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Plastic or wooden windows


Choosing the right type of window covering - a task difficult

Nowadays, to find professionals for installation andReplacement of windows is simple: on TV, in newspapers, on the Internet - everywhere you can find ads from companies that install windows. But the choice of a suitable type of window covering is a more difficult task.

The competition between models in the market is strong -Wood from solid wood or laminated veneer lumber, from aluminum and plastic, combined models. The most popular and common are wooden and plastic windows. Below we will try to understand what are the pros and cons of these options.

Plastic windows

Plastic is known for its strength and modernity, high-quality thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Plastic or wooden windowsPlastic frame surface is easy to clean, do not needTo seal for the winter. The special device of the plastic window allows to tear it horizontally, like a normal window, and from above, eliminating the need to install a window leaf.

The plastic keeps the color very long, it does not need to be tinted.

Proper installation is very important, so hire professionals to install windows.

If the location is wrong or if there is no hydro and thermal insulation, the windows will fog, which can lead to the formation of fungus. For insulation, special tapes are used.

Plastic windows, of course, have their ownlimitations. When closed, the window completely isolates the room from the cold and dust, disturbing the microclimate. The plastic does not let air in, which causes the air in the room to stagnate. Do not forget that plastic is an artificial material and consists of oil products.

When heated, some (scanty) amountChemical substances is released into the air. And, at last, at the plastic surface it is impossible to eliminate small mechanical damages. Of course, with internal breakage, the glass can always be replaced, but dents and scratches can not be corrected in any way.

Wooden windows

Wood is an environmentally friendly natural material. In addition, the wooden frames are in order

Plastic or wooden windowsFor the production of window frames, the tree must beProperly dried, otherwise during operation it can crack, change the shape, why the doors will not tighten tightly, or vice versa - do not enter the frame.

Modern designs, unlike old ones, withoutDifficulties open and close. Inconvenient and jamming bolts have sunk into oblivion, and with the help of special sealing contours you can save yourself from gluing windows. The tree is not sealed, even in the closed position, it contributes to the evaporation of moisture and the penetration of fresh air into the room, while maintaining the microclimate.

The tree is simply repaired with the help of wooden putties and varnish.

To the minuses of wooden windows with glazing isAdd the fragility of the glass. The leaflet is fixed in one position extremely difficult and in case of strong wind from sharp impacts glass can crack and break. Also, wood is a relatively short-lived material, why wooden frames should be changed every five to seven years. To increase durability, high-quality varnishes and paints should be used.


Plastic or wooden windowsEurowindows combine almost all positiveQuality of the two previous options. They are made of wood, have airtight double-glazed windows and practical modern fittings, ensuring complete heat preservation and climate control.

Frames are made not from solid wood, but from glued beams.

This ensures consistency of form, the absence of the possibility of delamination and cracking. Euro windows, like plastic ones, can be opened in two directions.

For the durability of windows, treatment with special impregnations that prevent the formation of fungus and mold is used. When painting a wooden surface with paint, care of the window is greatly facilitated.

It is possible to paint the frames in one color, and you can apply a coating expressing a wooden structure.

With the timely care of euro windows will last for many years.

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