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To maintain the humidity of the house in a comfortable range help humidifiers, which generously supplies the market. It only remains to determine which humidifier is best

A good microclimate is an important condition for human health, in particular one of its main indicators, which is the indicator of the humidity of the environment in a residential or working room.

Select humidifierUnfortunately, this indicator does not always correspond to ideal parameters, but there is a way out of the situation - it will be enough to purchase one of the varieties of air humidifiers.

However, modern climate technology stores offer this useful device in such a variety that it will be very difficult for a simple landlord to make the right choice.

In this article we will tell you about what types of aggregates for humidifying the atmosphere of the living space exist, we will detail their performance characteristics, and help you to decide, What A humidifier model with a cleaner will be best for your apartment, your home or your office.

Steam Models: Key Features and Benefits

Of course, the final decision in choosingA tool for improving oxygen in the room can be accepted, knowing all the requirements of the future owner of the purchased device. Only he, based on his preferences and financial possibilities, will be able to solve. What kind of humidifier will be better All work in an apartment, house or office.

If finance requires a reasonable expenditure, then a good solution to the microclimate in the house can be the purchase of a steam appliance to saturate the room with moisture.

The operating principle of this tool sample is veryIt is based on the law of evaporation of a heated liquid. Water is heated by special elements built into the device and begins to evaporate, hot steam comes out and thereby increases the humidity index of the microclimate in space.

Steam types of aggregates are in great demandDue to increased productivity of the operational process - the basic model of the device is able to convert almost a liter of water into steam in a relatively short period of time, and in general such a device is able to increase humidity in a residential building up to 60%.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the steam appearanceThe structure for humidifying the home atmosphere is sufficiently reliable and convenient to maintain - it is enough simply to pour water into a specially designated tank.

Excessive overheating of the instrument will allowAvoid a special case made of plastic with increased characteristics of heat resistance. All steam devices to increase the moisture content of the climate have three degrees of protection, which make operation of the equipment absolutely safe and allow the device to be placed even in children's rooms.

To the disadvantages of the models of this group can be attributed only to excessive energy consumption, as well as the fact that the hygrostat to the device will need to be purchased separately.

The classic type of construction for humidifying the home climate: the pros and cons of this subspecies.

If we talk about the type,Air humidifier will be best purchased for a small apartment or office space, then many experts will advise you to choose the classic models of humidifiers and that's why:

  • Involving such models does not require much energy;
  • Classical types of devices have a low noise level during operation, so it is perfect for installation in a bedroom or a room for a baby;
  • Apparatus of this category does not require additional costs for the purchase of hygrostat;
  • With the operation of the instrument, a person can cope, even an ignorant one in technology.

Select humidifierUnlike steam humidifiers, the basisClassical actions are based on the process of cold evaporation of a liquid, which occurs due to the action of special evaporation devices mounted on the humidifier on the liquid.

The unit itself is tightened by a special fanAir into itself, drives through special constructions and lets out, already enriched with moisture to a sufficient degree. The classic model of the humidifier can also become a good room cleaner from dust and other contaminants.

Often, classical models of the humidification apparatus of oxygen space are used for inhalation or aromatherapy procedures.

The disadvantages of aggregates of such subspecies can be attributedCertain restrictions on the level of moisture production, but they are significant only if you buy a humidifier for work in the winter garden or a home greenhouse with plants.

Air washers - a special type of humidifiers

Absolutely unique model of the humidifierIs the so-called air washing: it not only saturates the air of the room with moisture in the required amount, but also is able to effectively clean the microclimate from dust and other suspensions.

Such an excellent result is provided forAccount for a unique vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with a model - it allows you to deeply clean the air of harmful impurities and components. The air sinks also have a built-in antibacterial complex, as well as the ability to adjust the power of the device.

Ultrasound models of devices for humidifying living space - what are their advantages?

The most popular models of moisturizers to date are ultrasonic devices of this type and there are a number of very good reasons for this:

  • The principle of operation of the unit is based on innovative technologies that allow the conversion of liquid into steam by ultrasonic vibrations of high frequency;
  • When using such a device it is impossibleBurn with steam, so it is the ultra-acoustic models of devices that are recommended for installation in rooms where even very small children play and are constantly staying;
  • The device can be switched on and offIndependently and thereby constantly maintain the necessary microclimate in the residential space. You will only need to enter the required parameters into the tool, and the rest of the smart model will do it yourself;
  • In this category of devices,A special cartridge, with filter functions: it helps to avoid the occurrence of dust and sediment deposits on furniture. Serves such a cartridge long enough: it can be operated without replacement for about 3 months;
  • The supersonic design is equipped with all necessary degrees of protection, for example, it turns itself off at the moment of final evaporation from the water meter.

In addition, ultrasonic species often haveIndicators with indices of humidity in the room, some of them are equipped with special rotating sprayers for quick and better moistening of the living space.

Ultra acoustic humidifiers will be an excellent choice for a greenhouse, conservatory or a room in which rare things are stored: furniture, books, clothes, musical instruments.

It is impossible to recommend with certainty any particular model of ultrasonic humidifier to purchase: What kind of It is the type of device that will better, Only you can, based on your own considerations and financial possibilities.

The last word of technology - climate complexes

The climate complex will be an ideal solution,For a room that is often smoked or heavily dusted for various reasons. Often such a complex for atmospheric humidification is purchased to improve the microclimate in the offices or to work in the playrooms of the kindergarten.

Select humidifierThe principle of operation of the complex differs little from the principles of the action of the humidifiers of other groups, but still has two significant advantages:

  • In the climate systems there are special filters capable of "Catch"From the atmosphere of the apartment various allergens;
  • The charcoal filter of the device perfectly neutralizes the most unpleasant smells, including quickly absorbs harmful tobacco smoke and tar.

There are climatic complexes and their shortcomings: It has significant dimensions, which makes its placement in rooms of a small area difficult, and also is not able to saturate air with moisture above 60%.

We hope that our review and recommendations will help you to understand this difficult topic. However, the very choice of the humidifier - it's up to you!

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