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10 ideas for design of the corridor


How to organize corridor lighting? What to decorate the walls of the corridor for beauty and benefit? Interior of a narrow, spacious or long corridor. Corridor with fun for children

In the fashion articles about a cozy house, this place is undeservedly deprived of attention, and we are going to remedy this situation. Learn how to create a harmonious interior corridor in the apartment.

№1 Arch instead of doors

10 ideas for design of the corridorThe appearance of the room will be radically updated ifTo demolish the old mezzanine cabinets, thus raising the ceiling level. The resulting space can be decorated with an arched wall of plasterboard, plastered and covered with paint. If you do not like the tunnel, limit yourself to an elegant arch or even a semi-arch at the entrance.

This move almost always ennobles the room,The exception is the case where in other rooms the wall decoration does not match the arched style (old repair or, conversely, the style of punk in the interior).

In some cases, the idea works fineClear the corridor not only from storerooms and mezzanines, but also demolish door frames - this gives you even more space that can be decorated in one color from the hallway or kitchen.

№2 Uniform space

Fashion for zoning was not accidental - thisAlmost the most successful and functional solution in interior design. And, of course, the corridor, as a non-independent zone of the apartment, and begs to unite with a more spacious room. This can be done using the walls and / or the floor.

Cozy and fashionable look wallpaper, continuing fromHallway into the corridor, and if the entrance to the kitchen does not have a door, then further. For large families and those who keep dogs, a good solution is to lay out the floor of these three rooms with a special non-slip tile - it's reliable, hygienic and helps to easily cope with cleaning.

For the walls of the hallway, corridor and kitchen are suitableDense wallpaper with a relief pattern of straw, brick, sandstone or vine. If you choose painting, use light colors - beige, golden, orange.

Please note that the interior of a narrow corridor leading from / to a spacious room should be different - in this case it is better to apply a paint also of a light, but a contrasting shade.

№3 Curtains

If you decide to close the corridor with curtains made of cloth, bamboo or wooden beads, do it right:

  • Curtains of fabric should touch the floor, from other materials - end at 50-70 cm from the floor;
  • Close the opening should be from the side located closer to the entrance door to the apartment;
  • The exception is the corridor leading to the bedroom - in it you can decorate the entrance to the bedchamber with heavy rich curtains;
  • Very stylish will look instead of curtains saloon doors - as in the films about cowboys; It can be like a natural tree, and decorated plastic, which will cost less.

№4 Wall painting

Professional registered painting can doYou in a tidy sum or do not cost anything if you draw yourself. Vegetative motifs, a mosaic pattern or national ornament will become a stylish addition to your interior. Choose bright, juicy colors and find patterns that inspire you. And children in your family will always be pleased with the characters of cartoons and fairy tales.

If you think that this is not interesting, take a look on the Internet for incredible masterpieces of 3D drawings on the walls. For the most advanced, you can suggest decorating the walls with murals in the style of street graffiti.

№5 Gallery

Creation of an interior of a long corridor is a special pleasure for fans of pictures in decorative frames.

Start by aligning the walls, applying the finishing material (wallpapers without a picture or paint), provide a light illumination from the ceiling and start selecting your own gallery:

  • Home photographs;
  • Children's drawings;
  • Reproductions of famous paintings;
  • Original landscapes or still lifes.

Such decor requires some investment in frames, with or without glass, but a home vernissage can become the very highlight that your home was so lacking.

№6 Slide for small climbers

The idea for which your children will immediately announce youParents of the year - installation of the Swedish wall, folding swings and special ledges for climbing in the manner of climbers. Everything you need can be purchased at the store of goods for sports or via the Internet.

But with the installation will have to tinker, becauseIf you want to firmly and beautifully hang and mount all the elements, the usual screws here can not do. But you can plan fastening during repair. This corridor looks very sporty, unusual and interesting.

№7 Racking

10 ideas for design of the corridorStunningly comfortable looks corridor rack, inWhich carefully and slightly carelessly stored a thousand little things that did not fit into the adjoining room - books near the cabinet, stocks of groceries in jars near the kitchen, tools near the room where you or your husband is making his own hands.

A real corridor rack is a shelving from the ceiling to the floor, no more than necessary for one book, a three-liter can, or even less if there is not enough space.

The secret of a good rack is an individual order inFurniture shop. Do not think that it is too expensive, because we are talking about the simplest construction of wood or chipboard. On the other hand, if the tools are available, the home master can put decent shelves into the corridor in a couple of hours.

№8 Collection

A lot of interiors are built on the fact thatBeautifully and compactly organize a home collection, whether it's tablets with stamps, buttons, magazine numbers or an incredible amount of soft toys. The larger and more colorful the collection, the more interesting will be the appearance of this part of the apartment.

Interior design corridor in the intellectualStyle will create, of course, neat laminated or glazed tablets with herbarium, maps, and brands. It is important that the frames were made in a single style and fit in color to wallpaper or paint on the walls.

№9 Point lighting

When in the process of repair it comes toElectrics, plan together with the master some point fixtures - with lamps-minions or small light-emitting diode. For each square meter of area for good lighting, 1-2 points with a power of 30-50 watts will be required.

Lighting a long corridor is better to organizeZigzag, starting the installation of the first element on the left - according to our innate instincts, the light falling on the left provides psychological comfort.

The most original solution will be the lighting of the floorAlong the line about 20 cm above the plinth. To do this, use the smallest light bulbs, arranged in a row like a runway strip - unusually and practical lighting path from one room to another.

№10 Creative board

Another option that children will especially like is the large size slate, located on one of the walls.

Advantage of the slate in such an unusualThe place is obvious: you give the kids space for endless experiments, drawings on the wall that children simply adore, plus - this does not prevent the design of the remaining rooms, where such a board can look superfluous.

10 ideas for design of the corridorTake care that the panel with the board is securely fixed and placed at the eye level of your little artists. Nearby you can nail a shelf for storing a loofah and a set of crayons.

Not only do children want to be left in a prominent placeScrawl and notes. For adults, however, the cork board on which it is convenient to store receipts, shopping lists, notes to household members and calendars is more suitable.

The optimal size of the cork board, whichReally decorate the interior corridor - 150x100 cm or so. Cork boards for the refrigerator are functional, but too small to become the accent of a free wall.

Experimenting with the interior of this part of your house is a simple and pleasant thing, because space is small and there are lots of ideas. Think about what you would like to implement today and proceed!

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