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Favorite flowers and your personality


What girl does not love flowers! And let some men sometimes wonder on the impracticality of giving flowers, and that much is expedient to give the pot with a flower instead of a bouquet, which will stand in the vase a few days. But, dear man, if you really bouquet fade after a couple of days, it is - a good reason to give a new, if only to see her face a happy smile. Especially - the flowers are always talking about the attention of man to woman.

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And, of course, every woman gives preference to certain colors or flower. These predpochnteniya talk about some of the features of her character.

So, let's see what personality traits they possess.

Girls who prefer roses

As a rule, these girls are sociable and ableto find common ground with everyone. They are able to give their love to others, but at the same time ambitious and able to achieve their goals by any means. These girls are very hard on the feet, realistic, value comfort and order. At the same time - a bright, feminine, appreciate the love and attention.

Girls who prefer chrysanthemum

Girls tend to be rather closed andprone to strong feelings of their own problems. To love them is hard enough for sufficient isolation from the real world and their inability to love ourselves. On the other hand, these girls - discreet, practical, strong nature.

Girls who prefer cloves

These flowers predpochtayut people practical, straightforward. Such people always have their own point of view on any issue and always can defend its dignity.

Girls who prefer peonies

Flower peony - quite controversial. On the one hand, it symbolizes the vanity and on the other - timidity and shyness. Girls who love peonies, experiencing unremitting passion, repress their sexuality, but on the other hand - it is possible that these people are very loved-up. Such people may well be insatiable in all - as in love as well as money, fame.

Girls who prefer violets and pansies

Fans of these colors are most oftenintroverts, since they symbolize romantic sadness. Violets prefer people who prefer to stay in the shade. Violets are also associated with nostalgic sentiment, like the people who like to be sad about the past.

Fans of violets - nature delicate, shy, prone to sentimentality and day-dreaming. Often this kind of creative and pets.

Girls who prefer lilacs

Prefer lilac girls tend to restrainown feelings. This is - people who are in something disappointed and inclined to seek perfection in the wild. They are also very easy to communicate, of course, do not like pretentiousness and artificiality. These girls are excellent wives and mothers, can easily adapt to the difficult conditions of life, they are ready for the challenges in life. Lilac - a symbol of stability and endurance of their character. Lovely, sincere, delicate - and at the same time in their sturdy rod.

Girls who prefer daisies

Fans of daisies is not simple and naive asit seems. Rather, they are quite pragmatic, able to set clear goals and to implement them, in this case - pay tribute to true human values. These girls yearn for peace in the family, love, harmony, cherish the friendship and human relationships. Lover daisies are often very reliable friends.

Girls who prefer irises and gladioli

These girls usually energetic, strong,independent and alone. Irises always with all forces rush to their own, but in this way may have conflicts with others and loved ones. The lack of flexibility, in fact, contributes to the fact that they are often alone.

Girls who prefer tulips

This flower preference for flexible andplastic nature. Such women do not bend under the pressure of life situations, they easily solve all difficulties. Besides, it is very easy and simple to communicate, but in spite of their apparent simplicity, this puzzle women.

Girls, whose favorite flower is a tulip, live hopes for change for the better, and this faith gives them the strength to move forward. It is very difficult for such a woman to achieve recognition.

Girls who prefer gerberas

Women are kind, simple and open to the world, and alsoTime is very unprotected. Such women seek perfection in everything, but in order to have strength, they need a good support next to them. At the same time they are able to be independent, proud, eager for self-esteem and self-realization. Gerberas may prefer rather haughty nature with a kind, however in soul they aspire to love and a recognition.

Girls who prefer lilies

These flowers are loved by people with a pronounced feelingOwn dignity. They are always confident in themselves and their own strengths. Their distinctive features are pride, sometimes arrogance and arrogance. But, at the same time, they inherent charm. Such people are less inclined to self-criticism, but they are very self-confident. The opinion of those around them rarely excites.

Girls who prefer orchids

It is a flower of complex and original natures,Which have their own peculiarities and whims. They do not know how to get pleasure in simple ways, so they are looking for everything in the world. They are capable of all sorts of creative ideas and extravagance. However, for their soul they do not always have a rich inner world. Perhaps they are still in search of themselves. Typical orchid lovers like to subordinate people to their whims, they are selfish and narcissistic, require increased attention to their person.

And what do you think about your favorite colors and character?

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