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We create the right atmosphere


The right combination of green, beige, gray, purple, blue wallpaper. Zoning of the space of the room with the help of upholstery inserts and drawings

This design method is a combination of wallpaperthe interior has long earned an impressive audience of their fans. And no wonder. Man by nature seeks for comfort. And where else but in his own apartment create an atmosphere in which is not only pleasant to hold family dinners, but also a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, enjoying the quiet atmosphere.

Why is color so important?

We create the right atmosphereMany have heard phrases such as "heavy atmosphere" or "wall crush". This occurs for several reasons. As you know, the general mood of the situation depends on the color of the walls. And no matter what material they are made - wallpapered or painted with a special water-based paint. The secret here lies in the shade.

Color has the ability to not verbal impact onour nervous system. Tranquil colors soothe us, aggressive - on the contrary. And from that, in a range of colors and decorated a particular room depends on how psychologically comfortable we feel ourselves in it.

Definitely a precise answer to the question, what colorfit one or other spaces that do not exist. We are all different in temperament and color preferences. In recent years, psychologists began to notice that every age group has its own color.

For example, a bright orange shades,blue, green is very good for the psyche of the child. It would seem quite dynamic tones, on the contrary, should contribute to the excitation of nerve receptors of the brain. Children due to its natural activity, and without them are mobile enough, is it not harm a child?

Doctors recommend neuroscientists think about designthe walls in the nursery is in bright colors. Motivate them by the fact that during the period of its formation, the nervous system of the child is more flexible than that of an adult, and it is characterized by frequent mood swings.

So if you give preference to calmtones in the nursery, then these colors will always influence the child's overwhelming. These children are more prone to depression than their peers, the happy owners of the bright rooms.

Here is an example: colors like lime, pink, bright blue or turquoise, too, have a calming effect, but make it more delicately than the classic bed. The older we get, the less flexible is our nervous system and our perception to the color change. Please note, in which the tone of decorated offices, reception rooms clinics?

Even choosing the color of the wallpaper for the bedroom, we wantto dominate colors like sand, pistachio, cream, pale green. And this is no accident. Scientists have long noticed that the color with the right combination it is able not only to create a specific interior, but also to change its perception.

And to the walls of your home mightand re-create the desired atmosphere of comfort for you, you should know how to balance properly and harmoniously with each other not only the color of the wallpaper, but also the characteristics of their invoices. Let's start with color.

How color can influence the space?

You can increase the space, combining with each otherdifferent shades on the "temperature" of color schemes - warm and cold. To apply a warm white, beige, pistachio, pale pink, etc. Cold -.. It's shades of colors such as blue, gray or purple. If the location of the colors will be performed vertical way, it will create the effect of having high ceilings.

To emphasize a particular style. For classic characterized by a combination of beige tones with shades close as possible to them. Modern combines the shades of purple and green palette. Design suitable for east purple and orange colors which are applied over the entire area as a wall or as a paste.

We create the right atmosphereZoning. This color space division. This solution is particularly true in areas that can not boast of large size.

Example - kitchen, where you can select by combining separate dining area from the cooking space food. It looks impressive and home-style cozy.

In combination, not only hues but invoicesYou can change the geometry of the room. Knowing how to properly combine with each other invoices, you can expand or stretch the room. Another charm patterned wallpaper is that they are able to cover the disadvantage of small irregularities and cracks on the wall surface. Thus, it is possible to save on the plastered walls.

The examples enough when selectingWallpaper pay special attention not only color but also texture. As you can see for yourself, if properly combined can transform your interior, while spending a minimum of effort.

The correct color combination in the interior wallpaper

There are four basic colors - a red,blue, white and green. All others are obtained by mixing them. Please use this device as a designer range of colors - it has located the correct combination of all available colors in nature. Its operation is simple.

All colors are arranged in a circle and are divided into three zones:

  • one of colors or related;
  • cognate-contrast;
  • opposite.

To create a harmonious atmosphere shouldto consider not only individual characteristics room, but also the color preferences of each family member. Games room should be made out clearly. To do this, fit saturated warm colors such as pastel blue, pink, orange.

The right combination will create the interior,which not only will have a positive effect on the emotional state of your baby, but also will promote his intellectual development.

For a room of a teenager can use shadesCompatibility opposite, because at this age is becoming. And who knows, maybe in a way to express their individuality teenage crisis will escape unscathed.

For the bedrooms are good bedding colors and howaddition to these - related shades. Making a living is at your discretion. If you want to emphasize the solemnity of the restrained use shades of gray or blue tones. Want brightness - at your service all the colors of the rainbow. The main thing is to remember the correct combination.

Variations of different combinations of wallpapers in the interior

Wallpapers are different not only in their color but in texture. What effect can be achieved by resorting to a combination thereof:

  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of hide helpwallpaper, which caused drawing medium or large size. If you use wallpaper with pictures any, even the most glaring irregularities will be barely noticeable;
  • Zoning space or accent wall. This may be a material with an embossed and can Mural with any story you have selected;
  • We create the right atmosphereThe distortion of space. Horizontal stripes visually lengthen the width of the room, and the vertical will help to create the effect of "Stalinist" ceilings;
  • Inserts. It is the youngest of all the combination options, as design, made in this way, makes the interior unusual and even a bit colorful, but it is not to everyone's taste;
  • Solid. This combination of basic colors and shades of his palette. The classic way to design housing space and the hottest since the classics never go out of fashion and always current. Drawing on such wallpaper does not have to focus on the attention, but only serve as a complement.

As you are able to make the skillfula combination not only of textures and colors, but also a large number of possible variants of their application, you can easily create any design. It all depends on your imagination and what kind of results you want to see in the end. I wish you creative inspiration!

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