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Washing down jackets: the rules, methods, tips


The winter is over and it would be nice to wash the down jacket. But you do not want to carry it to dry cleaners? How to properly wash the down jacket - an instruction manual and machine wash.

How to choose clothes that can meet all our wishes in the winter? And what, to us girls, it is necessary? That it was warm, comfortable and beautiful. In this case, the ideal variant is a down jacket.

Washing down jackets: the rules, methods, tips

Just recently, this type of winter clothes wasNot very popular. But thanks to the world-famous stylists who gave him new colors and styles, the down jacket can now be found in the closet in almost every woman.

But, despite the comfort of this winter jacket, there is one significant disadvantage: Wash down jacket At home can be a problem. Than the down jacket differs from other things, to wash which in the washing machine does not make special work?

The fact is that the filler is fluff andfeathers. Under the influence of water and detergents, fluff during washing in automatic mode can be knocked down at the bottom of individual sections of the jacket. To correct such an annoying nuisance after washing is almost impossible.

So let's learn how to properly wash the down jacket in the typewriter. We will also pay some attention to washing by hand.

How to wash your down jacket with your hands

Of course, hand washing is much inferior to the machine wash. First, you will spend much more time. Secondly, there will also be a lot of forces, especially to prevent the down in one place.

But there are certain advantages. For example, you just today dressed a clean jacket for fluff and went to work. And that's what a nuisance: in the bus you somehow dirty the jacket, but only in one place. Well, do not erase it now entirely! And you will not be able to wash partially in the typewriter.

Washing down jackets: the rules, methods, tipsIn such cases, what you need isA little warm water and gentle cleansers. And all you need to do is to wash the top fabric of the down jacket. At the same time, the down will not get wet, because the outer fabric is waterproof and moisture just does not have time to reach the fluff.

It is necessary to wash hands also in the event thatThe machine just does not exist or it's broken. Manufacturers of down jackets recommend to wash without preliminary soaking, in slightly warm water. Do not use bleach and washing powders! If the pollution is very difficult, it is better to buy a special product for removing stains on children's things or liquid soap.

After hand washing it is necessary to wring out gentlyDown jacket. During this procedure, try not to damage the internal structure, otherwise down can get lost in one place. And then distribute it on the jacket will be very difficult.

Washing of the down jacket in a washing machine

If you decide to wash your favorite down jacket in the typewriter, then to begin with, read some of the features of this procedure:

Washing down jackets: the rules, methods, tips

1. Choose the most delicate mode. Low turnover will not overtake the fluff from one part of the jacket to the other? And then you will not need to spend a lot of time returning your primitive pooch;

2. Before putting the down jack in the drum, check all pockets for foreign objects. Do not forget to also zip all the zippers and buttons;

3. Ask the store if they have any special means for taking care of jackets for fluff. Using such a tool will greatly facilitate your task and increase the chances of a successful end of this event;

4. Wash the down jacket is at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. Then you do not break the inner structure of the jacket;

5. Spin speed should also be minimal, but rather wring out the jacket manually;

So, we have studied the basic rules of washing the down jacket in the typewriter. Now let's go directly to the process.

Preparing the down jacket for washing

To begin with, carefully inspect the jacket atThing stains. If these occur, then wash the fabric with normal soap and water. After that it is desirable to turn the jacket inside out - in that case the probability of spoiling the thing to become negligible.

Washing down jackets: the rules, methods, tipsIn no case is it worth erasing two or more down jackets at the same time. In this case, at the end of the wash, you risk getting two spoiled things.

The reason for this advice is trite - the drum clearly does not have enough space for a full washing of two things, so they will stray together and deform each other.

Thus, we have completed the preparation phase and put the down jacket in the machine. And then what? How to dry the down jacket? Can I just hang it on a rope and leave it to dry?

How to dry and fluff down jacket

If you think that after washing the down jacket can beLeave to hang somewhere on the rope, then you are deeply mistaken! If he simply will dry in an upright position, the fluff will again be knocked down. Thus, the final stage is not the washing of the down jacket in the typewriter, namely drying. Incorrect drying can also ruin your favorite clothes hopelessly.

How to dry the down jacket? To begin with, turn it open and unbutton all the buttons and buckles. Lay the jacket horizontally, and try to distribute the lost fluff (if there is one). After that, put the down jacket on your hangers and hang it. Do not forget to shake it from time to time, driving fluff down the entire jacket.

One more caution: If the outer fabric of the down jacket has dried up, do not hurry and hide it in the closet. Most likely, inside a little fluffy damp, so that it's better to hang a little more and wilt.

To successfully complete the final stage of washingDown jacket in the washing machine, you can use one more little trick. Take a few shady balls, put them together with the already dried puhovichkom in the washing machine, and turn on the spin.

The balls will beat the fluff inside the jacket, after which it will look more fluffy. Such a procedure in no way will break the structure of the down jacket, so it definitely will retain its qualities.

During the drying of the down jacket is strictly prohibited:

1. Dry it more than two days. If you overdry the down jacket, then feathers and down will become brittle and later "climb out" of the jacket;

2. Do not dry the jacket on the down, in a horizontal position using a towel or any other fabric. Such drying can lead to the fact that the filler will rot, and accordingly the thing will have to be thrown away;

3. It is strictly recommended not to dry the jacket on the fluff near the battery or under direct sunlight.

So, we have figured out how to washDown jacket in the washing machine. As you can see, this is a rather laborious work, but it is quite feasible. The main thing is to follow all the rules of washing the down jacket in the typewriter and then, for a long time it will please you with its excellent look!

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