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Choose hardy plants


Indoor plants and flowers can decorate any room, but not everyone can grow them. For beginners florists suitable most inexpensive houseplants

Create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in any room with the help of Indoor flowers. If you have problems while caring forThem, choose for your home the most unpretentious houseplants. They are ideal for the office, because during the working process to look after the flowers is not always.

Choose hardy plantsHowever, choosing even such flowers, it is not necessaryCount on the fact that they do not need to be taken care of. All plants need regular watering, pruning, feeding, transplanting, such actions of the florist are necessary for the health and beauty of flowers.

Choose flowers

Florists call such unpretentious flowers, which can be kept, both at home and in the office:

  • Sansevieria;
  • Chlorophytum.
  • Cacti;
  • The slumberberger;
  • aloe;
  • Asparagus;
  • aspidistra;
  • Zmiokulkas;
  • Koleus;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • Monsters;
  • ivy;
  • Sub-carpus;

There are many other unpretentious flowers, care for which takes very little time.

Floriculture for beginners

If you just decided to start studyingFloriculture, and absolutely do not have this experience, it is better to choose the most simple in the care of indoor flowers. You should understand that their unpretentiousness when leaving is not always unambiguous. Some of them require good lighting, others, on the contrary, are shade-loving, some like moisture or dry climate.


Among the most unpretentious indoor plants forOffice and home, Sansevieria occupies the first place. It is ideal for people who are just starting to work in floriculture or are often on the road. This unique flower tolerates any conditions: it is not afraid of sunlight or too dry air.

Excessive moisture is not terrible for sansevieria and evenlow temperature. In addition, it is easy to care for sansevieria, it will protect your house from poisonous substances that secrete synthetic finishing materials.

Transplant this indoor flower should be extremelyRarely when the roots already grow so much that they can split the clay pot. Sansevieria does not usually blossom, but the florists who placed it under direct sunlight saw flowering. Remember that no matter how unpretentious Sansevieria may be, a prolonged stay in the cold can cause its death.


For the first experience of floriculture is greatChlorophytum. He likes to be in the sun, but at the same time he feels well in the shade, that's why he is referred to sun-loving and shade-tolerant plants. Chlorophytum grows in any soil and pot, it will remain evergreen regardless of the place chosen for it - on the refrigerator, cabinet, window sill.

The leaves of chlorophytum are green,Light green with white or yellow longitudinal stripes. Often mistresses can notice how their chlorophytum blossoms, whose flowers are small white asterisks at the ends of long shoots.

Over time, these flowers turn into leafyRosettes with air roots. Want to buy a simple plant for the kitchen? Choose chlorophytum, because in a few minutes it will clear the room of smoke and burning.


Choose hardy plantsPerhaps the most persistent House plants, Which withstand both heat and cold - thisCacti. They can grow in the soil without fertilizer, withstand a long time without irrigation, they fearlessly lack of light. Under such conditions, they will not, nor increase in growth, nor bloom, but will remain eternally green.

Overmoistening is the most common mistakeBeginners of flower growers, but in due course you will learn to water properly a cactus. It is better to water a little, but more often than rarely, but flooding the cactus, because waterlogging can lead to rotting roots, and it is almost impossible to stop such a process.

Flowering plants

If you want your house to be decorated with blossomingPlants, you can buy spathiphyllum, saintpolia, pelargonium, metrosideros, hibiscus, cleavage, decorative Kalanchoe. With minimal care for such flowers, they will delight you for a long time with their lush and bright flowering.


For beginners who do not know whichIndoor flowering plants are better to choose, florists recommend to look at pelargonium. It is an unpretentious flower, however, it requires a bright place, good watering in the summer and regular transplantation.

If it already happened that it was not possible to water pelargonium, do not worry, because its feature is the ability to accumulate moisture, so it can do without days of watering.

In winter it is necessary to switch to moderate watering. Even if these conditions of care for pelargonium are not observed, it will not perish, but the bloom will not be so magnificent. It is great for a small office, on the windows of which this beautiful plant will be located.


Hibiscus, or Chinese rose - unpretentiousRoom plant for office or other spacious premises. It represents a spreading bush with flowers-cups predominantly red with a long pestle in the middle. Hibiscus has many varieties, so do not be surprised if you see a blossoming Chinese rose with white, pink, orange or speckled flowers.

Hibiscus will please his mistress beautifulFlowering all year round. It's better to put it closer to the window sill, because without sufficient sunlight the rose will not bloom. Hibiscus needs frequent watering and regular feeding, especially such care is needed in the winter season so that the buds do not fall off.


Clivia - easy-to-care houseplant,Blooms twice a year. It tolerates diffuse sunlight well, loves penumbra, but here the permutation of the pot can severely damage the enema, worsening the condition of the flower. Watering it should not be more than once a week, and in the winter season, the frequency of watering is reduced to 1 time in two weeks.

The main advantage of the clivic content isThat she is absolutely indifferent to the level of humidity in the room. To keep the leaves attractive fresh appearance, they should be wiped periodically with a damp cloth.


Among the unpretentious shade-loving roomPlants, many housewives choose precisely spathiphyllum. Despite the fact that the flower grows well in the shade, he loves warmth. Watering it should be abundant, but between watering the top layer of the soil should dry well.

The leaves of the flower should be rinsed 1-2 times a week under a cool shower. With this Care spathiphyllum Will remain blooming throughout the year.


Choose hardy plantsMany know the Kalanchoe as a medicinal plant,It is used to treat the symptoms of colds. Currently, there are many flowering hybrids of Kalanchoe that will decorate your house with blossoms almost all year round.

You can put the Kalanchoe anywhere in the house, inSunny or shaded. Kalanchoe has the property of accumulating moisture in the leaves, so the lack of regular watering does not lead to its death. It grows slowly and does not need frequent transplants.


Begonia - the most beautiful unpretentious plantFor the kitchen, which with its flowering will give cosiness and harmony to this place of the house. The flower loves the sun, but direct sunlight is dangerous for it, so it's better to place it in the kitchen in a slightly shady place.

Direct sunlight on leavesBegonia can lead to burns. Begonia prefers high humidity, but spraying is not suitable for it, because getting water on the leaves causes the appearance of dark spots. Water should be abundant, but, not allowing the stagnation of water in the pot.

A variety of unpretentious houseplantsSo wide that you can decorate your whole house with the most simple flowers in the care. Observance of all the recommendations for care, will help you to have in your house beautiful and healthy flowers.

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