil, Lamb - cooked beef. And here is a piece of something sweet in the morning does not hurt.

Terms healthy breakfast:

  • Cold and hot food in the morning is best avoided. Warm food for the normal functioning of the stomach barely awake - the most it.
  • breakfast products must containnutrients, especially carbohydrates. That is why the most popular breakfast is considered porridge. Although there will be less useful egg casseroles, omelets, cereal and pancakes with fruit.
  • Breakfast, morning runs with the hormonal system should be within the first hour after waking man.
  • The product will be more useful and nutritious, if you use honey instead of sugar.

Breakfast on the "ethnicity"

Breakfast is prepared in the home, becomes better fed than the north is the country's inhabitants. For example, Breakfast in Turkey - Coffee, cheese, sheep's cheese with olives, herbs and traditional national cake.

In France They prefer croissants, coffee, jam and freshly squeezed juices.

English served in the morning dense and fatty food - scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon, baked beans.

Norse like starting the day with potatoes with bacon and fried fish.

So how is it that this should be a healthy breakfast?

What is a healthy breakfast?

According to nutritionists, human B must be a member (of the daily value), one-fifth of the (incomplete) of fat, two-thirds of the norms of carbohydrates and the third part of the protein.

The protein contained in eggs, mushrooms, fish, meat, nuts and seeds, needed for satiety. The most highly digestible fats, which are present in nuts, avocado or sunflower oil.

From carbohydrates are the most usefulindigestible - those that restrain bread from wheat flour and oatmeal. This is one of the most important elements for the body. Eating fruits, vegetables and dairy products simply necessary for the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ideas for healthy and wholesome breakfast for the whole week


  • Sandwiches. Not in the traditional sense - witha thick layer of butter, sausage and cheese. And, for example, whole wheat toast with greens, cucumber and cheese with olive oil. Or, whole wheat bread with grated carrots, olive oil and walnuts.

  • Potato waffles. Mashed potatoes for doughpreferably to prepare the night before. Ingredients for the wafer - a tablespoon of flour, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, two eggs, 400 grams of potatoes, a glass of milk, tablespoon chopped rosemary and a half teaspoons of baking powder, salt and black pepper. The mashed potatoes are added to the eggs, hot milk and butter, and then all mixed thoroughly. The potato flour batter added with salt, pepper, rosemary, and mix again. Next to the traditional waffle iron thick baked potato waffles.


  • Omelette with nettles. To prepare the necessary two eggs, headonions, 300 grams of nettle, vegetable oil, salt, parsley and sour cream. Nettles, after scalding with boiling water and finely chop. Onions, chopped into half rings, quenched in oil. Next, it added the whipped eggs and nettles, and salt to taste finely chopped parsley leaves, then sent an omelet in the oven. Serve with sour cream.

  • French omelette. For the preparation you need six eggs, a coupletablespoons of water, 40 g butter, herbs and salt to taste. Eggs, water and salt whipped whisk. In the melted butter on a flat pan poured the eggs. Blushed raised edge so that the total weight of the liquid poured on the bottom of the pan. Jelly-like core of the omelet and hard edges - a sign that the omelet is ready. Served carnations.


  • Semolina with strawberries. When you add in the semolina spices, honey and strawberries,porridge turns unusually fragrant and delicious. To prepare the porridge needed half a liter of milk, vanilla to taste, a pinch of cinnamon, six tablespoons of semolina, a couple of teaspoons of honey, fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup, ten grams of butter. In the milk begins to boil add semolina, vanilla and cinnamon, then boiled until cooked porridge in neemalirovannoy dishes. Next porridge decomposed into portions, dressed with butter, syrup and honey, decorated with strawberries and served at the table. An excellent drink to that breakfast would be a banana milkshake.

  • Japanese omelette. The peculiarity of the Japanese omelet that whencooking it rolled into a roll. Ingredients - four eggs plus one yolk, two and a half tablespoon of sugar, salt, two tablespoons of sunflower oil, a teaspoon of soy sauce. Eggs are stirred and passed through a sieve, after which the sauce and sugar is added and mixed well until complete dissolution of the salt and sugar. One-third of the egg mixture is poured onto preheated griddle. Omelet should not stick to the pan. After cooking the omelet folds roll right into the pan, then that is lubricated with oil, and the second part of the egg mass is poured evenly around the roll. Roll should be lifted in order to lay down a second layer evenly in the pan. Preparing a second roll wrapped first. Next Steps - in the same order.


  • Dietary omelette. To prepare one serving omeletWe need two tablespoons of milk, one tomato, two egg whites, a few feathers of green onions, a spoon of olive oil and a couple of tablespoons of canned peas. While on a frying pan lightly fried tomato, whites whipped with chopped onions and milk. Peas, and beaten egg whites are sent to the frying pan to the tomato, a minute later his roasting. Omelette baked under a lid until tender over low heat.

  • Rolls with chicken and egg. Of the two egg whites preparing scrambled afterthen cut into strips of boiled chicken breast. Everything is laid out on a piece of pita bread with the addition of chopped tomatoes and greens, and rolled into a tube. Served with green tea.


  • Cheesecakes with fruits. On the shelves of cheese added two eggs, afterthen all mixed until smooth. Further, the mass added two tablespoons of sugar and a glass of milk and stir again. Next ingredient - flour in an amount of three cups. The ready-to-weight added cheesecakes advance otmochennye dried fruit in boiling water to choose from - raisins, prunes, dried apricots. Fried cheese cakes in the usual way, served with sour cream.

  • Lazy breakfast. Fastest breakfast, which includes all the necessary components of the body in the morning - it's cheese, bitter chocolate and fruit (fresh juice). Several nucleoli of nuts, which is included in the diet on a daily basis, contribute to the stimulation of brain activity and add energy.


  • Quick breakfast. If there is no time to cook, you can please yourbody tasty and healthy combination of fruits and yogurt. To this end, a cup of yogurt added to the pieces of your favorite fruit, and served him a slice of wholemeal bread and fragrant tea with herbs and berries.

  • Muesli. Indispensable in all respects breakfast. It is quite enough of the product purchased in the store. Muesli poured to choose from, water, kefir, yogurt or milk. For self-catering, cereals are made from water-soaked overnight flake rolled oats, wheat or buckwheat. Nevpitavshayasya water is drained, crushed into flakes add berries or fruits, nuts, honey and yogurt.


  • Skrembl. Spoon butter warmed up ina frying pan, then add four beaten eggs with a fork. Eggs and stir constantly mulled wooden spatula until the eggs almost ready. For a couple of minutes to turn off the fire add diced tomatoes. To the table skrembl served seasoned with salt and pepper, with rye bread.

  • berry parfait. A half cup of frozen berries the night beforeshifted from the freezer to the refrigerator. In the morning already thawed berries layers are laid out in a tall glass. Between them lay layers of sweet corn flakes and vanilla yogurt.

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