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Can I do the ironing board with his own hands?


The ironing board with your own hands can be stylized under a mirror or chest of drawers. Thus, you can reduce the "eaten" by it and in addition make it more functional

Without this ironing device, notDoes not cost any mistress. And if tulle or bed linen can be ironed on an ordinary table, then with the steaming of the sleeves of the shirts and creases on the children's skirt, problems may arise. If it's a pity to spend money on a ready-made device, the ironing board will help out with your own hands.

Stages of making a wall-mounted version

Can I do the ironing board with his own hands?Today, in the style of minimalism,Providing a minimum of details in the interior. But it is quite difficult to adhere to the owners of small apartments in the area, where free space is simply an inadmissible luxury.

An ironing board in such a house will be concealed andThe already scarce space, but without it, there is no way. The problem can be solved by the built-in ironing board with your own hands, which you can disguise as a mirror or picture.

Let's start to manufacture:

  • From an old ironing board it is required onlybase. From everything else it needs to be freed. Having set aside the future retractable ironing board, made by hand to the side, to manufacture a wooden box, which will contain the work surface. Cutting lumber should be carried out so that the length and width of the box are sufficient to accommodate the board and all its components;
  • The rear wall of the box can be made of thinPlywood, but for the door to look for something thicker so that it could withstand the weight of the board and not bend. As an extension mechanism, you can use ordinary guides for boxes and 4 loops: two will be responsible for tipping the work surface, and the remaining two - for tipping the legs. The guides will ensure that the trolley is raised to the desired level;
  • Open the box to give morePresentable appearance. Now you need to glue a liquid nail mirror to the cover and install the magnetic latches. Attach the lugs and drill holes in the wall to hang the future board;
  • Having spread out a folding ironing board with own hands,Measure the aft support. After that it is made and fastened to a loop. If desired, you can make a stand under the iron with the help of aluminum tubes. Putting the cover on the board, you can start using it.

Making a chest of drawers

Can I do the ironing board with his own hands?Those who, by occupation, need toThe iron was always in the unfolded state, the wall-mounted version of the ironing board, made by own hands, will not do. Such craftsmen can slightly modernize the old version in different ways and make maximum use of the available space under it.

This is an ironing board-chest, made by own hands. Such a product will become more functional and will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: pat things and put them in the compartments of furniture.

Stages of the product:

  • To release the base from the legs, and also to prepareShelves of the future chest and slats, on which they will hold. The side walls of the chest can be made of plywood, or even completely made of cardboard. Presentable look and strength to it will add any wallpaper that you have in stock;
  • Attach the slats to the edges of the cardboardliquid Nails. Armed with a screwdriver and screws, attach them to the corners, which will hold future shelves. The role of the back wall of the chest can play a piece of argalite;
  • Interior decoration of the chest to decorate withHelp the same cardboard, pasted wallpaper. To process all places of inconsistencies and corners with white putty. Do not get upset if there are any unevennesses and deformed areas - this will only be in the hands of the furniture made in the style of the shebbie chic;
  • Can I do the ironing board with his own hands?Having painted the dresser in the right color, you canUse the golden paint and achieve the effect of aging and elegant attrition. Further decoration of the chest can be continued in accordance with their ideas about the beautiful. The course can go anything - decoupage napkins, cloth, etc. Covering the dresser with lacquer, make an ironing board;
  • Putting a cover on the base, which can beBuy, and make yourself, put it on the chest of drawers and screw it to the corners with the help of screws. A chest of drawers, stylized in antiquity, does not provide for the presence of boxes. Their role is played by wicker trunks or boxes, which, by the way, can also be made by yourself. All, ironing board transformer, made by yourself, ready!

A good board is not difficult to do yourself. The main thing is to have a wit, be resourceful and have free time. The size of the ironing board, made by own hands, can be any, the main thing is that it fits perfectly into the interior and does not take up much space.

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