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Select ceilings


Choosing stretch ceilings need to take into account not only a variety of decorative and practical properties, but also quality factors

Repair, as we say, this stateSoul. And of course, the soul does not care what will be over her head. Think about it, because apart from the functional load, the ceilings also have an aesthetic component: we look at the ceiling lying in bed, we look at the ceiling including the light, even just entering the house, we willy-nilly or willy-nilly raise our eyes to the ceiling, perceiving it as part of that coziness and Heat to which we aspire.

Select ceilings

In order for the house to be not only beautiful, but alsoAlways cozy and warm-hearted, you should carefully think over the design and choose the finishing materials for it. Do it yourself is quite difficult.

It is especially difficult to understand the optionsDecorating the ceiling, which ranges from simple whitewashing and wallpaper and ending with stretch ceilings. Wallpaper, whitewashing, roofing ceilings - all this has long been well known.

And the soul wants something new and interesting. And here many are faced with the problem of how to choose a stretch ceiling?

It seems so beautiful, new and unusual. And the variety is such that the eyes and thoughts run up.

But, in addition to aesthetic pleasure when choosing, one must also take into account the quality factor. Let's try to figure out together in all the tricks and subtleties of choosing stretch ceilings.

What it is

Stretch ceiling - this is stretched with a special frameHeavy-duty film. The ceiling surface obtained as a result of its tension looks homogeneous and perfectly even. Such decor can be used and when you do home repairs, and if you have done everything for a long time, but you just want to bring an elegant touch.

Moreover, with the help of tension ceilings, you canDo not only ideally flat surfaces, but also to set any variations in the shape, color and texture of the canvas. You can make a glossy or matte surface, suede or translucent, and even apply a pattern to it. You can choose from a huge number of colors exactly the one that most appeals to you.

Another important argument in favor of the choiceStretch ceiling as an object of decor becomes its moisture resistance and the ability not to support combustion. And also under it it is possible to hide various communications. Such ceilings are quickly mounted and permanently retain their beauty.

If you still decided to decorate your house with stretch ceilings, then let's choose.

Choosing a stretch ceiling

In order to understand how to choose the right stretch ceiling, you need to divide this question into three parts:

  1. The material itself, from which you will be mounted ceilings;
  2. Production and sales;
  3. Installation.

When you select a stretch ceiling, howA rule, in a building hypermarket or at the dealer the phrase "from the most famous European suppliers" will necessarily sound. Do not trust it! Everything must be checked.

At the moment, a widespread schemeDeception, when you are offered to choose ceilings from the catalogs of the most famous brands, and install them with a huge discount. In such cases, usually not very high-quality film of Russian or Chinese production is mounted.

Select ceilings

Specify, whether there are at suppliers the certificate on a cloth and the registered trade mark. In the event that you are refused to show documents, it is better to continue your search elsewhere.

The quality of your future ceiling depends onConditions in which it is produced. Fitting on the site is a sign of cheapness of the dealer you contacted. Ideally, your ceiling should be counted on special programs and pre-cut in the factory.

To your home, it is brought in a special packing - a trunk.

Again, you need to find out if the sellerLicense and ISO certificates. To weld the fabric with a strong seam, you also need high-tech equipment, because the strength of the seam should exceed the strength of the fabric.

In addition, the guides on which the installation will be carried out must be strong. It is also important to consider how the suspended ceilings will be attached to you.

If a harpoon system is used, the ceiling inFurther it will be possible to replace (whether it is not enough - neighbors will flood or get bored and you will want something new). But if the installation is carried out wedge-shaped system, then you can not replace or restore the ceiling in the future.

What to look for

  • If you are looking for information on the Internet, then check at once - with which suppliers the installer works and whether it has licenses and certificates;
  • Do not look for information through superstructures and do not communicate with gray dealers who sell "the same film from the factory, only with black cash, and therefore cheaper";
  • Receive a cash receipt for any service: froze, design, cutting, transportation, installation. Quite often, customers are calculated on the site, and then neither zamerschika nor money is not found;
  • Demand certificates. On the site or in the booklet, anything can be printed. Let them show you the documents;
  • Pay attention to the "age" of the supplier company in the market and for the period of the warranty that will be provided to you. And also specify the address of the firm and whether it changed it too often.

Select ceilings

And the most pleasant in a choice - to pick up color,Which will give your living comfort and will "please the eye" every day. Experts recommend first to decide on the design of the room as a whole, to choose materials for walls and floors, and after that to approach the issue of how to choose the color of the stretch ceiling.

The right combination of colorsThe room and the shades of the ceiling in relation to the walls will create a comfortable range for you. After all, it is color that can give the room a homeliness or official severity.

Psychologists recommend choosing the color of the stretch ceiling based on the destination of the room.

So, for example, neutral white color is ideal for administrative premises, medical institutions, libraries and concert halls.

Warm tones brighten the room and causeA sense of peace and tranquility, and visually make the room higher. They look good in the office, dining room or kitchen, in children's and adult bedrooms.

Stretch ceilings of "cold" colors are suitable for a bathroom or pool.

In places of rest it is necessary to use non-aggressive, pastel colors.

Bright colors are more often used for decorationPremises with high business activity: restaurants and nightclubs, gaming halls, presentation rooms. In living areas, brightness is mainly made in the ceilings of the bathroom, kitchen and dining room.

A particular interest is the combination of tensionFlow with gypsum plasterboard ceiling structure. The result of such a tandem, both in form and color, can become not only a factor of coziness, but also a source of inspiration in your life.

In addition, you can use a color repeat stretch ceiling in the interior, furniture, curtains, and in the flooring.

Summarizing, one can only say that the choice of color andShade, as well as the texture of your stretch ceiling should be dictated not only by the emotion "I want", but also by the general style of your house, and by the concept of this particular room.

As you can see, which stretch ceiling to chooseNot so simple as it seems. But, all problems are solved. The main thing is to determine the quality and reliable supplier, and harmoniously fit this decor in your life!

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