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Select the tool from the mold on the walls


Mold in the living room not only spoils the appearance and wall covering, but also causes serious damage to health. Looking for a remedy for mold on the walls

Increased humidity in the room stimulatesFormation of mold on walls and ceilings. In the event that in time to not take any measures to eliminate it, it is becoming increasingly difficult to combat it. In order to fight from Harmful Mildew on the walls Led to positive results, in the first place it is necessary to remove the sources of its appearance, and only after carrying out the treatment of the affected areas.

It should be noted that the fungus in the living areaHarms the health of residents, as a result of which there may be an exacerbation of chronic diseases, immunity decreases, allergy and asthma develop. How to remove mold from the walls and what needs to be done for this?

Black mold - fungus

Select the tool from the mold on the wallsAs a rule, fungus formation can be observed inPoorly ventilated rooms with a high level of humidity. The cause of the appearance of the fungus can also become old window frames, through the openings of which moisture penetrates, forming condensation in the room. Black mold has long taken a fancy place in the panel houses in places of leaking joints.

In addition, it can often be found in cellars,Bathrooms, in the rooms of the upper floors during the course of the roof. If you notice a slight dark coating on the ceiling or walls, then this is already a signal to take immediate measures to eliminate unwanted vegetation.

The first thing a man does is remove the plaque with a dry, clean rag. Sometimes, after such a "Stripping"A fungus can really disappear forever. But, in the event that it appears again and again, here already a dry rag does not help.

On the shelves of stores today you can findAntiseptic, which is designed to fight the fungus, including a means of mold on the walls. It should be remembered that any of them is, above all, poison. Therefore, when carrying out the treatment of the affected areas, all safety measures should be taken. Carefully read the instructions and follow the instructions of all its points.

Furacilin is an effective remedy

From different sources you can get different recommendations, but they all boil down to one thing: live indoors, "Decorated with"Categorically impossible. Our ancestors had their opinions about black fungus.

They were sure that the black mold onWalls symbolizes a black force that is settled in the room and survives from the light of all tenants. In some ways they were right. Indeed, the fungus causes a number of diseases that at that time did not respond to treatment.

Select the tool from the mold on the wallsMost species of fungi belong to pathogenic forms and their prolonged exposure to the human body leads to internal bleeding, they affect the kidneys and liver, develop amphysema of the lungs.

Fortunately for today there is a massDrugs that effectively eliminate mold, but the most sparing and harmless for our body is furacilin. Yes, it is the furacilin that is sold in the pharmacy.

But in order to get rid of the fungus on the walls, you do not fit a ready-made solution of furacilin.

Furatsilin from mold in the bathroom on the walls - it's furatsilin in tablets:

  • Take 10 tablets of furatsilina, rastolkite them in a mortar and dissolve in a glass of warm water;
  • Before proceeding to surface treatmentWalls or ceiling, the affected areas need to be properly prepared for the process. To do this, you can use alkaline materials or folk recipes;
  • If the wall with mold is very wet, then grandmother's recipes recommend in the corner of the room to put a glass with salt for 2-3 days. Then take a crust of yesterday's bread and remove the fungus from the wall and ceiling;
  • After this, take a prepared solution of furacilin and treat the affected areas. This procedure should be repeated periodically every 3-4 months.

Basic prevention measures

Remember that the mold on the walls in the bathroom is a health hazard to every member of your family. Never live "Next door"With this terrible misfortune and try to destroy it with all your measures from your home.

If the procedure with furatsilinom did not bring youThe expected effect, it is necessary to resort to more aggressive means. Do not forget that each room needs ventilation - this eliminates excess moisture. Today, most apartments have double-glazed windows.

Double-glazed windows, it is not only beautiful andmodern design. They keep the heat in the rooms and reduce the cost of heating. Good insulating properties of modern plastic windows can protect the air exchange between the street and the room.

At the same time, without correct air exchange inThe air in the room is stagnant, and the humidity level increases. In order to ensure a favorable climate in the apartment, you need to regularly ventilate all rooms! Check the heating batteries for continuity. Insignificant water stains can increase the humidity level in the room.

Take for yourself the rule of carrying out 2 times a week wet cleaning. Do not clutter the room with furniture and carpets, provide air access to the walls, without interfering with air circulation.

Every day, ventilate the room at least15-20 minutes in the cold season. Such precautions are especially important for those who already have the first signs of mold formation on walls and ceilings.

How to proceed with the treatment of affected areas

What to do if the prevention is neglected, and cosmetic measures are no longer saving?

  • The first thing you need to do is to dismantle the wallpaper;
  • Select the tool from the mold on the wallsThen, using a spatula, remove the loose layerPutty, and if necessary and plaster in the lesions. Strip the area with sandpaper and treat it and nearby areas with a special solution. Allow it to dry well and repeat the procedure after 4 hours;
  • Then go through the primer and again give a goodTo dry up. Now you can paste the wallpaper again, while carefully watching the treated area to exclude the re-formation of the fungus. At its first occurrence, repeat the procedure again.

Now you know how to get rid of moldWalls, and if you follow all our recommendations, you can forget about this picture forever. Fresh air in a living room is a guarantee of health for every member of your family.

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