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We decorate the furniture themselves


If the old tired furniture, and there is no money for a new purchase, you have to take matters into their own hands. Learn to make your table decor bunches and you can save money on new furniture

Sometimes even the most refined and stylish interiorbecomes commonplace, dull and gray, making ever again go to the furniture store, or to show imagination and take matters into their own hands. And if the funds for the purchase of new furnishings are simply not available, then this article - exactly what you now need to.

We decorate the furniture themselvesIn it you will be able to get acquainted with interesting ways of how to execute the budget decor old written, kitchen or coffee table with his hands.

What will it take for the restoration work?

Whatever the chosen method, as will becarried decor table with his hands, which was originally to be completely clean up obsolete varnish, which can be covered with cracks, bubbles or chipped. So that a new decorative layer was neat and smooth, all these defects need to be fully addressed.

To perform the preparatory and main works will require the following set of tools:

  • metal and rubber spatulas;
  • household sponges, made of foam rubber and metal fibers;
  • sandpaper;
  • toothpicks, needles and brush for cleaning the teeth;
  • gel that removes lacquer;
  • glue for wood and ceramic;
  • putty;
  • pencil, area and line;
  • paints, brushes and paint;
  • respirator, gloves, rags and so on.

Removing the old paint or varnish layer - processlaborious and extended in time. To speed it up, you can use special softening compositions, after which the coating is removed from the substrate with a spatula. Paint or varnish remaining in the cracks and joints, are removed by a needle or a rigid toothbrush.

After the lacquer or paint will be fullydeleted table plane necessarily treated sandpaper sponge or steel fibers. Basically, it's everything you need to in order to start writing inlay or coffee table with his hands by any of the methods listed below.

The most basic variants of alterations

I use paint, wallpaper, tiles and other materials from the old table can be an exclusive piece of furniture, which cause admiration and envy of the good reviews.

So, having in possession a minimum set of tools and materials, it is possible to build the following:

  • Table for washing, which will be builtfaucets and sink itself. The table must be the right size to cut holes into which then installed plumbing fixtures. The remaining surface is recommended oblitsevat ceramic tiles. To do this, the table top are cutsquares or rectangles with a predetermined size, and the lower side of the table is attached MDF sheet or veneer. The resulting gap is filled with tile adhesive or putty, then flush fit itself tile. Stitches necessarily overwritten, and after drying the table need to be painted or varnished;
  • Budget decor is old deskin its self-adhesive pasting decorative foil or wallpaper. In both cases, it is recommended to cover the extra clear glass countertop that will make it possible to prevent premature wear of the new decor;
  • Decor wooden coffee table with his handsIt may lie in the use of stencils or ordinary tape. Initially, the furniture should be painted any color light, then the tabletop and sides randomly pasted masking tape. Voids are painted in contrasting colors, and the dried structure varnished;
  • Updating the kitchen table with the possibleinvolving self-adhesive or conventional film. Frame furniture paint is either radically different color, or shade, recurring figure in the film. The focus is on the corners and joints.

Mosaic table top

We decorate the furniture themselvesDecor table with mosaic tiles and with their hands -this occupation for diligent and creative individuals, as in the case will go to fragments of the old tiles, glassware, colored glass and plastic, pebbles and cut down a tree. that make a piece of furniture, you need to paint the furniture insolid color, on her countertop cause the desired pattern, and using a specific glue to assemble a mosaic pattern of scrap materials, the final set of which depends on the further use of the table.

Once the mosaic grab, it must becarefully wipe the rubber spatula, without leaving the slightest gap between the individual elements. Without waiting drying grout, the entire surface is wiped with a damp cloth, and then the entire structure dry for 4-5 hours and opened an invisible paint.

Gourmet with foam

To perform such a decoration wooden table, will have to purchase an additional:

  • moldings made of foam;
  • alkyd varnish and its analogue-based acrylics;
  • gold paste and craquelure;
  • acrylic primer and bitumen wax.

The table, which is prepared in advance as described aboveway, you need to properly primed, and with the help of nazhdachki remove all the roughness and irregularities. In the middle of the table top is attached in advance to print a picture, which is flanked by baguette desired size and configuration.

We decorate the furniture themselvesAttach them to be ordinary PVA glue or specially manufactured adhesive composition. The sides and the edge of the table, too, are decorated with foam baguettes.

Then furniture light colored acrylic paint dries, andbaguettes wiped bituminous varnish. On the surface countertops, free of moldings, apply makeup for craquelure, which is dried, and all the cracks are filled with a gold paste.

As soon as a new piece of furniture your at home will dry up, it needs to cover alkyd varnish, avoiding contact with the foam elements. Recently opened on the basis of acrylic lacquer.

Doing such simple manipulations canfill up the interior of your home an unusual, cozy, functional and unique bagatelle. Her appearance will cause surprise and joy of the household, and her friends and guests will have a desire to follow your example.

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