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How exactly to sunbathe on the beach? Art beach tanning.


How to get an even tan on the beach? What is the advantage of tanning in the sun before the solarium? Sun in different countries -otzyvy.

Summer heat. It's time to relax and enjoy the sun, take a sun bath. Especially the white porcelain skin was considered beautiful before, but today just considered attractive tanned skin, the more that tanning helps to hide small defects of the skin, making it smoother and reduces acne. Therefore, we can gladly pay on sunny days for an hour of time in the morning or in the evening sunlight, especially, are known to abuse the tan is not worth as a natural and solar.

What is the advantage of tanning in the sun before the solarium?

  • First, the sun tan you got for free, it is not necessary to buy a ticket, put on quite a swimsuit, bring your blanket and go to the nearest park.
  • Secondly, any tan like solar and tan in the solarium It requires the use of a temporary dosagespecial makeup to not get unwanted painful burns. But a tan in the sun at the same time allows you to find somewhere in nature, and not in a small booth.
  • Thirdly, the tan in the sun is very easy to combinewith active pursuits, especially if you do not like to lie for a long time and you want to move, you can fully enjoy a game of volleyball or badminton, very well combined process of sunbathing with a dip. Yes, to be sure, the tanning process can be further combined with weeding the beds in the country. So it is quite possible to combine business with pleasure, especially since tan is much better to go to bed, if you are constantly on the move.

Sun in different countries go to different

If you still prefer to rest on the sea, then you should know that in different latitudes tan on your skin will stay up in different ways. Turkish tan will be significantly different from the Egyptian.

So, if you want to get a golden tan, The best thing would be to go to the Mediterranean Sea, and it is countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Israel, Syria, Morocco, Turkey.

If you want to get a bronze tanThen you best prefer to CoastThe Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. To do this, you should go to Greece, Turkey, Crimea, Abkhazia, Georgia, Romania or Bulgaria. Here, as on the Mediterranean coast is mild enough skin protection and sun should be either in the morning or after 16 hours.

If you want to come back from a holiday with chocolate tan, It will go closer to the bestequator in the Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia, to the islands of Indonesia, Ecuador. Brazil or Colombia. But it should be remembered that the sun should start with short-term deadlines, even with the use of minutes and at the same time powerful sunscreen.

And here dark coffee tan can be obtained on the Indian Ocean. To do this, you should go to India or the Maldives. But here, as well as when traveling in the equatorial region need to limit time in the sun and use creams with high protection, because if you obgorite then burn symptoms will occur more slowly.

Finally, cinnamon tan hue can be obtained in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. For this fit the tour to Egypt, Israel, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Bahrain. But here, without valid protection you can not do.

But before the trip to the south it is best to soak up the sunslightly under the local sun to the skin it was not very receptive to a bright sun. If you go on vacation during the cold season, the pre-go a couple of times in the solarium.

Terms of tanning on the beach

Tanning on the beach, it should be remembered not just abouther skin, and that it needs to be protected, but also their eyes and hair, which are not less susceptible to UV light. Hide your favorite hair under a hat or panama, and the eyes - behind sunglasses.

Also, do not keen on books and magazines, in fact, read out an interesting article, you may not notice how time flew and with fire, for this reason, it is not necessary to sleep on the beach.

In the importance of moderation and tan too. Therefore tanning time should gradually build up, gradually adding 10-20 minutes. This will allow you to get a nice, even tan.

How to get an even tan?

And to get even and beautiful tan should be guided by the following rules:

  • Not worth it, going to the beach, apply on the skin a perfume or other substances such as alcohol, since these can be spots on the skin.
  • Sunbathing is not the best lying and walking on the beach, in which case it smooth and nice to go on your skin.
  • After a swim, try to wipe the skin dry, water droplets on the skin increase the activity of the sun's rays and sunburn turns patchy.
  • Action sunscreens will be more effective if you keep them in a cool place.
  • Before going to the beach your skin will not prevent a light scrub or peel, it makes the skin smooth and her tan falls better.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables orangecolors, peaches, apricots, carrots, peppers, they contain vitamin A, which affects the production of melanin, responsible for the beautiful shade of your skin.

How to get a tan - reviews forums


The first two or three days in Thailand, sunbathe in the morning before10 hours and in the afternoon to 3 hours. At this time, the sun is more gentle. Always use a sunscreen. Buy Cream-known European brands with a degree of protection not less than "40", and the best "50". If you are sunbathing in the vicinity of the water, islands with white sand and emerald waters, smear a thick layer of cream. The fact that the white sand and clean and clear water tend to reflect ultraviolet light, and you are sunbathing (that burns) twice. Very often, tourists who visit the island, burn. Never skimp on the cream.
Upon returning from the beach, in the evening,Treat body "lotion after a shower" or "after-sun ...". Very good, after-sun, use coconut oil. There are special coconut oil for massage or after tanning. The liquid composition includes a natural coconut oil, skin moisturizer and vitamin E.


And even before the sun you can drink tomatojuice. It contains a substance - lutein, which promotes the production of melanin (in fact, a substance that promotes and tan). My grandmother, too, always recommended to drink apple juice to get a tan, and a smaller one of ordinary water.
I have very fair skin, which quicklyburns in the sun, just a couple of hours. Then I can go all red 1.5 weeks. So, I'm doing the last few years! The first 3-4 days use sunblock with SPF 35-40, very, very profusely. Sun can stay all day, except for the period from 14 to 16 hours. The following day 2 use protection with an SPF of 15, and then have enough SPF 8-10. As a result, during the holiday I get tan, without any hint of burning!


And then there are cool Payot serum for an even tan. She needs to use the 10 days prior to the holiday.

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