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How to wash out the yellow stains from sweat on clothing?


On the favorite things in the area of ​​the armpits were nasty yellow stains from sweat? Do not be upset, the situation could be saved by using one of the proven methods of folk

Probably, each of us faced such aAn unpleasant problem: on the beloved, quite a new thing in the area of ​​the armpits and back, traitorous yellowish traces appeared. Such clothing, of course, not only loses its attractive appearance, but also negatively characterizes its owner, forcing others to doubt his neatness.

How to wash out the yellow stains from sweat on clothing?Why do the spots appear? The answer is simple - naturally, from sweat. What to do, everyone sweats, and in hot season for a day from the body can stand up to 2 liters of sweat!

How to prevent the appearance of yellow marks on clothes?

Of course, any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. To reduce sweating, you can use a special deodorant-antiperspirant, clogging the pores on the skin. «But why do yellow spots from perspiration appear even when using deodorant?" - you ask. The thing is that not every remedy can be reliably protected from traces of sweating.

When choosing an antiperspirant, attention should be paid to its composition, in particular, the aluminum content (Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly) - than it is less, that is, the further it is on the list, the purer after the socks will be clothes. Ideally, if there is no aluminum in the deodorant at all.

To protect clothing from sweat traces, consider the following recommendations:

  • Apply antiperspirant only to clean, dry skin, then let it dry properly;
  • In a hot, summer time, apply several layers of deodorant;
  • If the agent is still "Summed up", After you come home and take off the thing, immediately wash it with laundry soap.

But what to do with the old insidious tracks of sweat? After all, you can not remove them with conventional washing?

Do not rush to let the soiled product on rags and buy a new one - to wash yellow stains from sweat on clothing is quite possible with the help of effective folk remedies.

Methods for removing yellow stains from sweat from clothes

To remove yellow spots from sweat tracks, you can use the following tools:

  • How to wash out the yellow stains from sweat on clothing?Mix a tablespoon of common table salt withWith the same amount of ammonia and pour 200 ml of scarcely warm pure water, place the contaminated thing there for half an hour, then wash it with powder in the automatic machine;
  • Take some baking soda, salt and ammoniaAlcohol in equal proportions, mix, apply directly to the impurities, and after 20-30 minutes gently, trying not to damage the fibers of the fabric, rub it with a soft brush, then rinse the clothes;
  • A few acetylsalicylic acid tablets rasstolkite, pour 100 ml of warm water, then apply the mixture on clothes for 3 hours, and then wash it in the usual way;
  • Treat yellowness with a cloth napkin soaked in refined gasoline (it is sold in hardware stores), then wash the product with powder;
  • Mix half a cup of vodka with the same amount of water and half an hour before washing, wipe abundantly with a solution of contamination on the fabric;
  • Mixture of 1 tbsp. Spoons ordinary gel for washing dishes, 2 tbsp. Spoons of soda and 4 tbsp. Spoons of hydrogen peroxide, wipe the cloth, wait two hours, and then send the item to the washing machine;
  • Mix egg yolk with 2 tbsp. Spoons of denatured alcohol (10%), apply to the problem site, allow it to dry completely, then gently scrape off the egg.

To remove old yellow spots from sweat on products made from delicate materials (such as silk, wool), in order not to damage their structure, one of the following ways:

  • A saturated soap solution with a softBrush the problem area and rinse; After dilution in a glass of water 1 teaspoon of oxalic acid, moisten the cloth abundantly and wait half an hour, then rinse the product again in cold water;
  • In 200 ml of water, dissolve 1 hour. A spoonful of hyposulfite (you can buy it in a photographic store), apply the solution with a soft cloth to the contaminated area, leave for two hours, then rinse well;
  • Mix 2 tbsp. Spoons of ammonia and 4 tbsp. Spoon of white spirit (solvent), apply to the fabric for 20 minutes, after which several times rinse the thing in the water.

A few important recommendations

Before the procedure, examine the label and make sure that this product can be processed in a dry clean.

Do not soak the white thing on which the yellow spots in the chlorine have appeared - this will only aggravate the situation, and the pollution will darken.

Before removing the stains from the color models, perform a small test - apply a little manufactured product to a piece of identical tissue (usually such shreds are sewn on the inside of the clothes).

How to wash out the yellow stains from sweat on clothing?Effective removal of stains is possible only when washing in warm or cool water, high temperatures only increase the resistance of contaminants.

Remember that fresh traces of sweat are much easier to wash than old ones, so do not delay taking care of your clothes for later.

Cleaned from yellowness products from natural materials, dry in the sun - this will only fix the effect, but for things of polyester, sunlight is disastrous.

To avoid the formation of divorces, clean the clothes from the wrong side.

After using hydrogen peroxide, the cleansed tissue should be rinsed in cold water at least three times, otherwise after drying clothes in the sun the yellowness will return.

As you can see from an unpleasant yellowness, you can almost any fabric. Wear your things with pleasure!

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