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How warm the house


The first thing you need to do to insulate your home is to determine its level of tightness

It is very important to warm the house well. The first thing you need to do to warm your house is to determine the level of its tightness. Due to the fact that warm air rises, it is also important to check the level of air tightness of the attic or attic. Sealing the attic is quite expensive, but a hermetically sealed loft with a sufficiently high level of thermal insulation will save an impressive amount of money.

How to insulate the roof of the house

How warm the houseThe main way of practical determinationThe degree of tightness of the attic space is the inspection of the building for the presence of ceiling beams or their absence. The existence of ceiling beams, as a rule, means a low level of tightness. When calculating the amount of heat insulation material required, one must pay attention to the coefficient of heat transfer resistance.

The higher this coefficient is, the more reliable andThe thermal insulation material itself will be more effective; Both for incoming cold and waste heat. How to insulate the house, namely the attic, what materials are better to use?

The most commonly used thermal insulation materialsFor an attic or a penthouse - these are fiberglass rolls, wrapping and backfilling thermal insulation. When installing insulation materials, remember the following:

Filling insulation is the most effectiveForm of thermal insulation, but it will be difficult to install. I'll have to hire specialists to install it. Fiberglass as rolls and wrapping insulation, on the other hand, are quite easy to install.

How to warm the foundation of the house

How warm the houseInternal thermal insulation for foundation walls can only be installed on dry
foundation. When the foundation is already dried, the wrapping thermal insulation can be used in the recesses for walls, ceiling and wall racks, or compressed polystyrene plates can be used for the thermal insulation of walls.

If the foundation is not yet ready, then it is possible to apply fiberglass heat-insulating rolls with polyethylene wall covering.

Although the thermal insulation of the walls adjacent to the basement and will prevent the penetration of cold air and help reduce the cost of heating, but still it has some disadvantages:

  • Any moisture permeated through the wall can cause condensation;
  • Due to the waterproofing gasket in the foundation, the process of drying the walls will be difficult.

It is not recommended to install thermal insulation materials with a low foundation; To begin installation of a thermal protection it is possible only after there is no probability on penetration of any moisture.

How to warm the walls of the house

During the inspection of the house, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the level, but also to the quality of thermal insulation.

How warm the houseThe house needs to be checked for variousHoles, holes and cracks: on walls, on the ceiling, along the floor, on windows and doors, on wall outlets and lighting fixtures. It is recommended to check the external sides of walls, water pipes and pipes, openings and vents. It is also necessary to carefully inspect both sides of the foundation walls.

If the windows let cold air into the room, they should be replaced with new ones, suitable for the local climate, with high-quality thermal insulation and a high level of heat transfer.

remember, that Window selection Not an unimportant aspect in the thermal insulation of the house. If there is no desire or possibility to change old windows to new ones, then you can use special sealing materials or purchase a set for the thermal insulation of windows.

For sealing holes and cracks around walls, windows andSockets, you can do with conventional sealing methods. To seal the cracks in the outlet it is recommended to use a special heat-insulating liner. To fix holes and cracks in the outer walls of the house you need to use a special mounting foam.

ForHow warm the house The most effective preparation for the winter can be called specialists in heating,
Ventilation and air-conditioning to getAll necessary consultations. Experts will check the chimney, determine the degree of thermal insulation of ventilation ducts and pipes, and in which case, clean them.

A conventional water heater, wrapped aroundThermal insulation material, will help reduce the cost of heating the house. Modern thermostats with a temperature programming function can also help in saving money.

As a rule, such a thermostat can regulateTemperature and night and day, which allows you to apply low temperature programming for the time of absence in the room of people, helping to reduce the cost of electricity.

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