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25 shot to quit smoking - effectiveness and reviews


How to quit smoking? The program is 25 fps for smoking cessation. Pros and cons of the program "25 fps". Reviews of real people.

Despite the fact that the dangers of smokingtold on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines, and even in class at school, this habit is very common in our country. There are many different ways to quit smoking. But the new and increasingly popular is the 25-th frame. (See also the article about slimming effectiveness method 25 fps)

A little about the dangers of smoking

Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking. But few people know how many, serious harm it does to the body. Conventionally, the hazards of smoking can be divided into three points:

1. Cigarettes kill your health:

  • If every day you will smoke a pack of cigarettes, you get an X-ray irradiation is about 500 per year;
  • A cigarette smolders at a temperature of about 1000 degrees. Imagine what happens to your lungs when you inhale the smoke so hot;
  • Seven seconds after the start of smoking your brain begins to react to nicotine (vasospasm occurs).

2. Smoking destroys the health of your dear people:

  • Everyone who is at arm's lengthfrom you is passive smokers. The organism is a non-smoker to nicotine reacts more sharply, as it was not used. Almost three thousand newborn babies exposed to sudden infant death syndrome, and all because the child is placed near the smoker.
  • To date, the reason for miscarriage in young mothers is that they were passive smokers. Impotence and male infertility - this is the payment that close people give for your nicotine pleasure.

3. Facts and figures:

  • One cigarette contains about 4000 thousand chemical compounds, 40 of them can cause lung cancer;
  • In 90% of cases of lung cancer, the cause is smoking. And in the load often there are problems with the heart and bronchitis;
  • In 45% of cases, it is the smokers who are infertile.

Before you smoke a cigarette, think about the price you will pay for this little nicotine pleasure!

Program "25 frames" and how it works

One of the most popular psychological techniquesThe fight against smoking is "25 frames." It has been scientifically proven that a person can perceive only 24 frames per second. And 25 frames act on the subconscious of a person, and can help get rid of various problems (smoking, alcoholism, excess weight). Initially, the frame method 25 was developed for advertising purposes. However now many countries of the world have banned at the legislative level to use it for advertising.

Quit smoking with the help of the program "25 frames"Simple and easy. You just need to install a special program on your computer and view it daily. After all, it has long been known that the human brain has the ability to self-learn, and the human subconscious mind controls all the functions of the body. Some scientists, that to make their way to the human subconscious used hypnosis and meditation, others used the function of self-education. This is how the "25th frame" program works against smoking.

The principle of 25 frames: A person is very quickly shown in advancePrepared anti-smoking pictures, with which he completely loses the desire to smoke, this habit disgusts him and after a while its complete rejection by the body.

The most positive thing about this is that this The program can be downloaded on the Internet, wherein absolutely free!! You need to go to the page of any search engine and enter: "25 frames to stop smoking for free", and you just need to download the program to your computer and install it!

What would the use of this program be?Effective, it should be used in the first week of treatment 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes, on the second week the number of views can be reduced 2-3 for 10-15 minutes.

And remember that in addition to using the program, the person himself must want to drop this bad habit and morally prepare for it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the "25 fps" program in the fight against smoking

Like any other medicament or folk remedies, this way to quit smoking also has its pros and cons.

Advantage: With the program you can work without even knowing aboutThis. You can play games, watch a movie, or just browse the necessary information, and the program will work. If you take a good look, you will notice a slight quick flashing. Visually, you can not see the picture on frame 25, but your subconscious mind, like the most powerful computer, will already read the necessary information, and replace your pleasant image of smoking with more realistic information.

disadvantage: Psychologists do not recommend using this method to people with disturbed psyche, as it can only worsen the situation.

Be that as it may, the 25th frame method is neededUse very carefully, because the human subconscious is poorly understood, and it is quite easy to destroy it. But the recovery can take a very long time.

Feedback from the forums from people who quit using the program "25 frames"


To quit smoking, you need a good push. It was this technique that became the impetus for me. Already a year and a half as tied up.


Smoking threw using a new method 25 frames, threw instantly. Thanks to the authors.


Citizens come to your senses! 25 frames - this is a fairy tale, the biggest scam of our time. If you do not want to give up this bad habit, then no program will help you!


I am an avid smoker. But when there were problems with health, the question became an edge. I tried a lot of different techniques. But not one has not helped, or the willpower is weak, or these ways do not work. I decided to try the 25-frame method. The result surprised me! Finally I gave up this bad habit.

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