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Inexpensive gifts for the New Year 2017 Year for family, colleagues and friends - what to give when there is no money?


What to give to colleagues, friends and family, if there is no money ?! The best gift ideas with your own hands, as well as gifts on a budget - see

Cheap gifts for the New Year

We do not always have sufficientThe sum of money, and to please for the New Year you want literally everyone! Paradoxically, only in the New Year money for the purchase of gifts is not enough catastrophically.

Right now, as never before, inexpensive gifts become relevant. Without a doubt, even such a gift will bring many pleasant moments to your family and friends.

By the way, find out, That you can never give.

Gifts for buddies, close friends and colleagues cheap

This holiday is the only day of the year when people want not just gifts, but a real fairy tale.

Because the options for gifts for the New Year must Should be slightly "magical", spectacular and bright.

Fireworks and tinsel, confetti and Christmas balls, a variety of boxes, shiny packages for packaging - everything that Will delight the eyes and delight children and adults, Will be a wonderful gift for the celebration of the New Year.

On the eve of the holiday, most people hope to leave in the past what has not come true, failed and upset.

Friends and colleagues are also waiting for happy moments and miracles

To begin with, every person has aCalled friends, friends and comrades, i.e. - people with whom you like to spend time, you do not often meet, rarely call back, but you are connected by a common past. And it becomes inconvenient not to congratulate these people, at least verbally.

Here we can advise several options.

  • Attention has not been canceled yet! A pleasant, non-binding call toThe eve of the New Year. Warm words of congratulations. From you in fact will not lose! Just call old friends and heartily wish them happiness, health and prosperity. This "standard set" of wishes if it does not touch the soul, it will be perceived for a good tone. In general, on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays everyone wants family warmth, coziness, universal kindness. Feeling of a holiday, a premonition of New Year's magic is something that brings us back to childhood from year to year, when we were young, and our parents tried their best to create a fairy tale for us. Share this heat - and it will return to you a hundredfold!

  • Perhaps an old-fashioned but sure way to pay attention, congratulate and show concern - send a card. Let even this be an e-card! Only, please, write a congratulation text from the heart!

  • The option for all the same friends and colleagues - A gift in the form of a symbol of the New Year. In the coming year, the year of FieryRooster. Any souvenirs made in the form of a cock or a chicken (Christmas toys, figurines, postcards, flash drives, stickers, cups with pictures, etc.) will be actual.

And again, we recall that, in most cases,People expect from you attention, and gifts can be symbolic. Be sincere and do not regret a little time, which you will give congratulations and selection of gifts for acquaintances and colleagues. Trifle, but nice!

As for gifts for friends and relatives, here you have a great choice.

And here you have ideas for gifts that do not require special money spending:

Gastronomic gifts:

  • Tea mug with herbal tea packing;

  • Glass teapot and a pack of leaf tea;
  • A thermos of small volume or a thermos mug;
  • Gourmet coffee and a beautiful coffee cup;
  • An unusual mug for coffee and a flavored candle inside;

  • Pepper mill and fresh bell pepper;
  • Baking trays or curly shaped biscuits;
  • A basket full of different kinds of cheese and fruits;
  • A basket filled with jars of jam and various sauces;

  • Decorative wipes;
  • Tiles of chocolate, tied with silk ribbons;
  • A bottle of wine and a mixture for mulled wine;
  • Cookbook.

Stationery gifts:

  • Diary or a beautiful notebook;

  • Frames for photos (buy them on sale!);
  • Glossy magazines linked together by a satin ribbon;
  • Books (In shops it is easy to find a lot of books cheaper than 500 rubles);
  • Stationery, a set of gel pens and a stand for them.

Useful gifts:

  • One-time camera with a film coil;

  • Gloves for gardening and a set of flower seeds;
  • Board games (monopoly, lotto, cards). There is a mini-Table games options, Which will cost less than 500 rubles, and there are no known games that are fun to learn together;
  • Puzzles
  • Set for embroidery, knitting, sewing.

Gifts, useful in everyday life:

  • A set of kitchen towels and napkins;

  • A marching kit of men's or women's cosmetics. They are in any cosmetic stores;
  • Manicure set;
  • A set of brushes for make-up;
  • Nail polish is a classic red shade or rotten cherry, or pastel and beige tones;
  • Unusual soaps and foam for bathtubs;

  • A beautiful nightgown or pajamas;
  • Beautiful kerchief or scarf around the neck;
  • A pair of expensive socks (they still cost less than 500 rubles);
  • For pets: special cookies for dogs or cats;
  • Phone cards for long-distance or international calls (if, for example, your friend often goes on business trips or lives in another city and you miss him);
  • Small electronic desk clock or radio;
  • A pretty box or a box for souvenirs;

  • Flashlight with batteries;
  • New Year decoration.

Gifts by own hands:

  • Children's (or your creativity) picture, framed;
  • A favorite saying or quotation embroidered on an elegant handkerchief;
  • Your favorite recipes, written by hand on beautiful paper;

  • Collage of photos for a loved one;
  • Photo album, decorated by hand or even better, made by own hands;
  • Clay for modeling and a set for coloring: these curves and uneven - because the very first - but very

    Funny vases and saucers will please you and your family for a long time;

  • Homemade Christmas decorations or drawings on glass;
  • And do not forget the warmest gift - a basket with a homemade cookie or pie!

Gifts by own hands, when there is no money

Many of us do not work directly with Creativity. Rather, we call creativity in our workSkill, with which we manipulate numbers, letters or computer technology. We rarely "create" - only when our child needs to collect ikebana, draw an elephant or compose a verse, we remember that as children, we dreamed of becoming poets, artists and musicians.

Now, The limited budget and the threshold of the New Year is a great impetus to creativity (And, accordingly, to the development of talents)!

Now on the Internet you can find all sorts of master classes to create New Year's toys, fir-trees, postcards.

Do not forget that if you know how to knit, then you definitely have the remains of yarn, from which you can Tie a snowman, herringbone, Santa Claus, scarf or socks.

What is not useful to you, and most importantly - not a costly gift ?!

If you liked our article and you have any thoughts about it, share with us! For us it is very important to know your opinion!

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