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How to equip a kitchen?


The main place in each apartment is a kitchen. But how to make it cozy? In this article you will find practical advice on how to equip the kitchen, make it light and comfortable

Kitchen - is the most popular part of your apartment. Here you are going in the morning for breakfast, in the evening - to dine. Coming home after a hard day, you're going right into the kitchen.

How to equip a kitchen?Here you are preparing for the holidays, takeclose friends. How to equip a kitchen? After all, we need to here it was bright and cozy. Let's look at a few tips about the design of the corner of your apartment.

So, here you have moved into a new apartment ordoing repairs in the old. Where to begin? Of course, with the color of the walls. Due to the color, you can visually change the dimensions of your kitchens. If used in the interior of bright colors, the room will become more comfortable and bright.

Now, as for the furniture: you absolutely do not need to clutter up the space of a huge amount of equipment and furniture. Do not forget the cooking place and evening gatherings should be uyutnenko. So limit yourself to what you really need.

The principle of arrangement of furniture - everything must be underhand. You will not be twenty times running across the room to take the necessary ingredients in the fridge. Thus, the position near the sink, refrigerator and stove. In the immediate vicinity must be a table where you can create your culinary masterpieces.

Do you want to make the kitchen the most comfortable place in anyTimes of Day? Then think over lighting. You can make several lighting options. For example, a chandelier, lights over the stove and table. A good option is to install wall sconces next to the soft kitchen furnishings.

Just imagine: a late winter evening, snow falls outside the window, and you sit in the twilight and enjoy a warm tea. Attractive picture, is not it?

How to equip a kitchen Feng Shui

Since the kitchen - the place of cooking andfrequent meetings of all members of the family, then perhaps you should pay attention to how the basic elements are arranged. Placing furniture on Feng Shui, you will bring harmony in your life.

Let's start with the plates. It should be such that you will in any case did not turn his back to the doorway while cooking. So you not only prevent all the positive energy to leave the house, but also save your nervous system.

How to equip a kitchen?Even standing sideways to the entrance, you will see the input, so you just do not scare. And in the process of cooking the negative emotions such as fear or anger, highly undesirable.

Do not put too close to the stove and the sink, because the elements of fire and water are not very friendly to each other. The ideal solution would be to separate these objects interior wooden table.

Another mandatory element of every kitchen is the sink. Here already there is a direct link to your financial condition. Never leave dirty dishes or leaking taps long.

So, all your money will slowly leak out of the bag. Therefore, carefully look after washing, do not rust and everything will be fine!

For the refrigerator an ideal location is the northern part of your kitchens. In case if you put it out there you can not, then, in principle, suitable, any part of the premises, except the south.

Do not put the refrigerator next to a stove or microwave. This is a clear conflict of elements. Therefore, either place them in different parts of the kitchen, or separate wooden interior.

Many people like to watch TV in the kitchen. Which TV is better to choose the kitchen and how to install it according to Feng Shui? Well, from the convenience, it is more logical to choose a small TV with the best possible viewing angle. So, you can watch TV from anywhere in the kitchen, not straining vision.

But with Feng Shui little harder. The fact is that in terms of the distribution of energy flows, the TV is not recommended to install in the field of cooking and eating.

This approach stems from the fact that today a lot more negative news can be seen on TV than positive. And all this negativity is deposited on the food that you eat afterwards.

So, if you really really want to install the TV in this part of the apartment, try to look only positive programs.

There are a few universal rules regarding the arrangement of the kitchen, as well as the cooking process.


How to equip a kitchen?

1. Install only the most necessary appliances. If you do not use things, they will collect negative information that you completely useless;

2. Do not leave any piercing and cutting items on the table. Their place in the closet;

3. To the food was the usefulness of the above, cook only in a good mood;

4. Hang a mirror opposite the dining table, and your house will always be a lot of guests.

So, as we see, every piece of furniture should be in place. And then every day in your life will be filled with happiness and good luck!

How to equip a small kitchen

In our time in the shops of home appliances can bebuy a huge number of accessories for the kitchen, which can greatly simplify our lives and save time. But what if the kitchen is not too big? And if you live in an apartment like "Hruschev time period", then this is a very urgent problem.

So, how to equip the kitchen in the Khrushchev? First, buy only the built-in appliances. Since in this case, you can not afford to put the dishwasher separately, the ideal option would be to combine it with a table.

Secondly, it is not necessary to use the wall cabinets. So, you only reduce the working space, and the room itself will look cluttered. The ideal solution is to buy cabinets, canisters. They not only save you a place, but also to put in them can be a lot different.

If you do not want to see the bare walls, use the special hinged rods. They can hang all sorts of ladles, spatulas and other cooking utensils are not heavy.

Also during the arrangement of kitchens, furniture can be used with transparent inserts. This furniture will not only visually increase the room, but make it lighter and easy.

How to equip a kitchen?Do not install in small kitchens large heavy doors. And if they are still open, and inside, a huge part of the kitchen is simply lost.

The best option is a sliding door. You can also put a transparent door, then it will add light and comfort of your kitchen.

It is necessary to pay attention to color and furniture. It is desirable to give preference to lighter tones. They visually increase the room. It is not recommended to place also a small kitchenette furnished with a lot of pictures or patterns.

This will give the appearance of a cluttered space. The more severe will be the furniture, the better it will look in your kitchen a whole.

Placing furniture, make sure that the distance was at least 60 centimeters between the elements of the situation. If you do not follow this rule, the bruises are guaranteed.

It is necessary to pay attention to the lighting. It has to be a point near the work areas. But over the dining table is better to hang a small, but beautiful, chandelier. So, you add some of your favorite kitchen elegance.

It is also known that the mirrors may increase the visual space. Of course, we should not give light weight all the free wall of mirrors. But with a mirror facade furniture will be very handy.

We have tested enough advice for kitchen construction. But do not forget that when deciding how to equip the kitchen, you have to rely primarily on personal taste.

So listen to your feelings before you buy anything for your kitchens!

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