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Secrets of a positive attitude - how to become a more positive person?


How to return a positive attitude, even in critical situations? Positive People: who is it and how to become one? Useful tips. Secrets of a positive attitude.

Life is not always like a fairy tale. Sometimes it happens and sad moments. And only keeping in mind the positive, we are able to gain strength and recharge themselves with energy to deal with the difficulties to achieve their goals and make the right decisions.

We often we struggle with negativeemotions, to feel deeply unhappy, lonely and misunderstood. But to change your life for the better is very easy - just follow the simple rules of a positive person.

Even in the worst moments of life is something good

1. We are looking for the positive in a variety of situations

Look it up good. Got fired? So, in front of a new, even more interesting. And with her new love and a new creative way. Detained train? This is an occasion to read, finally, a favorite book, or buy gifts for those closest to you. Daughter wearing black leather jackets, boots with tractor soles and dyed her hair green? Look forward to the fact that your child is alien to the gregarious instinct grayness - this is certainly an occasion to get closer to each other and to teach the child a sense of action.

2. People with negative emotions and thinking are best avoided.

As a rule, they are the source of ourbad mood. Constant colleagues complaints about the hard life under the wing of the tyrant-chief, "friends", gossiping about each other, the relatives who come to visit only to gloat over our position or, alternatively, take the money - all factors which can simply be avoided . Friendship also should bring only positive emotions. I should add that we should ourselves complain unlearn.

3. The water does not flow under a lying stone.

Most people, when faced with difficulties andproblems trying to just forget about them. In an extreme case, and pour out his heart to a friend, again, forget it. But the problems are not solved by themselves, and with a large number of them it is possible to cope with, if you do not sit idly by.

Tired of the mess in the house? Highlight currently at least ten minutes a daycleaning. But each day. The lion's share of confusion settles children? Come up with the kids game where for cleanliness and order in the house once a week awarded prizes from mom and dad.

Money flowed away

by the river? You do not have time to even hold in your hands a salary? Plan your spending in advance, making shopping lists. And do not take the money in the store more than is required in the list - it will prevent the spontaneous acquisition of things, without which it is possible to do.

Silently suffer from excess weight, shedding tears on the pound was eating the cake? Love yourself for what it is, or start a rigorous and hard way to the ideal figure. Luck, as we know, only a brave smile.

Life is motion. Any action aimed at changing the situation will have positive results, or at least experience. That too is priceless.

Lifting the mood to other people, we raise it and yourself

Being in a bad mood, we do not wantto perform good deeds. We do not see the point in it and withdraw into its shell. But, as experience shows, even a tiny act of kindness is able to change the depression of a smile, when we do a happy family and strangers at all. And it is not necessary it should be the salvation of a drowned tractor, or flying over the Batman criminal city. It may just be a note in a couple of gentle lines, you are pushed into a pocket daughter. Or a culinary surprise for her husband, which is so long dreamed of beef stew with cheese crust in the pot.

The desire to make someone happier just inevitably makes us happy and.

Keep track of your thoughts and desires!

Thoughts - the phenomenon of material: "If you stare too long into the abyss, the abyss starts to stare at you."

It has long been proven. If much of anything to be afraid of - sooner or later it will happen. If you constantly live with negative thoughts - it becomes a way of life. And then very difficult to cut through the knot and bring himself to think positively.

First of all, it should be to drive away from you allnegative thoughts. Strongly and mercilessly. Does not work? Abstracts. Again, it is impossible? Distract yourself in physical work - it always helps. Not attracts negative bad thoughts. Think only about the good and adjust itself only to positive.

Never say, "If this works out ..." something long awaited. Say "When", arguing in his consciousness of the fact that this long-awaited necessarily come to pass.

The force of attraction in action

Positive configured for the best manalways attracts all the good. With such a man, whose eyes are full of vitality, in a language which the humor, which credo - "a day without a smile" and "Down with depression," I want to make friends and socialize. Such a person is always surrounded by friends, and is the soul of the company. It is unlikely that he would be attracted to someone, constantly complaining about the plight of sighing and grief in the corner drinking a bottle of strong beer tavern.

How to become a positive person?

  1. Do not hoard a negative emotion. Empty your mind from insults and unpleasant memories of happy thoughts.
  2. Get rid the habit to reproach myself for mistakes.
  3. Indulge that gives you pleasure -dance, sing, listen to music, or engage in creative activities. The main thing is that all negative emotions have access to the outdoors. And not to close people, but through psychological discharge, and thanks to the hormones of happiness.
  4. Smile. Smile, barely awake. Smile in response to someone's rudeness in transport. Smile when you feel bad. Humor and a smile depreciate the seriousness of the problem, they are the best analgesic of sadness and depression. Grateful for every gift from a moment of joy for each passing day, and learn to think only positive. Distribute your smile. I sincerely, sincerely giving smile at work, at home, on the street. Suppose that 50 people out of a hundred will think that you are not all the houses, but the other 50 will smile in response to you. This therapy is guaranteed to help get rid of depression. In a shop do the pictures of smiling, but rather each individual member of the family laughing as much as a large format. Hang pictures on the walls of the apartment. Passing by them, you will involuntarily smile.
  5. Create a home atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Ways to do this - a great variety. Assist wall only of the house in which you want to return.
  6. Find at least half an hour a day for indulgence. Relaxation and relaxation with yourself and hobby - a mandatory item in the mode of the day optimistic.
  7. Experiment with your life. Change your hairstyle, fashion, bags, and place of residence. Rearrange furniture and travel. Movement and change of impressions - the best cure for depression.

Scents and good mood

It has long been known that the smell is able to swirlhead dip into depression, elevate mood, treat and, on the other hand, cause the manifestation of the disease. Smells like provocateurs emotions may resemble certain events in his life, to calm or excite the blood:

  • It is useful to remember that depression and anxiety state help to fight the flavors of citrus and ginger.
  • The scent of rosemary promotes concentration and stimulates brain activity.
  • Lavender has a calming effect, it helps get rid of anxiety, fear and anger.
  • Cheerfulness can be obtained from the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • The well-known antidepressant - vanilla. The aroma of vanilla relaxes, improves mood, and, by the way, for those who want to lose weight, interrupting the desire to send in your mouth something sweet.

Do not procrastinate "way to optimism." Get started now. Optimism must become a chronic and incurable. Smile, Girls! And do not forget to share with us your thoughts on the subject!

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