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Learn how to sharpen scissors


Knives and scissors tupyatsya as well as hundreds of years ago. And just as in the past, many people prefer to sharpen the tools themselves. How to choose a sharpener for knives and scissors sharpening and implement?

You are going to do a manicure, and loved ones and suchThe familiar scissors are not so good and neatly cut the cuticle? Or the old grandmother's scissors for cuttings are no longer able to facilitate the process of creating a new outfit? Everything is clear, the instrument is blunt, and requires either sharpening or rotation. Despite the abundance of a variety of scissors, to give up the old sometimes oh, like a reluctance.

Agree that their Chinese counterparts are not soAttract their own user parameters, and even serve fewer times. It turns out that it remains either to search for a high-quality and rather expensive tool, or buy your own sharpener for knives and scissors, and forget about the problem forever.

Where to begin?

Learn how to sharpen scissorsBefore you sharpen your scissors, you must necessarily assess their current condition. It is possible that the loss of sharpness is simply the result of a weakening of the tool at the location of the axis.

The role of the latter can be performed by a bolt, rivet or a screw in the company with a nut. Screw or bolt can be easily and quickly pulled up, but with the rivet to fritter.

In order to personally rivet the scissors, they are in the openThe state is laid on the anvil, after which the rivet itself is flattened with a nail and a hammer. Remember that the scissors repair only open, otherwise they will simply cease to open, or they will do it with difficulty.

Preparing the scissors for sharpening

To sharpen the cutting tool correctly, at homeYou need to have a special bar or the most common file. Well, if there is a grindstone, preferably coarse-grained, and after its use on the metal remained oblique and small denticles. This will make it possible to avoid slipping on the material being cut and improve the sharpness of the edges.

Of course, you can use an electric sharpenerFor scissors and knives, but to do it personally is permissible only if there is a certain practice or in the presence of experienced masters. The fact is that with such sharpening of the blade you need to press it against the whirling disc very easily and with a minimum pressure.

It is worth noting that the work on the grindstone is dangerousInjuries of fingers and even hands. A worthy alternative, which even a housewife can use, is a sharpener, sold in all hardware stores and markets. It makes it possible to sharpen the device with just one movement, and without any risk of injury.

In reality, the question of how to properly sharpen knives and scissors, there is nothing arhislozhnogo. And to get the result you need, it's important to observe only a few rules:

  • Learn how to sharpen scissorsScissors are sharpened by movements directed towards themselves, that is, from tips to rings;
  • In no case is it inadmissible to break or even erase the angle of the factory sharpening, which oscillates around 60-75 degrees;
  • Using nazhdachkoy, preference should be givenMaterial with large grains, and the zone of its application - only the outer edges of the instrument. The internal surfaces of the scissors can not be touched in any way, otherwise they will simply become worthless.

Having studied all preliminary actions and basicRecommendations, you can proceed to the process itself. Armed with the available tools and take up the open tool. The latter should be held by the rings so that its tips point upwards. It is much more convenient to sharpen if the scissors are inclined at a certain angle, and the file is driven along the blades starting from the tips and ending with the axis.

Quick ways to sharpen

If the sewing, kitchen or manicure scissors need to be sharpened quickly, and there is not a minute of spare time to repair them, the right sharpening can be performed in the following ways:

  • Take the usual sandpaper, and cut it in several places with a tool;
  • You can use a bag or gypsy needle, which is placed between the knives and as close to the axis. The blades are slowly closing, and the needle must move to their ends.

Please note that such manipulations guarantee only a short-term result, and are simply given the opportunity to find a place where the knife and scissors are sharpened with special equipment.

There you can also slightly adjust the cuttingInventory, if when closing the blades it was found that their tips do not converge. In principle, you can do it at home, for which it is enough to file a file with a file under the rings.

Summarizing all the useful information outlined above, we can say that the problem of how to sharpen sewing or manicure scissors is solved by one algorithm:

  • Learn how to sharpen scissorsBefore processing from the instrument, the entiremud. This is done using cotton wool or rags, soaked in any solvent. Removal of land, paint, food residues or fine textile dust will become a guarantee of a satisfactory result of the future sharpening;
  • On the blades you need to go through a file or a coarse-grained bar;
  • Then clean the treated areas alternately with coarse and fine sandpaper;
  • At last, it is checked, the rivet has not loosened, the screw or the bolt does not hang. If so, the problem is eliminated in an appropriate way.

Having finished with sharpening, be sure to evaluateThe result of their efforts, that is, test the scissors on the sharpness. To do this, take a delicate matter and, keeping it on the weight, start to cut. If the fabric is easily cut, the edges of the cut are smooth and clear, and there is no creasing effect, then everything is done correctly and the device is ready to work again.

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